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White Way Lighting Memorialloupe
211 Court St

This marker and accompanying light pole are located on the northeastern portion of the Guadeloupe Courthouse grounds. The marker is metal along with a white painted light pole on a concrete base. The text of the marker reads:

"'White Way' Lighting

In 1923 street lights like this were installed in downtown Seguin. Called the White Way, twenty-four lights were dedicated by the Community, as a memorial to World War I Service Men from this area who died for their country. Each light honored a veteran: Alvin Bormann, George Bartels, Ross Coates, Hiliario Cabasos, Frank Cordray, Howard M. Cone, Herman Dierks, John Ewing, Frank Harris, Frank Hagn, Willie Hartwig, Ernest E. Hoermann, Alfred Juergens, Otto H. Klein, Helmuth Kraft, Sinclair Moreland, James Ranft, Frank P. Smith, Cole F. Smith, James Springs, Louis Stolte, H. U. Wood, Guido Werner, August Weber.

Dedicated 1992"

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Navarro County WWI Memorialloupe
West Park Ave at N. 15th St

This memorial consists of a pink stone with a metal plaque and sits in a grassy section of Jester Park. The inscription reads:

1914 1918
In Memory Of The Men Of
Navarro County Texas
Who Lost Their Lives
In The World War

It is followed by a list of names (see Pictures Gallery).

Austin High School World War I Memorialloupe
1715 Cesar Chavez St

This World War I memorial, at the front entrance to Austin High School, consists of a block of Texas pink granite with a bronze plaque affixed, set in a landscaped Texas Lone Star made of Austin Chalk limestone. The plaque reads as follows:

1917     1918

In Honor of the Boys of
Who Served in the World War.


William B. Basford
Lewis Bell
Carl Stone Benedict
Edgar L. Bergstrom
Richard P. Bull
Marvin A. Caldwell
Calvin Clark
Leroy E. Creaton
Edwin Hutchings
J.S. Lindsey
Albert S. MacDonnell
Eugene D. Penn
Charles E. Pinckney
Walter T. Scherding
Thomas Roy Taylor
H. Grady Turner
Alvin Ulit
Arthur E. Wilkins

900 Ford St

This memorial, dedicated on November 30, 1930, features a World War I doughboy with his rifle in his left hand and his right hand raised in a closed fist. Details included with the soldier are a bedroll, canteen, and a small pack. Beneath the statue is a plaque that lists the names of 17 Llano County citizens who lost their lives during the war. 

The plaque reads as follows:

"In Grateful Memory of the Men From Llano County Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice In the World War 1917-1918.

[list of names]

“If Ye Break Faith With Us, We Will Not Sleep.”

Erected by The Shakespeare Club, Llano Tex."

Teich, Frank, 1856-1939, sculptor.
Paulding, John, 1883-1935, sculptor.
American Bronze Company, founder.


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