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Soldiers and Sailors Monumentloupe
George Brewster

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Plymouth, Pennsylvania, honoring those from the area who died during the fighting of World War I.

The monument is the work of the sculptor George Brewster. It was dedicated on November 11, 1920.

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Dade County War Memorialloupe
Bayfront Park

The Dade County War Memorial, by sculptor Edward Codere, was originally dedicated in Bayfront Park in 1943 with the names of eighty-seven individuals from Dade County who lost their lives during World War I. It was rededicated in 1946, with the addition of 553 names of those from Dade County who lost their lives in World War II. In November 1990, the memorial was rededicated following reconstruction due to vandalism.  The 11-foot 8-inch tall, 24-foot 6-inch wide painted stone wall is adorned in the center with bronze inscription plaques and a fluted column topped by an eagle. Quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt and General MacArthur are inscribed on the sides.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: "It is far better to die on our feet than to live forever on our knees."

General MacArthur: "We shall win or we shall die."

Volusia County Memorial to World War Heroesloupe
Riverside Park
New Smyrna Beach

This is a memorial to all Volusia County citizens who died in all wars.  It consists of a bronze sculpture of an eagle sitting atop a cross.  Hanging from the front of the cross is a World War I helmet.  Beneath is a coquina limestone base, surrounded by a circular walkway with concrete memorial tablets emblazoned with various military insignia. The base and flag were dedicated in 1927 and one plaque was added in 1959

The Orange County World War I Soldiers Memorial loupe
SE Corner of Lake Eola

On Armistice Day 1924, the Orlando Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) dedicated a granite marker to the soldiers from Orange County, Florida, who died in World War I.  Created by Carly Kittel, the marker consists of a bronze tablet attached to a large granite block and was originally erected at Memorial High School in Orlando, Florida. In the dedication address, Francis Gregory, chapter regent, proclaimed that the granite marker symbolized the solid character of the United States of America, and the bronze plaque commemorated those who made the marker possible: the DAR and the citizens of Orange County. After Memorial High School was demolished in 1961, the Orange County World War I Soldiers Memorial was moved to South Lake Eola where it still stands today.


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