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WWI Monument - Bayonne

WWI Monument - Bayonneloupe
Donohue Park, Dodge & E. Fifth Street
USA 07002

This World War I monument is a granite obelisk dedicated to the 104 Bayonne men who died in the war.  The square shaft sits upon a rectangular granite base which has a bronze honor roll plaque attached to the front, resting on a rusticated granite slab.  Midway up the tapered shaft are four bronze medallions, one on each side.  Topping the shaft is a bronze orb with an eagle perched on top with outstretched wings. 

The monument was erected by Killeen Park Club, who raised $5,000. 

Following its Armistice Day dedication, the "Hudson Observer" newspaper wrote the following day that several thousands gathered following a parade for the monument's unveiling & dedication.  "At noon business came to a complete standstill for two minutes while the people meditated and prayed."  After the raising of the flag, "several hundred school children gave the salute to the flag."  The dedication ceremony came to a close with the playing of "Taps." 

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office 


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