WWI Memorial - Tenafly

WWI Memorial - Tenaflyloupe
County & Piermont Roads

This World War I memorial consists of a white marble rectangular pillar with multiple tiers.  It is capped with an oval shield listing the war dates of 1917-1918.  On the face of the pillar is a bronze eagle above a protruding marble shelf adorned by a garland wreath.  Originally, the eagle perched on top of a bronze sphere which rested on the shelf, however the sphere is no longer there. 

Beneath the garlanded shelf is attached a vertical rectangular bronze plaque dedicating the memorial to all Tenafly residents who served in the war, and listing the five men who gave their lives.  The memorial was refurbished in 1996. 

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office
Vintage postcard courtesy of: Rutgers University Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives