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Milford World War Memorialloupe
617 2nd St

The monument was originally constructed in the Milford City Park in 1931 by the members of Milford’s American Legion Post 171 and dedicated on May 30, 1931. It was constructed of field stones collected from local farms. Each of the 52 Legion members was asked to bring 2 stones for the monument. There was a water fountain built into one side and a plaque above the fountain that read “In Memory, of Those Who Served, 1917 World War 1918, Milford Post 171, the American Legion, Milford, Nebr. May 30 1931”. In early 2012, the city maintenance crew inspected the monument and found it to be in disrepair and possibly dangerous. The water fountain was no longer in use and had probably contributed to the decline. It had always been a favorite climbing spot in the park for children and it was felt that it was no longer safe. After consulting with several qualified masons, it was determined that repair wasn’t really a good option. The cracks and structural issues meant that it wasn’t a good candidate for being moved. A consensus was reached that the best thing would be to disassemble the monument and rebuild it at another location in the park. The monument was disassembled by the city maintenance crew and the stones and plaque put into storage. Inside the monument was found a glass jar with a typed list of the Legion and Auxiliary members from 1931.

It was decided to build the memorial back (as close as possible) to the way it had been, but leave out the water fountain. A nice visible corner in front of the community and library building was chosen. This was more visible and away from the playground equipment. The city had supplied the labor to tear down the old monument, but they thought that the Legion should pay for rebuilding it. $5,500 was raised for the reconstruction.

In May of 2012 the monument was reconstructed. This time it would have a nice solid concrete base, a steel internal support structure, the stones from the old monument, the plaque from the old monument and a new rededication plaque.

In the spring of 2019, the mayor of Milford gave some money to plant some grass, small bushes, and street bricks for a walk way up to the monument.

42nd Rainbow Division Memorial at Croix Rouge Farmloupe
La Croix Rouge

Inaugurated in November 2012, this Memorial of the 42nd Division commemorates the 162 soldiers from Alabama and their Iowa comrades who died on the battle field of the Croix Rouge Farm as well as all the soldiers of the Rainbow Division who gave their life for France during the Great War. Created by British sculptor James Butler, MBE (RA), it was erected by the Croix Rouge Farm Memorial Foundation (Montgomery, Alabama) and was donated to the city of Fère-en-Tardenois, so that the bronze soldier who carries the body of his dead comrade remains forever the witness of the sacrifice made by young Americans on July 26, 1918, and so that it remains for future generations a symbol of French-American friendship and a call for peace among nations. 

For background on the memorial, see: https://croixrougefarm.org/the-sculpture/

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Cpl. Carl Dana Brandon Memorialloupe
195 Van Hill Road

This 70-foot flag pole is dedicated to World War I soldier Carl Dana Brandon, born on September 6, 1897 and raised in the Fall Branch community of Greene County, TN. He was the son of Andrew Jerome “Rome” Brandon and Cora May Pierce Brandon. He was also an Uncle to Carl Jerome Brandon, the original Owner & Founder of the Davy Crockett TA Travel Center.

Carl Dana joined the Tennessee Army National Guard in May 1917 shortly after graduating from Fall Branch High School. He advanced to the rank of Corporal later that year and was soon on his way across the Atlantic to the European Theatre of the First World War. He was a member of the 117th Infantry Regiment, 59th Infantry Brigade and the 30th Division. The 30th Division later became known as the Old Hickory Division, named in honor of General, President, and Tennessee native, Andrew Jackson.

During the Battle of Montbrehain on October 8, 1918, Carl Dana was fatally wounded and passed away later that night. He is interred in the Somme American Cemetery in Bony, France.

The current owners of Davy Crockett TA Travel Center, great nephews of Carl Dana, are proud to honor the wish of their late father, Carl Jerome, by dedicating this beautiful 70-foot flag pole to Carl Dana Brandon and to all the other men and women who served in war and peace. 

If you would like to learn more about the late Carl D. Brandon and his full write up,
follow this URL: ETVMA Carl D. Brandon Biography

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The Madison Town Clockloupe
S. Dalton St. at E. Murphy Sts

Soon after World War I ended, local citizens contributed money to purchase the Madison Town Clock as a memorial to the men who served and died during the Great War.  Purchased from Boston for approximately $600, this specially made number two striking clock is believed to have been shipped by boat to Wilmington, North Carolina and then by rail to Madison.  Engraved on the clock face are the words “All Those Who Served” and identically engraved on the clock Bell which was cast in Baltimore, Maryland by McNeely and Son.

For more information: https://www.townofmadison.org/index.asp?SEC=54C8B15B-F7EC-4318-8483-CAF6A1643B8E&DE=B258B751-2F5E-487A-B2BF-D9E7942E3648&Type=B_BASIC


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