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WWI & America's Involvement

Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 09:00am

About The Event

This will be a permanent display of the causes of WWI and its course, focusing on the America's involvement. It starts with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, ending with the US occupation of the Rhineland. As well, there will be specific displays focusing on topics such as technological advances, the US Air Service, Tank Corps, Intervention in Russia, the US Navy and communications in the war zone. The display will use photographs, posters, costumed mannequins and text to explore the various facets of the war, with the US Army as the main focus.

Museum closed on Mondays.

Contact :
Category: Museums and Exhibitions


Location : MAPS Air Museum
2260 International Parkway
North Canton, OH, 44720



Museum closed on Mondays and national holidays.



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27 Sep 2020
09:00AM -
WWI & America's Involvement
MAPS Air Museum

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