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MIA Booklet

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Database 1917-1920

Presented here is a complete list of all known US service personnel Missing in Action from the First World War. The list is searchable in various ways. We encourage you to explore

This database is a work in progress, with information on the men and their circumstances of disappearance added as it is discovered.

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Abbott, MikePVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Abrams, Edward B.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ12-Jun-1918AM
Adams, HalbertPVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL28-Jul-1918AM
Adams, Walter R.CK16 INF, 1 DIVMO19-Jul-1918AM
Adderley, SamuelPVT38 INF, 3 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Agnew, AlbertPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWV20-Jul-1918AM
Aiken, George E.SGT3 MG BN, 1 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Akes, HarveMEC39 INF, 4 DIVMO18-Jul-1918AM
Albert, Gillet M.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Alderman, Claud W.CORP126 INF, 32 DIVMI31-Jul-1918AM
Alexander, Will F.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVAL21-Jul-1918AM
Allen, George W.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVOH31-Jul-1918AM
Allison, Fred M.CORP2 ENGRS, 2 DIVGA19-Jul-1918AM
Ambrose, George S.CORP38 INF, 3 DIVPA1-Jul-1918AM
Amos, Charles E.BGLR26 INF, 1 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Amundson, Haakon M.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVSD18-Jul-1918AM
Anderson, Earl G.2LT6 ENGRS, 3 DIVIA15-Jul-1918AM
Anderson, Martin L.CORP38 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jun-1918AM
Andes, James C.2LT16 INF, 1 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Andrzejczyk, AndrewPVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Aravanis, AngelPVT 1CL126 INF, 32 DIVMI3-Aug-1918AM
Armstrong, Homer A.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVOR31-Jul-1918AM
Asbury, William T.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH8-Jun-1918AM
Aylor, JohnPVT58 INF, 4 DIVOK6-Aug-1918AM
Babbitt, Lawson Mc V.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL11-Jun-1918AM
Babchak, MikePVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Baker, Earl E.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVWI22-Jul-1918AM
Balfour, Alexander M.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVRI18-Jul-1918AM
Baranack, GeorgePVT26 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Barber, JosephPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWA20-Jul-1918AM
Barber, Newell C.2LTATCHD FR AIR SERVOR11-Aug-1918AM
Barnard, Charles O.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVAR21-Jul-1918AM
Barnett, William M.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Barnhart, Henry W.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVPA28-Jul-1918AM
Baron, CharlesPVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Barr, John W.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNM19-Jul-1918AM
Barry, VincentSGT38 INF, 3 DIVNY1-Jul-1918AM
Barton, Doctor B.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVKY21-Jul-1918AM
Barton, John H.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVKS15-Jul-1918AM
Bartone, DonatoPVT16 INF, 1 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Basili, FredPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY6-Jun-1918AM
Bates, John F.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Batten, Roy C.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Battistini, DantiPVT9 INF, 2 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Bauder, Wilfred M.BGLR168 INF, 42 DIVIA28-Jul-1918AM
Baumann, Walter E.PVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Bayless, William T.SGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTN19-Jul-1918AM
Bazydlo, JohnPVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Beal, GeorgePVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVMO19-Jul-1918AM
Beal, Jacob H.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Bender, John F.PVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVPA23-Jul-1918AM
Bennett, FrankPVT47 INF, 4 DIVIN31-Jul-1918AM
Bennett, William E.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY13-Jun-1918AM
Bennicker, Charles N.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA21-Jul-1918AM
Benson, Edward W.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVIL5-Aug-1918AM
Bergquist, Rudolph W.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVIL3-Aug-1918AM
Berkley, Homer L.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVAR20-Jul-1918AM
Bernard, Harry F.CORP59 INF, 4 DIVCA19-Jul-1918AM
Berry, Floyd E.PVT 1CL126 INF, 32 DIVMI2-Aug-1918AM
Bersani, PietroPVT 1CL6 ENGRS, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Besaw, LeonardCORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI4-Aug-1918AM
Bickford, Ernest E.CORP16 INF, 1 DIVIA20-Jul-1918AM
Billings, Earle A.1LT9 INF, 2 DIVME18-Jul-1918AM
Birch, Ernest T.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVSD19-Jul-1918AM
Bitzer, Russell E.PVT 1CL166 INF, 42 DIVOH30-Jul-1918AM
Blakley, Donald E.PVT 1CL168 INF, 42 DIVIA28-Jul-1918AM
Blanchard, Edward N.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVMA30-Jul-1918AM
Blevins, Grover S.PVT3 MG BN, 1 DIVMT20-Jul-1918AM
Bliven, Raymond E.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVRI23-Jun-1918AM
Bloomquist, John W.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWA8-Jun-1918AM
Blythe, VernPVT5 FLD SIG BN, 3 DIVIN15-Jul-1918AM
Boals, Paul E.SGT18 INF, 1 DIVOH20-Jul-1918AM
Boese, Otto F.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT18-Jul-1918AM
Boggs, James H.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVOR19-Jul-1918AM
Bogsted, ChristPVT39 INF, 4 DIVMI19-Jul-1918AM
Bohannon, Harry M.SGT38 INF, 3 DIVIN1-Jul-1918AM
Bohn, Alvin A.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Bokolskiy, TrofimPVT23 INF, 2 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Bonau, Frank W.PVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVWI2-Aug-1918AM
Bond, Ruel M.CORP23 INF, 2 DIVOR18-Jul-1918AM
Bonham, Charley R.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVNE5-Aug-1918AM
Bonham, Henry I.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Booheister, AaronPVT26 INF, 1 DIVND20-Jul-1918AM
Borror, Clarence W.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN22-Jul-1918AM
Bose, FrankPVT4 INF, 3 DIVNE27-Jul-1918AM
Boston, HarryPVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Bottler, Bertice F.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVMT9-Jun-1918AM
Bourdeau, William M.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNH6-Jun-1918AM
Bowen, FrankPVT110 INF, 28 DIVCO29-Jul-1918AM
Bowling, George H.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVVA27-Jul-1918AM
Boyer, JosephPVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVCA22-Jul-1918AM
Bradley, CliffordSGT26 INF, 1 DIVIA21-Jul-1918AM
Bradley, Peter R.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNH15-Jun-1918AM
Bramblett, Charlie H.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVGA18-Jul-1918AM
Brandon, IanPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVFL6-Jun-1918AM
Bredehoft, Carl F.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVND20-Jul-1918AM
Brewster, John G.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVMS15-Jul-1918AM
Brodeur, Clarence P.SGT102 INF, 26 DIVCT25-Jul-1918AM
Brosseau, Paul A.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Brown, Frank J.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Brown, Leo H.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Brown, Truman L.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVVA29-Jul-1918AM
Browning, LutherPVT47 INF, 4 DIVOK1-Aug-1918AM
Bruhl, Morton MckPVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Bryan, John V.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Bryant, Roy D.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVMO25-Jul-1918AM
Bryson, Reed C.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Buchheister, Ernest L.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL23-Jun-1918AM
Bugail, Julian J.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVNH20-Jul-1918AM
Burke, Leo T.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Burkes, JohnPVT26 INF, 1 DIVNJ19-Jul-1918AM
Burnett, Jt1SGT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVSC13-Jun-1918AM
Burrows, George S.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVCT18-Jul-1918AM
Burton, William E.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMO27-Jun-1918AM
Businick, Joseph R.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA20-Jul-1918AM
Butler, W. E.PVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVWA23-Jul-1918AM
Button, R. C.BGLR9 INF, 2 DIVKY18-Jul-1918AM
Cabai, LouisPVT128 INF, 32 DIVWI5-Aug-1918AM
Callaghan, A.SGT28 INF, 1 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Campbell, G. M.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVAR15-Jul-1918AM
Campbell, W.CORP110 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Cannon, John J.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Cardwell, S.SGT16 INF, 1 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Caringella, M.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Carter, G.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMO21-Jul-1918AM
Carter, TgPVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVVA20-Jul-1918AM
Cartwright, RnPVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVMT18-Jul-1918AM
Carty, Perley C.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Cassee, JohnPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Castenado, P.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVTX19-Jul-1918AM
Cater, George E.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVAR15-Jul-1918AM
Catherwood, P. J.PVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVIA21-Jul-1918AM
Caudle, JuetCORP18 INF, 1 DIVKY21-Jul-1918AM
Cavarra, FrankPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Cavenee, Carl L.PVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVKS19-Jul-1918AM
