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WWI Monument & Howitzer - Scotch Plains

WWI Monument & Howitzer - Scotch Plainszoom
Park Avenue & Front Street
Scotch Plains

This unusual two-part monument is located in the center of downtown Scotch Plains. It was constructed by the Victory Celebration Committee of Scotch Plains to recognize contributions of the community to World War I. It includes a flagpole and a cannon.

The cannon, made in Germany, was a gift from the United States Government in recognition that Scotch Plains had the largest percentage of over-subscription to the Victory Liberty Loan of any non-banking community in the Second Federal Reserve District. The subscription totaled almost $700,000.

The second part of the monument is an 80' street angle & latticework flagpole. At the base of the flagpole is a bronze plaque listing the 89 residents who served in the war and the 3 who died in combat. 

Narrative adapted from Images of America: Scotch Plains; Richard & Suzanne Bousquet; 1995. 

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office


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