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Greayer's Oak Park Memorial

Greayer's Oak Park Memorialzoom
3711 North Figueroa
Los Angeles
Second Lt. and Aviator Greayer Clover is memorialized throughout LA County. In East Los Angeles, right around where Figueroa meets Marmion Way, a tiny little speck of green exists. This is Greayer's Oak Park. On Arbor Day 1919 some of Clover's friends planted a live oak tree there in his honor. In addition was a bronze plaque at the base of the new sapling that read: "Planted Arbor Day, 1919, in memory of Lieut. Greayer Clover, who fell 'somewhere in France,' Aug. 30, 1918.” Though there are about half a dozen oaks there today, I could not determine if any were the original. The plaque is long gone, so I suspect not. Nonetheless the park still owes "Grubby" Clover its name.

3711 North Figueroa.
Los Angeles, CA, 90065
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