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Morgan County Courthouse WWI Memorialloupe
West Liberty

This monument with name plaques is on display on the grounds of the Morgan County Courthouse in West Liberty, Kentucky.

American Legion Soldierloupe
1608 K St NW

This 13-foot tall sculpture of Indiana limestone is of a standing male having elements of both a World War I Doughboy and a World War II GI. He wears battle fatigues with an unbuttoned shirt, dog tags, pants tucked into his boots, and a helmet.  His rifle is slung over his right shoulder and in his left hand he holds a grenade. Under his left foot is a snake, representing the enemy. This memorial was carved in 90 days by Frank Bowden at the studio of Adolph G. Wolter, and was dedicated on August 14, 1951. Its model was Lt. Hulon P. Whittington, who received the Congressional medal of Honor for his service in World War II.  

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Corporal Freddie Stowers Memorialloupe
Anderson University, Thrift Library

On Veterans Day 2015, a special monument dedication was held at Anderson University to celebrate Corporal Freddie Stowers, the first African-American from South Carolina to receive the Medal of Honor for his service in World War I.

He served in World War I in the Ardennes region of France and was killed in action. He posthumously received the Medal of Honor in 1991.

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Jane A. Delano Memorialloupe
430 17th St NW

This bronze statue of Jane A Delano was sculpted by R. Tait McKenzie (1867-1938) and dedicated in 1933 to honor Jane A Delano (1862-1919) and the 296 nurses who died in World War I.  It is located at the American Red Cross facilities in Washington, D.C.  Delano was the founder of the Red Cross nursing programs and died in a barracks hospital in Brittany, France, in 1919 while on an inspection tour following the armistice.  Delano is buried in Section 21 of Arlington National Cemetery, a section known as the "Nurses Section". At the top of the hill in Section 21 is another memorial to Delano and her nurses.


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