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Hostess House War and Veterans Memorialloupe
27 University Avenue
Palo Alto

Hostess House was dedicated in 1919 to those who died in World War I. The building originally served Camp Fremont as a meeting place for serviceman and visitors. When moved from its original site to Palo Alto it became the first municipally-sponsored community center in the nation. It is the only remaining structure from California's World War I Army training camps. Designed by Julia Williams in 1918, it was dedicated one year later to those who died in World War I.

St. Adalbert's Cemetery WWI Obeliskloupe
3801 S. 6th St.

St. Adalbert's Cemetery -- once called Polish Union Cemetery and sometimes still known as Holy Trinity Cemetery (the two cemeteries were merged in the 1970s) -- is on Milwaukees's south side and is one of the older cemeteries in the area.  There is a corner of the cemetery into which were returned many of the Polish men from the city's south side killed in World War I. Included in this group was Sgt. John Czajka, the 4th American soldier killed in combat. In this corner of World War I graves the Army and Navy erected a stone obelisk in honor of the south side soldiers. Other former soldiers were buried here in the inter-war years and several were brought home during and after World War II.

Prairie du Chien Veterans Memorialloupe
220 N. Beaumont Road
Prairie du Chien

The inscription on this monument reads:

Lest We Forget
For us they served
For us they gave
Now in one accord
We do them honorDedicated to all
men and women
of Crawford County Wisconsin
who served this great nation
for God and country
in military service

Honor Roll
In memoriam
to the men of Crawford County
who gave their lives in the great
World War
1917 • 1919


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Racine Doughboyloupe
Graceland Cemetery

This life-sized bronze statue, designed by John Paulding, was dedicated on November 9, 1929 to honor the men and women of Racine who served in World War I.


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