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Hightower Brothers Livery Stable

Hightower Brothers Livery Stablezoom
Norton Ave.

"Founded in 1896 by brother John Judge and Milton Graham Hightower, this small-town livery stable served the community and surrounding countryside until its closing in 1955. Originally located nearby, the business moved to this "New Town" site in 1905. A new brick building was erected in 1914 after the original wood-frame structure was destroyed by fire. 

The Hightower Brothers furnished area farmers with agricultural resources, local businesses with vehicles, and the people of Sylacauga with recreational transportation. In addition to providing mules, horses, wagons, buggies, and farm implements locally, the stable was a major supplier of mules to Camp McClellan in Anniston during World War I. 

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, the building was donated by the John Milton Hightower family to Blue Bell Creameries in 2000." -Alabama Historical Association marker, 2002.


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