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West Haven War Memorialloupe
355 Main St
West Haven

This memorial was sculpted by Anton Schaaf and was dedicated on November 11, 1928. It is a full length bronze figure of a World War I soldier, dressed in uniform and holding his rifle barrel in his left hand. In his right hand is his helmet, raised high to the air.  On the granite base is a bronze plaque which depicts the seal of the U.S. encircled by a laurel wreath.  Beneath the seal are the images of eight men, four in uniform and four civilians, with one from each shaking hands.

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World War I Monument - Westportloupe
119 Myrtle St

This bronze statue was dedicated on November 9, 1930 on Old Post Road and relocated here in 1987.  It is a bronze figure of a World War I soldier standing at ease.  It was sculpted by J. Clinton Shepherd to honor the enlisted men and nurses from Westport who served in World War I.  A bronze shield on the south face reads, “Dedicated to the citizens of Westport who served in the World War. Erected Nov. 11, 1930.”  Plaques on the west and east sides of the monument’s base list Westport residents who served in the conflict, with the west plaque honoring seven residents who were killed, and the east plaque honoring seven who served as nurses.

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Swanton World War I Memorialloupe
Swanton World War I Memorial

Cast bronze statue by Mose Sawyer (J. W. Fiske Iron Works, founder) on a fieldstone base.

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Hygeia - World War I Memorialloupe
Giuseppe Moretti
Sculpture is entitled Hygeia by sculptor Giuseppe Moretti. Created in 1922, and dedicated to medical personnel in the war.

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