Cawley, PeterPVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Cellini, SeverinoPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Cerio, DomenicoPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Chaney, Ralph V.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIA6-Jun-1918AM
Chastain, Claude L.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVMO21-Jul-1918AM
Chatfield, W.PVT 1CL128 INF, 32 DIVMI3-Aug-1918AM
Chaves, Philip G.SGT16 INF, 1 DIVCA18-Jul-1918AM
Chefetz, H.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Chesolosky, G.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA1-Jul-1918AM
Chism, James H.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVKY18-Jul-1918AM
Christensen, D. P.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVMN21-Jul-1918AM
Christenson, C. W.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI4-Aug-1918AM
Churchwell, W. F.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Clark, C. E.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVND18-Jul-1918AM
Clay, Floyd W.SGT18 INF, 1 DIVWV20-Jul-1918AM
Claypool, Elza H.SGT18 INF, 1 DIVKY20-Jul-1918AM
Clayton, F. A.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVWA21-Jul-1918AM
Clement, G. E.CK7 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Clemons, H.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVOK18-Jul-1918AM
Cleveland, G. E.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVRI23-Jun-1918AM
Cliett, Earl I.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVGA20-Jul-1918AM
Clifton, S.CORP39 INF, 4 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Coburn, T. B.SGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Cochenour, R. D.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVIL20-Jul-1918AM
Cody, Henry E.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVCA4-Aug-1918AM
Cohen, JakePVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Cohn, Sol B.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVCA18-Jul-1918AM
Cole, Murphy J.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Cole, Ora C.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Collette, M. J.PVT 1CL104 INF, 26 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Collins, A. L.PVT 1CL117 FLD SIG BN, 42 DIVMO31-Jul-1918AM
Collins, J. W.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWV2-Jun-1918AM
Collins, RobertPVT28 INF, 1 DIVND21-Jul-1918AM
Collopy, J. A.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Collum, Jonnie M.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVAL19-Jul-1918AM
Common, Edward R.1LT18 INF, 1 DIVCO20-Jul-1918AM
Como, EdwardPVT26 INF, 1 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Connelly, F. J.1LTATCHD BRIT AIR SERVMO18-Jul-1918AM
Cook, Harry E.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Cooker, GeorgeCORP28 INF, 1 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Cooney, John T.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH19-Jul-1918AM
Copeland, Samuel L.SGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVKS19-Jul-1918AM
Coppola, TonyPVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Corey, James L.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIN19-Jul-1918AM
Cornelison, F.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVAL21-Jul-1918AM
Costlow, W. B.CORP16 INF, 1 DIVAR21-Jul-1918AM
Cottingham, T. R.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVSC19-Jul-1918AM
Coughlin, Paul E.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNJ19-Jul-1918AM
Cowart, Riley J.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVGA19-Jul-1918AM
Cowen, John L.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVOK30-Jul-1918AM
Cox, Ashburn F.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVAL28-Jul-1918AM
Cox, AubreyPVT128 INF, 32 DIVWI5-Aug-1918AM
Cox, Clifford F.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Cox, Walter J.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVID19-Jul-1918AM
Crader, RoyPVT 1CL2 ENGRS, 2 DIVID19-Jul-1918AM
Craig, MoodPVT39 INF, 4 DIVTX20-Jul-1918AM
Crane, Victor O.2LT26 INF, 1 DIVMO19-Jul-1918AM
Creasey, Walter H.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVWA31-Jul-1918AM
Criddle, Elmer J.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVUT18-Jul-1918AM
Crooks, James O.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVGA18-Jul-1918AM
Cummings, WadePVT16 INF, 1 DIVKY18-Jul-1918AM
Cummings, William W.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVKS26-Jul-1918AM
Cunion, George N.PVT2 MG BN, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Cunneen, HsPVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Cunningham, CfPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Curnow, EarlPVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Curtis, R. C.SGT 1CL1 ENGRS, 1 DIVNC20-Jul-1918AM
Cushman, C. S.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH6-Jun-1918AM
Cutiss, DominickPVT26 INF, 1 DIVNJ19-Jul-1918AM
Czerniejewski, M.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
D'ambrosio, T.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT23-Jul-1918AM
D'oria, S.PVT 1CL5 MG BN, 2 DIVNJ13-Jun-1918AM
Dailey, Howard J.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN24-Jul-1918AM
Daisley, JamesPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Danckert, J. H.CORP104 INF, 26 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Daniels, Roy L.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTN19-Jul-1918AM
Darby, Beale M.CORP9 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Darcy, Claymile J.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVLA15-Jul-1918AM
Darling, Leslie W.PVT 1CL168 INF, 42 DIVIA28-Jul-1918AM
David, C. G.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVPA6-Jun-1918AM
Davies, John R.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Davis, AlexanderPVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVIL21-Jul-1918AM
Davis, Carl B.1SGT23 INF, 2 DIVWV19-Jul-1918AM
Davis, DeweyPVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Davis, George W.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVTX26-Jul-1918AM
Davis, HannableSGT9 INF, 2 DIVNC18-Jul-1918AM
Davis, NormanCORP9 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Day, Willie B.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVKY21-Jul-1918AM
De Haven, J. F.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA23-Jun-1918AM
De Ronde, E. J.CORP125 INF, 32 DIVMI31-Jul-1918AM
De Souza, Louis E.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL6-Jun-1918AM
De Spain, Harry H.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVIL21-Jul-1918AM
Deeds, Kennie H.PVT126 INF, 32 DIVVA3-Aug-1918AM
Delozier, W. A.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVPA22-Jul-1918AM
Deming, George E.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Deney, WillPVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Dengler, W. W.SUP SGT28 INF, 1 DIVPA21-Jul-1918AM
Densley, CharlesPVT26 INF, 1 DIVUT21-Jul-1918AM
Deppler, AbrahamPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH19-Jul-1918AM
Derrick, ClaudePVT23 INF, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Dewitt, DaytonPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMD21-Jul-1918AM
Deyon, J. R.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA15-Jun-1918AM
Dibernardino, G.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Dickey, JohnPVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA20-Jul-1918AM
Dill, John N.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVCA18-Jul-1918AM
Dillavou, Joy W.MEC16 INF, 1 DIVIA19-Jul-1918AM
Donahue, A. E.PVT 1CL103 INF, 26 DIVME17-Jul-1918AM
Du Rosey, JohnCORP23 INF, 2 DIVMO18-Jul-1918AM
Duffer, W. O.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI19-Jul-1918AM
Duffin, A. T.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVCA19-Jul-1918AM
Duke, Jimmie L.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOR18-Jul-1919AM
Duley, H. G.PVT6 MG BN USMC, 2 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Dumbolton, E.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Dunn, Jiles E.BGLR9 INF, 2 DIVMO18-Jul-1918AM
Dunn, William W.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVAR14-Jun-1918AM
Durr, William M.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVCT23-Jul-1918AM
Dvorak, GeorgePVT30 INF, 3 DIVMO6-Jun-1918AM
Dwyer, Charle J.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVKS31-Jul-1918AM
Dyecko, Samuel W.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Dyer, William R.1 LT109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Dziura, AntonPVT 1CL30 INF, 3 DIVMI15-Jul-1918AM
Easter, James W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH15-Jul-1918AM
Eberhard, S. P.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVND21-Jul-1918AM
Ecklund, E. J.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVMN18-Jul-1918AM
Edwards, GarrettSGT16 INF, 1 DIVTN19-Jul-1918AM
Edwards, R. W.2LT38 INF, 3 DIVMA18-Jun-1918AM
Ehrstine, OhmerPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH6-Jun-1918AM
Elam, Clifford D.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVOK15-Jul-1918AM
Elderson, William F.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH6-Jun-1918AM
Elliott, EarlPVT26 INF, 1 DIVOR19-Jul-1918AM
Elliott, James H.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVAR18-Jul-1918AM
Ellis, C. B.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVNY31-Jul-1918AM
Ely, Robert L.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTN20-Jun-1918AM
Emanuel, ThemisPVT18 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Engstrom, Frank O.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVWY19-Jul-1918AM
Ercanbrack, R.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVTX18-Jul-1918AM
Erickson, A. A.PVT2 MG BN, 1 DIVMN21-Jul-1918AM
Erickson, Gustav A.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVWA21-Jul-1918AM
Erickson, Kort H.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVMN19-Jul-1918AM
Erickson, L. E.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT25-Jul-1918AM
Erwin, John W.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVMS21-Jul-1918AM
Evans, Edwin V.2LT16 INF, 1 DIVCO20-Jul-1918AM
Evans, F.SGT16 INF, 1 DIVNH21-Jul-1918AM
Evans, Pryce N.SGT26 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Fackrell, HughPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVID23-Jun-1918AM
Fairlamb, J. W.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWA20-Jul-1918AM
