Spirit of the American Doughboy, Kingman, Arizona

Spirit of the American Doughboy, Kingman, Arizonaloupe
310 N 4th Street
Ernest Moore Viquesney

Dedicated May 30, 1928.  A goldfish pond that was once at the base is now filled in and planted with flowers. A machine gun was originally mounted on the raised part of the base between the two figures. Its disappearance has been the subject of news articles containing speculations about when it vanished. While it was missing in a 1997 picture that appeared in the Daily Miner, it was reported as being present at the time of a 1993 survey of outdoor sculptures.

The color picture at the left above is included to show more details of the sailor, who appears to be standing on a dock by a rope enwrapped stanchion (between his feet) as he waves his small round cap at some offshore object. Other metal "Spirit of the American Navy" sculptures accompany Doughboys at Clearwater
, Florida; Naperville, IllinoisFort Wayne, Indiana; Granite and Hobart, Oklahoma; and a stone version at Crowell, Texas. A similar Viquesney tribute to the Navy, titled "Sailor", occurs at Palatka, Florida. 

Kingman, Arizona is the only known location where two Viquesney statues occur on the same pedestal (Fort Worth, Texas has a Viquesney Doughboy and a WWII G.I. on the same base, but the latter is by a different sculptor, Giordano Grassi, and was placed in 1980).


Photo credit: https://www.hmdb.org/marker.asp?marker=29398

Description credit: http://doughboysearcher.weebly.com/kingman-arizona.html

Single figure -- soldier
Memorial Hunter: Janet Logan
In memory of the men and women of Mohave county who served in the world war 1917-1918