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Spirit of the American Doughboy, Helena, AR

Spirit of the American Doughboy, Helena, ARzoom
in the middle of the intersection of Cherry and Perry Streets
Ernest Morre Viquesney

Dedicated July 10, 1927.  Acquisition of the monument was sponsored by Phillips County Memorial Association, the 7-Generals Chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the City of Helena.

A part of the rifle barrel and the bayonet are missing. Needs cleaning and treatment.

The Helena Doughboy is one of only two specifically designated Viquesney Doughboys on the National Register of Historic Places.  The other is at Fort Smith, Arkansas. However, at least three more Viquesney Doughboys (Spencer, Indiana, Meridian, Mississippi, and Columbia Falls, Montana) are on the grounds of locations included on the Register (close, but no cigar, as they say).

Single figure -- soldier
Stained Glass
Erected in honor of the men and women of Phillips county who served in the world war 1917-1918

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