Farinosi, A.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Farmer, W. H.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Farrell, C. T.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Farrell, S.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVNY26-Jul-1918AM
Fauble, Arthur N.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH6-Jun-1918AM
Faulkner, HermanPVT7 INF, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Feduniec, W.BGLR9 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Ferguson, J.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Field, H. J. W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA6-Jun-1918AM
Fields, J.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWV20-Jul-1918AM
Finch, John R.CORP23 INF, 2 DIVNE6-Jun-1918AM
Fischer, C. L.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Fischer, R. E.SGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Fisk, RoyPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY6-Jun-1918AM
Fitzgerald, EdmundCORP26 INF, 1 DIVOH20-Jul-1918AM
Fitzgerald, T. J.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Flaherty, J.PVT 1CL101 INF, 26 DIVMA23-Jul-1918AM
Fleisner, L.PVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVWI5-Aug-1918AM
Fletcher, OlenPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMO20-Jul-1918AM
Floer, F.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVNY29-Jul-1918AM
Flory, E. H.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA16-Jul-1918AM
Flower, E. W.2LT23 INF, 2 DIVPA6-Jun-1918AM
Flowers, Pierce H.CORP168 INF, 42 DIVIA28-Jul-1918AM
Flynn, BentonPVT28 INF, 1 DIVKY21-Jul-1918AM
Flynn, C. F.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Foraker, Roy E.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVOK19-Jul-1918AM
Ford, E. L.2LT23 INF, 2 DIVCT18-Jul-1918AM
Foreman, F. H.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVND22-Jul-1918AM
Fowler, IraPVT28 INF, 1 DIVOH21-Jul-1918AM
Franks, C. N.CORP58 INF, 4 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Fraser, Edward P.CORP109 INF, 28 DIVPA22-Jul-1918AM
Freas, Samuel A.SGT30 INF, 3 DIVOH15-Jul-1918AM
Freeman, A. J.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVAL18-Jul-1918AM
Freeman, JosephPVT18 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
French, William D.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVAR15-Jul-1918AM
Friedman, AbrahamSGT39 INF, 4 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Friscan, PaulPVT28 INF, 1 DIVOH21-Jul-1918AM
Frith, Thomas R.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVTN19-Jul-1918AM
Frock, Maurice E.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMD12-Jun-1918AM
Fry, Walter L.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVCN18-Jul-1918AM
Fuller, Marion F.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Fulton, Fred W.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVKS15-Jul-1918AM
Gabel, Philip G.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOR19-Jul-1918AM
Gall, Paul W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL15-Jun-1918AM
Gallagher, DavidPVT 1CL6 ENGRS, 3 DIVPA16-Jul-1918AM
Galloway, Newman J.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVTX21-Jul-1918AM
Gardner, Tom F.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVGA18-Jul-1918AM
Garrison, Ed T.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVAL19-Jul-1918AM
Garvey, Edward J.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Gaynor, John J.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Gazanego, JohnPVT18 INF, 1 DIVCA22-Jul-1918AM
Gehr, LeePVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVWI20-Jul-1918AM
Gelso, LuigiPVT23 INF, 2 DIVPA6-Jun-1918AM
George, Calvin2LT28 INF, 1 DIVGA18-Jul-1918AM
George, Guy S.PVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVWI4-Aug-1918AM
Germano, AntonioPVT30 INF, 3 DIVPA23-Jul-1918AM
Geroux, JohnPVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVMI21-Jul-1918AM
Ghelfi, PhilipPVT47 INF, 4 DIVWI30-Jul-1918AM
Gill, HarlandPVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVWA20-Jul-1918AM
Gilson, Proctor C.1LT9 INF, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Giovannini, GuiseppePVT30 INF, 3 DIVPA24-Jul-1918AM
Glisson, TullisPVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Goldberg, Isreal F.SGT38 INF, 3 DIVIL22-Jul-1918AM
Goodman, H. C.PVT 1CL2 ENGRS, 2 DIVTX7-Jun-1918AM
Goodrich, William F.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVCO1-Aug-1918AM
Goodrowe, Leon M.CORP7 INF, 3 DIVNY23-Jul-1918AM
Goodwin, Alfred T.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVND19-Jul-1918AM
Goranson, T. J.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Gordon, Robert E.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVKS1-Jul-1918AM
Gorth, Harry J.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH17-Jul-1918AM
Gouvea, John F.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Graham, Cyril A.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVMO15-Jul-1918AM
Graham, James H.SGT127 INF, 32 DIVWI6-Aug-1918AM
Grandstaff, SelbyPVT7 INF, 3 DIVAR15-Jul-1918AM
Graves, Alva N.PVT 1CL2 ENGRS, 2 DIVCO14-Jun-1918AM
Graves, Claude P.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVNM24-Jul-1918AM
Gray, WalterPVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Greene, IrvingPVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Greene, JosephPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Greenlee, Oviel E.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Gregg, Thomas J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Gregor, FrankPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMN22-Jul-1918AM
Grennan, John F.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWA6-Jun-1918AM
Griffin, Lawrence J.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA29-Jul-1918AM
Griffith, ArlowPVT18 INF, 1 DIVOH20-Jul-1918AM
Griffith, Earl J.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVRI18-Jul-1918AM
Grimes, GeorgePVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVCA4-Aug-1918AM
Grollman, HermanCORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ23-Jun-1918AM
Grout, Leo M.CORP110 INF, 28 DIVPA2-Aug-1918AM
Gruver, Fred B.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVID21-Jul-1918AM
Guido, FredPVT128 INF, 32 DIVIL3-Aug-1918AM
Guinane, Philip A.PVT 1CL110 INF, 28 DIVPA29-Jul-1918AM
Gulbrandsen, E. E.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMD13-Jun-1918AM
Gullo, PatseyPVT23 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Gunn, Malcolm B.1LT27 AERO SQNJ16-Jul-1918AM
Gutfranski, JoePVT28 INF, 1 DIVOH21-Jul-1918AM
Hagen, Oscar G.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVND22-Jul-1918AM
Hagerman, Dewitt C.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Haivatentian, LazarusPVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT22-Jul-1918AM
Hall, Charles C.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVNC15-Jul-1918AM
Hall, GeorgePVT7 INF, 3 DIVNM15-Jul-1918AM
Halperin, MorrisPVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Halverson, JohnPVT18 INF, 1 DIVIA18-Jul-1918AM
Hamelakis, JamesPVT 1CL104 INF, 26 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Hamrak, AndrewPVT26 INF, 1 DIVOH19-Jul-1918AM
Hansen, AlfredMEC59 INF, 4 DIVWI19-Jul-1918AM
Hansen, Peter T.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVND18-Jul-1918AM
Hansen, WilliamCORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOR6-Jun-1918AM
Hansford, MoriePVT 1CL125 INF, 32 DIVMI31-Jul-1918AM
Hanson, HenryPVT47 INF, 4 DIVND1-Aug-1918AM
Hardy, Adren F.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Harmeyer, Fred W.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVND19-Jul-1918AM
Harner, MarvinPVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVPA25-Jul-1918AM
Harp, David G.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVMD18-Jul-1918AM
Harper, Claude R.CORP7 INF, 3 DIVGA22-Jun-1918AM
Harper, Joseph M.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVAL24-Jul-1918AM
Harrall, Jacob C.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVOK6-Aug-1918AM
Harris, Henry O.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVMS15-Jul-1918AM
Harris, Robert P.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Harrod, ScottPVT26 INF, 1 DIVAR18-Jul-1918AM
Hartenbower, M. F.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Hartmann, E. C.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVCA22-Jul-1918AM
Hartos, JohnPVT18 INF, 1 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Harvey, Daniel J.CORP38 INF, 3 DIVCT1-Jul-1918AM
Haske, William J.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVIN23-Jul-1918AM
Hatfield, Ben B.PVT 1CL18 FA, 3 DIVTX20-Jul-1918AM
Haubris, Paul F., Jr.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVWA20-Jul-1918AM
Hayton, Lester D.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVWA20-Jul-1918AM
Hazen, Daniel W.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Healey, John B.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT21-Jul-1918AM
Healy, Daniel P.SGT39 INF, 4 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Heinrich, Richard H.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVLA26-Jun-1918AM
Heldman, Claude E.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Hennings, Samuel S.SGT38 INF, 3 DIVTN15-Jul-1918AM
Henry, Curtis L.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMS18-Jul-1918AM
Henry, EverettPVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Herman, FredPVT16 INF, 1 DIVND19-Jul-1918AM
Herren, William A.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVTX30-Jul-1918AM
Hestekind, TimonCORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI4-Aug-1918AM
Heup, Alois A.PVT 1CL59 INF, 4 DIVWI19-Jul-1918AM
Higgins, Andrew J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWA3-Jun-1918AM
Hillix, HarryCORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMO23-Jun-1918AM
Hillson, HymanCORP23 INF, 2 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Hilt, Ralph D.BGLR18 INF, 1 DIVIN20-Jul-1918AM
Hilton, J. H.PVT 1CLMED DET 28 INF, 1 DIVIL20-Jul-1918AM
Hindman, Thomas J.SGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Hinds, Frederick C.PVT6 MG BN USMC, 2 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Hinkle, Paul L.CORP4 MG BN, 2 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Hintz, Richard L.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Hobeday, WilliamPVT7 INF, 3 DIVLA15-Jul-1918AM
Holder, John J.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVGA24-Jul-1918AM
