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Glendale Ave and Litchfield Rd

This is a 2/3 scale skeleton form of a WWI SPAD XIII airplane.  It was sculpted by Lucky Styles, with assistance from Sgt. William Harrick, Jr.  A plaque in front gives some details about the performance of the French-built plane (Societe' Pour L'Aviation et ses Derive's).  It also commemorates Lt. Frank Luke, Jr., a Phoenix native who in his SPAD XIII downed 18 enemy aircraft and balloons during 17 days of aerial combat, earning him the distinction of being the first U.S. aviator to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.  See photo gallery for photo of Lt. Luke.

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Alabama War Memorialloupe
120 N Jackson Street

Erected in 1968, this monument consists of a marble obelisk and fountains, with life-size figures of military personnel.  It honors the Alabama citizens who have served in America's wars.  A Hall of Honor commemorates those who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Veterans Memorial at VA Hospitalloupe
215 Perry Hill Rd

This is a bronze bas-relief, sculpted by Clydetta Fulmer, a little over 4-ft. tall, mounted on a 10-ft. tall freestanding limestone wall.  Dedicated in 1992, it was commissioned to honor all who have served in wars involving the United States.  It depicts a man and a woman walking and supporting an injured man between them. All are wearing combat fatigues.  

Alaska Veterans Memorialloupe
Denali State Park, Byers Lake Campground
Trapper Creek

The Alaska Veterans Memorial is an outdoor memorial grove in Denali State Park in Interior Alaska. The memorial honors ArmyNavyAir ForceMarine CorpsCoast GuardAlaska National Guard, and Merchant Marine veterans from Alaska, as well as specific Alaskans who were awarded the Medal of Honor. There are also small memorials to the passengers and crew of military plane crashes in Alaska. The site was selected because of the scenic beauty of the area and its location between Alaska's two largest cities. On a clear day visitors can see Denali from just outside the memorial. It is 147 miles (237 km) from Anchorage and 214 miles (344 km) from Fairbanks, on a hill above the Byers Lake campground. During the main visitor season (May–August) there is a staffed visitor center and bookstore. The main memorial alcove was constructed in 1983. Governor Bill Sheffield, himself a veteran, dedicated the site in 1984.


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