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South Boston High School

South Boston High Schoolzoom
65 G Street.

This Memorial consists of 99 gold-tone, etched portraits made from photographs of Boston men that died during World War I. These portraits are located inside the South Boston High School. They were commissioned by Mayor James Curley of Boston and dedicated on Nov. 11, 1932 to a crowd of 2000 people at South Boston High School. Originally, there were over 1100 of these portraits dedicated throughout various Boston public schools. Sadly, the whereabouts of the rest of the other 1000 portraits is unknown since most of the other schools where they resided have since closed. The portraits inside South Boston High School are the only known remaining surviving Memorial portraits to Boston men and women that lost their lives in WWI.
Contact information for responsible party: Anyone that wishes to view these portraits must do so during school hours, and it is advisable that one call the school in advance. Sgt George Machado is the JROTC director at the high school, and an excellent contact. He can be reached at 978-503-4421.
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Photo Credit: Mr. Kevin Conroy
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The Boston Arts Commission is the responsible party of these portraits, although they are not actively maintained by them.

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