Holen, Alvin2 LT23 INF, 2 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Holland, Charles H.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVMS18-Jul-1918AM
Holman, Ira V.PVT168 INF, 42 DIVIA30-Jul-1918AM
Holstin, Erven R.PVT 1CL3 MG BN, 1 DIVWV18-Jul-1918AM
Hon, Paul L.SGT1 ENGRS, 1 DIVFL20-Jul-1918AM
Hooker, Karl M.SGT16 INF, 1 DIVVA18-Jul-1918AM
Hooper, James J.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVNY22-Jul-1918AM
Hooper, Parr1 LT32 AERO SQMD10-Jun-1918AM
Horafakis, AnastPVT26 INF, 1 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Horstmann, Paul F.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMD21-Jul-1918AM
Hosford, William H.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Hossler, Lewis H.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVIL30-Jul-1918AM
Hotz, JessePVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN24-Jul-1918AM
Hovencamp, Leon E.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Howell, HenryPVT18 INF, 1 DIVMI19-Jul-1918AM
Hoxie, SylvanusPVT39 INF, 4 DIVME19-Jul-1918AM
Hoyer, Theodore R.2LT23 INF, 2 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Hrabouske, WaisilPVT 1CL166 INF, 42 DIVMN30-Jul-1918AM
Hubner, William L.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIN12-Jun-1918AM
Huff, William M.PVT126 INF, 32 DIVMI31-Jul-1918AM
Hunt, Jason S.1LT27 AERO SQVT1-Aug-1918AM
Hunter, John L.BGLR59 INF, 4 DIVIL4-Aug-1918AM
Hunter, Robert T.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVAR15-Jul-1918AM
Imeson, Thomas H.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Irminger, James P.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMO25-Jun-1918AM
Irwin, Louis E.PVT 1CL125 INF, 32 DIVOH5-Aug-1918AM
Irwin, WilliamCORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVCA24-Jun-1918AM
Isenberg, Joseph W.SGT18 INF, 1 DIVVA21-Jul-1918AM
Isom, Forrest I.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVOR21-Jul-1918AM
Ivanek, GustavePVT 1CL58 INF, 4 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Jackson, Burwell C.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVNC20-Jul-1918AM
Jackson, Claude C.CK7 INF, 3 DIVMO15-Jul-1918AM
Jainett, Fred S.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
James, Perry E.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVKY27-Jul-1918AM
Jensen, WaldemarPVT38 INF, 3 DIVMN15-Jul-1918AM
Johnson, Arndt T.PVT 1CL58 INF, 4 DIVWI19-Jul-1918AM
Johnson, Audie J.CORP125 INF, 32 DIVMI31-Jul-1918AM
Johnson, Henry J.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT24-Jul-1918AM
Johnson, JonasPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWI19-Jul-1918AM
Johnson, TennisPVT9 INF, 2 DIVIA18-Jul-1918AM
Johnson, Victor H.BGLR26 INF, 1 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Johnston, Henry P.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Jones, CliffordPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Jones, Earl E.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Jones, George A.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVKY21-Jul-1918AM
Jones, Henry H.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVTN19-Jul-1918AM
Jones, Henry W.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Jones, Hobert G.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVWV18-Jul-1918AM
Jones, Paul W.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Jones, Walter L.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVNC21-Jul-1918AM
Joyce, Thomas H.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA24-Jun-1918AM
Jurach, Josef P.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVTX21-Jul-1918AM
Kadinski, JohnPVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Kedzuf, MichaelPVT7 INF, 3 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Keel, AllenPVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Keene, Oscar D.CORP47 INF, 4 DIVCA4-Aug-1918AM
Keeney, Charles H.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWV14-Jun-1918AM
Keller, Wilson S.2 LT16 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Kelley, CharlesPVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Kelley, Ernest L.CORP39 INF, 4 DIVME2-Aug-1918AM
Kelly, JosephSGT16 INF, 1 DIVIL20-Jul-1918AM
Kelly, Michael J.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA8-Jul-1918AM
Kennedy, James F.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Keonig, Harry A.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Kern, JohnPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Ketcher, BillPVT9 INF, 2 DIVOK18-Jul-1918AM
Keweswa, StephenPVT38 INF, 3 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Kinalski, FrankPVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA27-Jul-1918AM
Kines, Bert C.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVWV20-Jul-1918AM
King, FelixCORP18 INF, 1 DIVPA22-Jul-1918AM
King, Frederick B.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
King, GroverPVT150 FA, 42 DIVIN30-Jul-1918AM
King, Thomas A.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVCA19-Jul-1918AM
Kingsbury, Leo F.SGT125 INF, 32 DIVMI4-Aug-1918AM
Kinne, Harold E.2 LT16 INF, 1 DIVID19-Jul-1918AM
Kinney, Austin R.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Kintigh, Roy C.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVNE19-Jul-1918AM
Kirk, Robert B.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL11-Jun-1918AM
Klemmer, Louis A.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Aug-1918AM
Kline, William H.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVMD20-Jul-1918AM
Klopfer, Lewis H.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Knapp, David L.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA30-Jul-1918AM
Knatz, Frederick G.SGT10 FA, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Knox, Henry G.PVT 1CL58 INF, 4 DIVTX18-Jul-1918AM
Koehn, John H.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVIN2-Jul-1918AM
Kollar, JohnPVT18 INF, 1 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Komski, FrankPVT59 INF, 4 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Konulis, JohnPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Kopiec, JoePVT28 INF, 1 DIVMI21-Jul-1918AM
Korskey, Joseph W.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI23-Jun-1918AM
Krak, JoePVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Krumboldtz, JohnPVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA25-Jul-1918AM
Kruse, Theodore H.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVND19-Jul-1918AM
Kubatsky, JosephPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Kubinski, JohnPVT166 INF, 42 DIVNY28-Jul-1918AM
Kuczynsky, StefanPVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVOH15-Jul-1918AM
Kunz, LouiePVT16 INF, 1 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Kupchinski, V. A.PVT 1CL47 INF, 4 DIVPA30-Jul-1918AM
Laczynski, StanleyPVT30 INF, 3 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Lafaver, Andrew R.PVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Lambert, Earl L.CORP103 INF, 26 DIVME22-Jul-1918AM
Lamm, George F.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Lamore, AimePVT23 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Lamp, WalterPVT18 INF, 1 DIVCA21-Jul-1918AM
Lams, AlbertPVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI3-Aug-1918AM
Landes, Ray B.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT21-Jul-1918AM
Landua, Raymond A.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVWI5-Aug-1918AM
Lane, Charles C.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA25-Jul-1918AM
Largent, EdwardPVT9 INF, 2 DIVTN18-Jul-1918AM
Larsen, Marshall O.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Larson, Clarence W.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVMN19-Jul-1918AM
League, George W.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN22-Jul-1918AM
Leber, Charles H.SGT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Lee, Samuel E.PVT 1CL7 INF, 3 DIVPA16-Jun-1918AM
Lehr, Manderson1LTATCHD FR AIR SERVNE15-Jul-1918AM
Lemaitre, JulesCORP23 INF, 2 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Leo, DomenicoPVT58 INF, 4 DIVMN6-Aug-1918AM
Lepone, SalvatorePVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY6-Jun-1918AM
Lesley, Benjamin F.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVAR18-Jul-1918AM
Leverenz, Clarence E.SGT128 INF, 32 DIVWI4-Aug-1918AM
Lewis, James S.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVAL18-Jul-1918AM
Lewis, Thomas H.CORP109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Lewiston, Clair O.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVWI19-Jul-1918AM
Libertas, Joseph B.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVMI3-Aug-1918AM
Lightner, George M.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVPA20-Jul-1918AM
Lillis, Frank A.CORP2 ENGRS, 2 DIVIA19-Jul-1918AM
Lilya, Gustavus R.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVUT1-Jul-1918AM
Linder, Earl S.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL14-Jun-1918AM
Livick, RollinPVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI21-Jul-1918AM
Lockhart, George W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVUT11-Jun-1918AM
Loeven, HarryPVT16 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Loomis, Arthur W.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVKS15-Jul-1918AM
Loran, William E.PVT2 MG BN, 1 DIVIL21-Jul-1918AM
Lorenzi, GiovanniPVT23 INF, 2 DIVPA6-Jun-1918AM
Lotz, Robert H.PVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVOH26-Jul-1918AM
Louderback, Grover C.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVKY6-Jul-1918AM
Lovaas, Hjalmar M.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVWI20-Jul-1918AM
Lovinuk, JohnPVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT22-Jul-1918AM
Lowers, Ora V.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVWV18-Jul-1918AM
Lowery, Hammar M.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVTN19-Jul-1918AM
Lowery, William R.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVKS22-Jul-1918AM
Luce, George W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA6-Jun-1918AM
Luecke, RobertPVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Aug-1918AM
Luff, Robert F.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY29-Jul-1918AM
Lumley, John R.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY8-Jun-1918AM
Luola, AntonasPVT4 INF, 3 DIVNY23-Jul-1918AM
