WWI Memorial - West Paterson

WWI Memorial - West Patersonloupe
McBride Ave & Brophy Lane
West Paterson

The West Paterson WWI Memorial consists of a bronze Honor Roll plaque from the original 1925 memorial, that has been placed on a new, contemporary, vertical granite slab.  The plaque features reliefs of an eagle with spread wings across the top; and in the four corners, images of a battleship, airplane, artillery piece and stacked rifles. The plaque indicates it was erected in honor of the men of West Paterson who served their country during the Great War. 

The original monument, no longer extant, was dedicated  on July 4, 1925 and designed by an unknown sculptor.  It featured a bronze eagle with outspread wings standing on a globe, with the plaque  mounted on a tall, rectangular granite base.

Narrative partially adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ000299.

Photos credit:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office