167th Infantry/Alabama's Own

167th Infantry/Alabama's Ownloupe
Camp Sheridan site, 3 Johnson Ave.
"The 4th Alabama trained here in 1916 at Vandiver Park, later named Camp Sheridan, for Mexican Border service. Designated the 167th Infantry Regiment in 1917, it returned from the Border to train here, then fought in France during WWI with Douglas MacArthur's brigade in the 42nd "Rainbow" Division. The 167th was at the front longer than any other U.S. regiment. In 1923, assigned to the 31st "Dixie" Division. Activated in November 1940, the 31st Division fought in several major campaigns in the Pacific Theater of WWII. The Division was called up for the Korean War in January of 1951." - Alabama Historical Association marker, 1992.