Lynch, William C.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVVT1-Aug-1918AM
Lyniuk, JohnPVT9 INF, 2 DIVCT18-Jul-1918AM
Mac Donald, P. J.PVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Mack, William H.2 LT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Madsen, PeterPVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA25-Jul-1918AM
Mahanna, Frank T.WAGR7 MG BN, 3 DIVNY2-Jun-1918AM
Malinowski, JosephPVT23 INF, 2 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Malone, James H.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Mangold, Louis A.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI4-Aug-1918AM
Mannis, Jesse R.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH19-Jul-1918AM
Manzooian, AvakPVT 1CL59 INF, 4 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Marcus, HarryPVT26 INF, 1 DIVOH19-Jul-1918AM
Mardis, Guy B.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVOR18-Jul-1918AM
Marler, Govie T.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Marmes, PaulPVT26 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Marten, Fritz W.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Martensen, Erwin P.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVIL21-Jun-1918AM
Martin, JacksonPVT38 INF, 3 DIVOH1-Jul-1918AM
Martin, RobertPVT23 INF, 2 DIVOK18-Jul-1918AM
Mason, James G.PVT 1CL151 MG BN, 42 DIVGA29-Jul-1918AM
Matel, JohnPVT23 INF, 2 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Mathieu, James A.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Mathus, ClarencePVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN19-Jul-1918AM
Matt, StaniePVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Matthew, E. W.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVMA21-Jul-1918AM
Mattingly, Linnie A.MEC28 INF, 1 DIVKY20-Jul-1918AM
Mattz, HermanPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY6-Jun-1918AM
Mauritz, GeorgePVT59 INF, 4 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Maxwell, EsselPVT111 INF, 28 DIVMD1-Jul-1918AM
McAllister, CharlesPVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
McArthur, Charles R.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVMN4-Aug-1918AM
McBee, Fay S.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVAR23-Jul-1918AM
McCarthy, GuyCORP16 INF, 1 DIVTX21-Jul-1918AM
McClain, Burnird C.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWV18-Jul-1918AM
McClain, Robert J.PVT150 MG BN, 42 DIVGA28-Jul-1918AM
McConnell, Charles O.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVPA26-Jul-1918AM
McCormack, C. W.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVND20-Jul-1918AM
McCunney, Mark A.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA30-Jul-1918AM
McDonald, CharliePVT28 INF, 1 DIVMS21-Jul-1918AM
McDonald, George J.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVIN20-Jul-1918AM
McFadden, Melvin C.CORP38 INF, 3 DIVIA1-Jul-1918AM
McGee, PaulPVT165 INF, 42 DIVMD29-Jul-1918AM
McGilloway, VincentPVT23 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
McGoldrick, Edward J.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVMA15-Jul-1918AM
McGrady, Frederick B.CORP30 INF, 3 DIVVA15-Jul-1918AM
McGrath, John L.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMN19-Jul-1918AM
McGraw, Matthew C.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVFL20-Jul-1918AM
McInerny, Arnold M.2 LT9 INF, 2 DIVIN19-Jul-1918AM
McIntire, Edward J.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
McKean, BatemanPVT28 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
McKenzie, Frederick J.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
McLachlan, Robert P.CORP16 INF, 1 DIVKY18-Jul-1918AM
McLean, George, Jr.CORP6 ENGRS, 3 DIVPA16-Jul-1918AM
McLean, HowardPVT16 INF, 1 DIVND18-Jul-1918AM
McNeely, George T.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA29-Jul-1918AM
McVey, Joseph E.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVMT21-Jul-1918AM
McWhirter, W. L.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTX12-Jun-1918AM
Meador, BernardPVT23 INF, 2 DIVWV18-Jul-1918AM
Menschel, Paul H.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIA18-Jul-1918AM
Mensurati, AlexPVT 1CL7 INF, 3 DIVPA22-Jun-1918AM
Menten, JosephPVT30 INF, 3 DIVMO24-Jul-1918AM
Merkle, William J.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA17-Jul-1918AM
Merrill, Forrest E.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVME20-Jul-1918AM
Meyers, AlbertCORP38 INF, 3 DIVNJ22-Jul-1918AM
Michaelis, GeorgePVT 1CL30 INF, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Michels, Adrian J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWI6-Jun-1918AM
Mickle, Herbert W.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Middleton, AndyPVT16 INF, 1 DIVKY18-Jul-1918AM
Mikolasek, BohumielPVT38 INF, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Milam, Homer H.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVWV18-Jul-1918AM
Milewski, TedorPVT 1CL3 MG BN, 1 DIVMI19-Jul-1918AM
Miller, AngusPVT28 INF, 1 DIVIL21-Jul-1918AM
Miller, Charles E.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVMT23-Jul-1918AM
Miller, Charles T.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Miller, FrancisPVT126 INF, 32 DIVMI2-Aug-1918AM
Miller, Henry L.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT20-Jul-1918AM
Miller, John T.PVTMED DET 2 MG BN, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Miller, Lonzo A.PVT2 MG BN, 1 DIVCA21-Jul-1918AM
Miller, Louis F.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Miller, MichaelPVT18 INF, 1 DIVMN18-Jul-1918AM
Miller, Russell W.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Miller, Silas G.PVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Miller, William C.PVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVCT23-Jul-1918AM
Mimnaugh, JosephPVT7 P A, 1 DIVNY20-Jul-1918AM
Minch, JohnPVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVIN21-Jul-1918AM
Mitchell, NilePVT28 INF, 1 DIVTN20-Jul-1918AM
Mitchell, R. E., Jr.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVCT6-Jun-1918AM
Mitringa, PaulPVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVMI19-Jul-1918AM
Moe, Engwald R.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI21-Jul-1918AM
Mohr, C. M.PVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Moncravie, S.CORP16 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Moneyhun, R. C.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVVA22-Jul-1918AM
Monroe, J. A.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVIN29-Jul-1918AM
Moon, Ellis J.SGT18 INF, 1 DIVAL20-Jul-1918AM
Moore, T. H.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Morfi, SemPVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Morgan, J. T.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVAL28-Jul-1918AM
Morozik, StanleyCORP58 INF, 4 DIVMI6-Aug-1918AM
Morris, A.PVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVMA24-Jul-1918AM
Morton, F. E.PVT 1CL58 INF, 4 DIVMN5-Aug-1918AM
Moscarello, J.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT22-Jul-1918AM
Murphy, J. A.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVMO19-Jul-1918AM
Murphy, J. H.CORP109 INF, 28 DIVPA30-Jul-1918AM
Murphy, JackCORP16 INF, 1 DIVAR21-Jul-1918AM
Murphy, W. J.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVCT18-Jul-1918AM
Murray, T. V.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVMA6-Jun-1918AM
Murtha, JamesPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Musbach, Carl F.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMO18-Jul-1918AM
Mustain, Ivan L.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Myers, JohnPVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Myers, W. M.PVT103 MG BN, 26 DIVNH18-Jul-1918AM
Nardella, JamesPVT18 INF, 1 DIVOH23-Jul-1918AM
Nartoff, V. J.CORP103 INF, 26 DIVNH23-Jul-1918AM
Nazzareno, P.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Neilan, Joseph P.MESS SGT30 INF, 3 DIVME15-Jul-1918AM
Newell, L. E.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ13-Jun-1918AM
Newington, R. E.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVCA5-Aug-1918AM
Nichols, OranPVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Nidle, Howard L.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVMT18-Jul-1918AM
Nielsen, Niels C.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVCA19-Jul-1918AM
Nikoloff, S.CORP7 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Nilan, M. A.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ19-Jul-1918AM
Niznick, Forna G.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVCT18-Jul-1918AM
Noglle, W. S.PVT 1CL112 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Jul-1918AM
Noodovitz, IrvingPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
O'Boyle, Joseph E.CORP168 INF, 42 DIVIA26-Jul-1918AM
O'Conner, Harry B.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH6-Jun-1918AM
O'Connor, F. J.PVT104 INF, 26 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
O'Donnell, G. S.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVME6-Jun-1918AM
O'Flinn, J. L.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMS27-Jun-1918AM
O'Kelley, R. G.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVGA1-Aug-1918AM
Olsen, M.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI19-Jul-1918AM
Ormond, W. J.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY30-Jul-1918AM
Orr, Louis B.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVMT3-Aug-1918AM
Osborn, EddiePVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN20-Jul-1918AM
Oslin, Eric J.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Ostby, Joseph P A.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Osteen, Harry E.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVIA18-Jul-1918AM
Ouellette, F. N.CORP9 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Ovington, C. L.1 LTATCHD FR AIR SERVNY29-May-1918AM
Pack, Alonzo G.PVT6 MG BN USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Palazzo, L. J.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Pannill, G. E.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVVA18-Jul-1918AM
Papka, William A.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVIN21-Jul-1918AM
Parks, RichardSGT9 INF, 2 DIVGA18-Jul-1918AM
Parrott, Leslie P.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Parsons, F. O.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVMN18-Jul-1918AM
