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World War I Memorial - Ridgewood

World War I Memorial - Ridgewoodzoom
Van Neste Square, East Ridgewood Avenue
John Oscar Bunce

This memorial is dedicated to the sons of Ridgewood who died in the World War. It consists of a tall, fluted granite column with its lower face marked by a granite plaque and a bas-relief laurel wreath. The column sits atop a three-stepped granite base. On the front of the base is a plaque with the bas-relief bust of a man shown in right profile. The column is crowned by a bronze eagle with its head turned to the right & wings partially spread. The plaque includes an honor roll. 

The memorial designer, John Oscar Bunce, was a New York-based architect & sculptor.  He became known for his role in the planning and erection of new public and private buildings in Paterson following a devastating 1902 fire.

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ000610; & William E. Sackett, editor-in-chief, Scannell’s New Jersey’s First Citizens, 1917-1918 edition (Volume I), (Paterson: J.J. Scannell, Paterson, 1917).

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