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WWI In Memoriam Statue - Orange

WWI In Memoriam Statue - Orangezoom
Tony Galento Place at Railroad Station
Leo Lentelli

This memorial is one of three in Orange, NJ. 

This sculpture consists of an 8' tall bronze of a WWI soldier, dressed in uniform with an ammunition belt is fastened around his waist.  A coat is draped over his left arm; his right hand holds a rifle at parade rest. 

The figure stands on a granite base, the front face of which has a bas-relief carving of the prow of a wooden boat.  On the back face of the base is an "In Memoriam" plaque listing 91 names. 

At the time of its dedication in 1930, the memorial's location was called, Lackawanna Plaza.  The name has since been changed to, Tony Galento Plaza. 

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ 000538. 

Photo credit:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office


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