Patarino, J.MEC39 INF, 4 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Patterson, E., Jr.SGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA30-Jul-1918AM
Patterson, N. B.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVMN1-Aug-1918AM
Patterson, R. N.SGT7 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Paulson, H. H.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVCA28-Jul-1918AM
Payne, F. W.2 LT26 INF, 1 DIVWV20-Jul-1918AM
Payson, Carl F.SGT125 INF, 32 DIVMI1-Aug-1918AM
Pearson, B. N.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVCO31-Jul-1918AM
Pedranti, C.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVCA19-Jul-1918AM
Peitzmeyer, H.1 SGT12 MG BN, 4 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Pendus, NicholasSGT9 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Pennachia, C.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Pergiovanni, A.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Perras, Ernest W.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWA21-Jul-1918AM
Perry, ManuelPVT7 INF, 3 DIVMA16-Jul-1918AM
Peterson, E.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVMA22-Jul-1918AM
Peterson, T. W.CORP58 INF, 4 DIVWI6-Aug-1918AM
Pevy, Lewis E.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Pickering, Clyde E.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVOK15-Jul-1918AM
Piendl, H. O.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Pierce, Leroy A.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVIA19-Jul-1918AM
Pierson, W. E.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Pietzak, MikePVT18 INF, 1 DIVPA21-Jul-1918AM
Pisacreta, PietroPVT59 INF, 4 DIVOH19-Jul-1918AM
Pleisch, C. W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVCA25-Jun-1918AM
Poettering, E.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVOH21-Jul-1918AM
Poince, Russell L.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVOH15-Jul-1918AM
Potratz, Bert J.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVND18-Jul-1918AM
Pratt, Henry B., Jr.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVME18-Jul-1918AM
Price, Thomas M.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Pricer, P. J.PVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA7-Jul-1918AM
Prichard, F. L.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Proctor, D. E.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA6-Jun-1918AM
Pruitt, Harry C.PVT 1CL7 INF, 3 DIVIN15-Jul-1918AM
Prybylski, FrankPVT16 INF, 1 DIVOH23-Jul-1918AM
Putnam, George L.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVTX6-Aug-1918AM
Quakenbush, C. F.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVNE21-Jul-1918AM
Quinn, E. D.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA23-Jun-1918AM
Raineri, JohnPVT18 INF, 1 DIVIN18-Jul-1918AM
Rainville, AlbertPVT58 INF, 4 DIVMT18-Jul-1918AM
Randall, Martin F.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Randon, LuigiPVT18 INF, 1 DIVMI20-Jul-1918AM
Rauch, E. E.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA30-Jul-1918AM
Ravin, SamuelPVT26 INF, 1 DIVNY20-Jul-1918AM
Reed, N. A.PVT108 MG BN, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Reel, James W.SGT30 INF, 3 DIVIN15-Jul-1918AM
Reese, William F.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVKY15-Jul-1918AM
Reichle, E. J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ12-Jun-1918AM
Reick, GeorgePVT3 MG BN, 1 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Reid, RandallPVT28 INF, 1 DIVKS20-Jul-1918AM
Rentschler, F. J.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT22-Jul-1918AM
Replogle, C. E.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI21-Jul-1918AM
Resendes, W. J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVCA25-Jun-1918AM
Reutter, E. F.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVNJ19-Jul-1918AM
Rhodes, OkeyPVT166 INF, 42 DIVWV29-Jul-1918AM
Richter, JohnCORP9 INF, 2 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Ridd, Earl R.CORP2 ENGRS, 2 DIVUT19-Jul-1918AM
Riddell, W. H.PVT 1CL3 MG BN, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Rigdon, Ivic L.CORP2 ENGRS, 2 DIVKS12-Jun-1918AM
Riker, HarryPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Rismiller, C. C.PVTMED DET 4 ENGRS, 4 DIVPA5-Aug-1918AM
Ritzert, C. T.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVPA4-Aug-1918AM
Roark, GeorgeSGT23 INF, 2 DIVKY18-Jul-1918AM
Roback, John P.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Roberts, LawrencePVT16 INF, 1 DIVMI19-Jul-1918AM
Roe, Norman L.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Rogers, ArthurPVT1 ENGRS, 1 DIVWA20-Jul-1918AM
Rogers, PressPVT7 INF, 3 DIVTX15-Jul-1918AM
Rogers, RaymondPVT28 INF, 1 DIVNJ21-Jul-1918AM
Rohletter, LukePVT23 INF, 2 DIVMT18-Jul-1918AM
Romcevic, SamPVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVOH30-Jul-1918AM
Root, Grover C.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVWI22-Jul-1918AM
Rorabaugh, AdPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNE18-Jul-1918AM
Rosenthal, E. E.CORP3 MG BN, 1 DIVCA20-Jul-1918AM
Rosky, JohnPVT125 INF, 32 DIVMI31-Jul-1918AM
Ross, B. R.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVKY1-Aug-1918AM
Rosso, VitoPVT38 INF, 3 DIVMA15-Jul-1918AM
Rowley, A. L.PVT112 INF, 28 DIVPA8-Jul-1918AM
Rowley, Alvin T.CORP38 INF, 3 DIVIL18-Jun-1918AM
Runge, CharlesPVT39 INF, 4 DIVWI6-Aug-1918AM
Rupp, Joseph H.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA21-Jul-1918AM
Russell, William H.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVAR20-Jul-1918AM
Ruth, Albion W.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVID19-Jul-1918AM
Rutherford, BenPVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Rutter, George J.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Sadoesky, WalterPVT18 INF, 1 DIVCT18-Jul-1918AM
Sadoski, VastelPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI22-Jul-1918AM
Salvatore, NotoPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMD20-Jul-1918AM
Sampair, James W.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVWI22-Jul-1918AM
Sandlow, Beny J.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Sands, C. B.1 LT27 AERO SQVA1-Aug-1918AM
Santee, RobertPVT16 INF, 1 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Sasek, JamesPVT23 INF, 2 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Savoie, Isaac C.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Scanlon, JamesPVT8 MG BN, 3 DIVNY4-Jun-1918AM
Scarlett, Clyde W.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVIA19-Jul-1918AM
Scattolini, N.a.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVCT19-Jul-1918AM
Schlageter, M. D.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVCO6-Jun-1918AM
Schlumpberger, A. H.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMN20-Jun-1918AM
Schmidt, WilliamPVT9 INF, 2 DIVIA18-Jul-1918AM
Schmitz, BernardPVT16 INF, 1 DIVWI20-Jul-1918AM
Schneider, F.PVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVMI21-Jul-1918AM
Schock, JacobPVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT19-Jul-1918AM
Scholz, A. J.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA1-Jul-1918AM
Schulte, Fred W.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL6-Jun-1918AM
Schultz, E. M.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVMT21-Jul-1918AM
Schultz, John E.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVMI31-Jul-1918AM
Schultz, W. W.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI21-Jul-1918AM
Schulz, Herbert B.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Score, CharlesPVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVWA13-Jun-1918AM
Scott, Frank S.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI21-Jul-1918AM
Sedlock, GeorgePVT18 INF, 1 DIVIL21-Jul-1918AM
Seeds, Harvey W.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVFL18-Jul-1918AM
Seekford, William A.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVVA23-Jul-1918AM
Seib, Herman C.SGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Seibert, William T.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVMD20-Jun-1918AM
Seitz, FredPVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY28-Jul-1918AM
Serrey, John E.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVCT18-Jul-1918AM
Sesto, HenryPVT18 INF, 1 DIVNE18-Jul-1918AM
Sexton, JohnPVT16 INF, 1 DIVVA22-Jul-1918AM
Shadle, Herbert I.SGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Shaker, WencilPVT16 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Shannon, John E.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVIN19-Jul-1918AM
Sharkey, D. F.PVT 1CL30 INF, 3 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Sharpe, EugenePVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTN3-Aug-1918AM
Sheehan, Daniel J.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Sheils, Arthur F.SGT23 INF, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Sherman, A. M.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Sherman, R. C.CORP104 INF, 26 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Shoemecker, Willis R.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH12-Jun-1918AM
Shore, Paul E.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVNC18-Jul-1918AM
Shreve, Carl C.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVNE26-Jul-1918AM
Shulskys, B.PVT6 ENGRS, 3 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Shumate, W. D.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVTN20-Jul-1918AM
Shuster, S.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Sidman, Elmer T.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVND18-Jul-1918AM
Silkwood, Q. I.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVMO18-Jul-1918AM
Silvy, Irvin E.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Simmons, Charles H.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVOH6-Aug-1918AM
Simons, JosephPVT110 INF, 28 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Simpson, Maynard R.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVVA25-Jul-1918AM
Sinon, T. P.PVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT20-Jul-1918AM
Six, Charles C.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVVA27-Jul-1918AM
Skaleski, C. J.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Aug-1918AM
Skeeter, JasperPVT39 INF, 4 DIVTX18-Jul-1918AM
Skidmore, R. O.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVWV15-Jul-1918AM
Skillicorn, C.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVIL8-Jun-1918AM
