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WWI Honor Roll - Morristown

WWI Honor Roll - Morristownzoom
Morristown Library, 1 Miller Road
Samuel Yellin

An impressive World War I Honor Roll consisting of 23 brass plaques is installed in the Morristown/Morris Township Library along the west wing balcony railing.  Designed by noted Philadelphia iron artist, Samuel Yellin, known as the “Tiffany of metalwork,”  it was originally installed in the Library’s 1917 building in 1926.  When the library expanded in 1930, the railing was moved to the current “new” Reference Room. 

The memorial consists of 25 brass panels placed side-by-side including a dedicatory proclamation, and the names of Morristown residents who served in the war. 

(Yellin was responsible for much of the structural ironwork in the original Library building, and also designed an iron fire screen for the 1930 addition.) 

Narrative adapted from the Samuel Yellin Collection of the University of Pennsylvania Architectural Archives.
Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office


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