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WWI Memorial - Haddonfield

WWI Memorial - Haddonfieldzoom
401 Kings Highway East

Haddonfield honored its World War I veterans with a two-part memorial. The borough’s high school, completed in 1927, was named Haddonfield Memorial High School. This elegant brick Georgian Revival school is still a landmark on the northwest side of Kings Highway east of the central business district.

The second part of the monument is an elegant ornamental granite bench placed in front of the west end of the high school. This symmetrical composition is anchored at either side by stone bollards with low conical caps. The central section is a tripartite granite slab composition with a taller, segmental arched central section. Elaborate scrolled brackets mark the lower corner of the central slab. A bronze plaque is placed on the front of the center section. The plaque, contains an honor roll of those who served in war & a bas-relief Great Seal of the United States.

Narrative adapted from "This is Haddonfield," Historical Society of Haddonfield, 1963. 

Photos courtesy of: 
NJ State Historic Preservation Office
Vintage postcard courtesy of:  Rutgers University Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives


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