Skraba, B.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVND18-Jul-1918AM
Sky, John A., Jr.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Aug-1918AM
Slater, HerbertPVT4 INF, 3 DIVPA22-Jul-1918AM
Slaton, Frank W.1 LT2 MG BN, 1 DIVTX20-Jul-1918AM
Slavick, John J.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Sloan, Charles G.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL28-Jul-1918AM
Smallridge, E. B.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVWV21-Jul-1918AM
Smith, B. W.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA29-Jul-1918AM
Smith, CliftonPVT23 INF, 2 DIVMA6-Jun-1918AM
Smith, E. E.PVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVSD18-Jul-1918AM
Smith, Edmund T.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL19-Jul-1918AM
Smith, GeorgePVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Smith, Gilbert L.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVUT26-Jul-1918AM
Smith, JuniorBGLR28 INF, 1 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Smith, Ray X.SGT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWA23-Jun-1918AM
Smith, W. F.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA19-Jul-1918AM
Smith, William H.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVVT19-Jul-1918AM
Smith, WillieSGT18 INF, 1 DIVMN18-Jul-1918AM
Snair, B. W.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Snider, H. C.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWV23-Jun-1918AM
Snyder, H. U.CORP6 ENGRS, 3 DIVIN15-Jul-1918AM
Snyder, R. G.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ19-Jul-1918AM
Sober, Fred E.PVT 1CL58 INF, 4 DIVNE6-Aug-1918AM
Sozzi, F.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Speaks, B.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Speigel, CharlesPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Spierling, L. F.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVND20-Jul-1918AM
Spiker, Bernie W.CORP7 INF, 3 DIVNE15-Jul-1918AM
Spire, W. J., Jr.SGT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTN16-Jun-1918AM
Springer, FrankPVT1 ENGRS, 1 DIVIL20-Jul-1918AM
Spyrou, C.PVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVNY27-Jul-1918AM
Stafford, E. A.CORP126 INF, 32 DIVMI2-Aug-1918AM
Stafford, HerbertPVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA18-Jul-1918AM
Staley, Lloyd A.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL6-Jun-1918AM
Stanavage, E. J.PVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVMI23-Jul-1918AM
Star, JosephPVT3 MG BN, 1 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Starke, GradyCORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL30-Jul-1918AM
Starrett, David H.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVMI22-Jul-1918AM
Staton, RoyPVT16 INF, 1 DIVWV19-Jul-1918AM
Steinkamp, C. W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY20-Jun-1918AM
Steinmetz, L. A.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVOH21-Jul-1918AM
Steitz, WalterPVT109 INF, 28 DIVNJ15-Jul-1918AM
Stevens, C. L.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTN6-Jun-1918AM
Stevens, R. R.PVT126 INF, 32 DIVNY1-Aug-1918AM
Steward, J. D.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVWV21-Jul-1918AM
Stewart, T. V.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVIN20-Jul-1918AM
Stine, JosephPVT6 FA, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Stouffer, Harry M.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVND18-Jul-1918AM
Stover, Fred E.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVCA18-Jul-1918AM
Straseskie, Peter J.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Aug-1918AM
Sullivan, Arthur G.SGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVUT19-Jul-1918AM
Sullivan, Frank F.SGT9 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Sullivan, PatrickPVT9 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Sullvon, JohnPVT30 INF, 3 DIVDC15-Jul-1918AM
Sutter, Henry G.PVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVIL22-Jul-1918AM
Sweet, Ora A.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVCA21-Jul-1918AM
Swiaski, AlexPVT7 INF, 3 DIVPA15-Jun-1918AM
Sworgn, AndrewPVT26 INF, 1 DIVMI18-Jul-1918AM
Tabaczynski, R.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVMI19-Jul-1918AM
Tasulis, Samuel G.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVCA19-Jul-1918AM
Taylor, Bert G.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH7-Jun-1918AM
Taylor, D. M.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Taylor, GuyCORP39 INF, 4 DIVTX6-Aug-1918AM
Taylor, Jack B.PVT 1CL151 MG BN, 42 DIVID30-Jul-1918AM
Teitelman, NathanCORP26 INF, 1 DIVCT19-Jul-1918AM
Temple, John W.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVTX19-Jul-1918AM
Tennant, Clarence O.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVWV28-Jul-1918AM
Tharp, Edward O.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVKY15-Jul-1918AM
Thibodeau, W.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Thomas, Daniel W.PVT1 SANITARY TRAINS, 1 DIVTX21-Jul-1918AM
Thompson, CharlesCORP2 MG BN, 1 DIVIN19-Jul-1918AM
Thompson, Henry B.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVWI31-Jul-1918AM
Thompson, Sidney P.1 LT95 AERO SANY5-Jul-1918AM
Thorn, G. M.PVTMED DET 59 INF, 4 DIVWV20-Jul-1918AM
Thraum, Henry A.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVMO15-Jul-1918AM
Tiffany, Homer O.SGT16 INF, 1 DIVKY22-Jul-1918AM
Tighe, HarryPVT58 INF, 4 DIVMA18-Jul-1918AM
Tilghman, HayesPVT26 INF, 1 DIVAR18-Jul-1918AM
Tinsley, Melvin D.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVGA19-Jul-1918AM
Tomas, PeterPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Tompkins, Fred W.SGT38 INF, 3 DIVMI23-Jul-1918AM
Torgerson, James A.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWI12-Jun-1918AM
Town, Eskay D.PVT126 INF, 32 DIVMI2-Aug-1918AM
Trent, EligePVT16 INF, 1 DIVWV22-Jul-1918AM
Tritt, Walter J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Trumble, Charles E.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVCA19-Jul-1918AM
Truset, JoePVT16 INF, 1 DIVOH20-Jul-1918AM
Turner, Benjamin F.CORP5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTX23-Jun-1918AM
Tybulski, JohnPVT7 INF, 3 DIVNY15-Jul-1918AM
Ulrich, RudolphPVT18 INF, 1 DIVWA18-Jul-1918AM
Underwood, Henry A.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVMS20-Jul-1918AM
Urbanski, AdamPVT30 INF, 3 DIVNJ25-Jul-1918AM
Urry, ClaytonPVT168 INF, 42 DIVMI28-Jul-1918AM
VAN Veen, JohnPVT168 INF, 42 DIVIA29-Jul-1918AM
Valentine, JohnPVT18 INF, 1 DIVKY20-Jul-1918AM
Valley, EphremPVT9 INF, 2 DIVRI18-Jul-1918AM
Valli, PasqualinoPVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT24-Jul-1918AM
Vanek, MiklePVT9 INF, 2 DIVNJ18-Jul-1918AM
Veal, John A.CORP110 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Veith, Norman H.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVNY19-Jul-1918AM
Venuti, Clarence C.CORP58 INF, 4 DIVCA18-Jul-1918AM
Vetting, GilbertPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Vickery, Earl W.CORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL28-Jul-1918AM
Vlagules, ChristPVT26 INF, 1 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Vogt, John O.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH25-Jun-1918AM
Voleche, VitoPVT58 INF, 4 DIVNE6-Aug-1918AM
Volpe, AlexPVT4 MG BN, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Wabbersen, Charles F.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY6-Jun-1918AM
Wagner, Alton D.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVME20-Jul-1918AM
Wagner, Fred C.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVND19-Jul-1918AM
Wagner, W. R.PVT 1CL104 INF, 26 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Waldrop, George W.PVT3 MG BN, 1 DIVSC18-Jul-1918AM
Walentic, MarcusSGT16 INF, 1 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Walker, Gilbert M.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVMA15-Jul-1918AM
Walker, Ira W.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVTX19-Jul-1918AM
Walker, Lafe C.CK4 INF, 3 DIVMI1-Jul-1918AM
Wall, Lester R.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVNC21-Jul-1918AM
Wallace, FredCORP16 INF, 1 DIVTX19-Jul-1918AM
Wallinsford, Jim T.CORP16 INF, 1 DIVKY11-Jun-1918AM
Walsh, AnthonyPVT168 INF, 42 DIVNY29-Jul-1918AM
Walter, Ralph H.SGT110 INF, 28 DIVPA15-Jul-1918AM
Waltman, E. D.SGT 1CL2 ENGRS, 2 DIVCO19-Jul-1918AM
Ward, Emanuel L.PVT 1CL168 INF, 42 DIVFL28-Jul-1918AM
Wasielewski, MichaelPVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH1-Jul-1918AM
Waters, ClarencePVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Waters, Clarence L.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVNC21-Jul-1918AM
Watkins, James E.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVFL18-Jul-1918AM
Watson, William H.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVAR18-Jul-1918AM
Weaver, Calvin E.CORP9 INF, 2 DIVPA18-Jul-1918AM
Weaver, William E.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVNC19-Jul-1918AM
Weinstein, IsidorPVT4 INF, 3 DIVNY16-Jul-1918AM
Welch, Floyd K.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVTX21-Jul-1918AM
Welch, Martin L. JrPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMA13-Jun-1918AM
Weller, SidneyPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVWI25-Jun-1918AM
Wells, Frederick S.CORP38 INF, 3 DIVNJ1-Jul-1918AM
Werner, BernardPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI4-Jun-1918AM
Wertz, EarlPVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Jul-1918AM
Weschner, MorrisPVT4 INF, 3 DIVNY24-Jul-1918AM
West, Carroll S.SGT103 INF, 26 DIVME18-Jul-1918AM
Wheeler, Pleasant E.CORP3 REP BN USMCAL6-Jun-1918AM
White, JohnPVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVAR22-Jul-1918AM
White, TomCORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Whiteman, Leslie G.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVNH17-Jul-1918AM
Whitley, Joseph C.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVOK15-Jul-1918AM
Whittaker, William J.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVWA13-Jun-1918AM
Widgeon, R. E.PVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVVA15-Jul-1918AM
Wielgosz, JosephPVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVWI19-Jul-1918AM
Wilcoxson, Jesse C.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVAL6-Aug-1918AM
Wilden, Dee C.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVOK1-Aug-1918AM
Williams, C. F.PVT 1CL3 MG BN, 1 DIVOH18-Jul-1918AM
Williams, CarlPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNC6-Jun-1918AM
Williams, Jim M.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL26-Jul-1918AM
Williams, Rothsey E.SGT9 INF, 2 DIVTN18-Jul-1918AM
Willis, George T.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA6-Jun-1918AM
Willson, JamesPVT16 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Wilson, Curtis J.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVPA19-Jul-1918AM
Winch, RayCORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI5-Aug-1918AM
Winohradcky, FrankPVT16 INF, 1 DIVWI24-Jul-1918AM
Withrow, Otis L.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVWV22-Jul-1918AM
Wnovoski, JohnPVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA29-Jul-1918AM
Wojczynski, A.SGT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY12-Jun-1918AM
Wolfe, FrankPVT18 INF, 1 DIVWI20-Jul-1918AM
Wood, Edwin D.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVWA19-Jul-1918AM
Wood, Jeremiah R.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMS6-Jun-1918AM
Woodward, B. S.WAGR28 INF, 1 DIVMA21-Jul-1918AM
Woolridge, W.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVOK4-Aug-1918AM
Woolsey, AubreyPVT16 INF, 1 DIVMO20-Jul-1918AM
Wozniak, J.PVT 1CL16 INF, 1 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Wray, Laird A.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWA21-Jul-1918AM
Wright, Harry L.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY6-Jun-1918AM
Wylie, Arthur C.PVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVGA18-Jul-1918AM
Young, Dewey O.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTX6-Jun-1918AM
Young, Townsend2LT18 INF, 1 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Zaloudek, FrankPVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVIL18-Jul-1918AM
Zeh, Dennis F.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Zielinski, JohnPVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI18-Jul-1918AM
Zippon, AbrahamCORP28 INF, 1 DIVNY21-Jul-1918AM
Zirbes, Anthony W.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVND22-Jul-1918AM
Ziriske, JohnPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY18-Jul-1918AM
Zok, Joe E.PVT6 ENGRS, 3 DIVMT15-Jul-1918AM
Adams, James J.CAB STEWUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Agee, Robert L.FMUSCGC TAMPAMO26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Allen, Clarence W.PVT158 AERO SQMI5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Allston, Frank C.LTUSS WESTOVERSC11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Andersen, Henry P.GM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Andes, Wilmer C.SEA 2CLUSS NORTHERN PACIFICMO8-Aug-1918BKLost overboard
Anthony, Stanley T.ELEC 1CLUSS CHAUNCEYMA19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Antrim, Harry R.CK 2CLUSS BUENA VENTURANJ16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Ausburne, Chas L.ELEC 1CLSS ANTILLESLA17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Bannerman, Norman F.SEA 2CLUSS COLUMBIAIL19-Nov-1917BKDrowned
Barmore, Don W.SEASS MOTANONY31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Bartolomeo, AdolphCORP213 AERO SQNY5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Battle, JosephCK 3CLUSS LAKEMOORNC11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Bazzara, Peter V.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTNY6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Bell, Earle C.ACTG MAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Berry, Chester T.SEASS ACTAEONNY25-Nov-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Actaeon
Best, William H.WTRDRUSCGC SENECAMO17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Bevins, Algy K.WTRDRUSCGC TAMPAPA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Bevins, Arthur L.FMUSCGC TAMPAPA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Bielatowicz, John W.SEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMD6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Binnie, William1LTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTMT5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Bishop, Rader M.SEA 2CLUSS COVINGTONVA21-Jan-1918BKDrowned
Black, John B.GM 2CLHMS LEINSTERPA10-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Leinster
Blair, LeeWTRTDRUSS BARRYMO26-Feb-1918BKDrowned
Boles, Matthew M.PVTMD REPLACEMENT DRAFTPA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Bothwell, Roy A.2LTUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Bouzekis, JohnSEAUSCGC TAMPAGR26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Bowden, Joseph P.SEA 2CLUSS COVINGTONNJ1-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Covington
Boyce, William L.ACTGMACHUSCGC SENECANJ17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Bozeman, Leonard R.SEAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Bozeman, William R.ACTG MAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Brammall, John T., Jr.CHWTRTDRUSS JACOB JONESRI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Brannigan, JamesFM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESPA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Bray, Edward F.GM 3CLUSS SHAWMI9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Brewer, Edward E.GM 2CLUSS MANLEYOH19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Britton, JohnnieSEAUSCGC TAMPASC26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Brunkhardt, John W.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Bryan, George F.SEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Burk, Frank W.PM 2CLUSS LAKEMOORSD11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Burns, Roy W.EMUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Bush, William F.ELEC 3CLUSS LAKEMOORTN11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Busho, Alfonso J.SEAUSCGC TAMPAMI26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Busse, Gustav P.QM 1CLUSS BUENA VENTURANY16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Butler, John E.FM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Byrne, James S.SEAUSS ARTEMISNY21-Dec-1917BKDrowned
Caldwell, Ralph D.ENSUSS WESTOVERME11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Campbell, Arthur R.SEAUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Carey, Leo M.ELECSS TYLERIA2-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tyler
Carlin, Joseph F.COXSS MOTANOPA31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Carmichael, HermanBOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Carnick, Nick V.SEA 2CLNAVY BASE 17 SCOTMI24-Oct-1918BKLost at sea
Carollo, AlcidePVT107 SUPPLY TRAIN, 32 DIVWI5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Carr, John T.1LTUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Carrothers, George L.CH CARPUSS SHAWCA9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Castro, Louis V.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVCA23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Chappie, Frank W.SEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Chassey, WalterCOXUSS LAKEMOORRI11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Childs, Earl WfLTHMS H-5PA7-Mar-1918BKLost at sea while assigned to British forces
Claggett, Honore M. JrCH ELECUSS CHAUNCEYMD19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Clarke, William R.SEA 2CLSS FLORENCE HMD17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Cleary, James JfSEA 2CLUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Clements, William B.ACTG ELEUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Cohen, Jacob E.ELEC 3CLUSS LAKEMOORVA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Cohen, RubinPVT20 ENGRSNY5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Cole, JohnMA 3CLUSS WESTOVERDC11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Cole, Patrick M.SEA 2CLUSS SHAWOH9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Connaughton, Ed P.GM 3CLSS FLORENCE HNY17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Connell, Walter R.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Conway, George F.SEA 2CLUSS MAUIMA21-Apr-1918BKLost overboard
Cooke, Stanley S.ACTG COXUSCGC TAMPACO26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Cooney, John J.CHF WTRDUSS JACOB JONESNY6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Cordova, Richard E.SEAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Corner, Thomas L.FM 2CLUSS AYLWINIL22-Jan-1918BKLost overboard
Corum, Marshall U.SEA 2CLSS ROCHESTERKY3-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Rochester
Costigan, Maurice J.SEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Cox, Mearl R.SEA 2CLSS ROCHESTERMO3-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Rochester
Creamer, Frank W.SEAUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Cross, James FmGM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESMD6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Crowley, JamesSEA 2CLSS ROCHESTERNY3-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Rochester
Crowley, John M.PVT100 AERO SQCA5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Cummings, JamesSEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMO6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Curtis, HowardSEA 2CLSS FLORENCE HVA17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Cygan, JosephMA 1CLUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Dalton, Carl L.PM 2CLUSCGC TAMPANC26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Daly, Edward M.CK 4CLUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Daniel, James R.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDOSC5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Daniel, Louis H.GM 2CLUSS TRIPPEOH17-Dec-1917BKLost overboard
Daniels, Benjamin N.MA 1CLUSCGC TAMPAMD26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Darnell, William L.COXUSS LAKEMOORVA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Darnou, Jules G.GNRUSCGC TAMPAIL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Deal, BryanFM 2CLUSS WESTOVERIN11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Dean, John L.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Deasey, Arthur J.ACTG QMUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Dechrit, CharlesSEAUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Deering, William F.FMUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Delauncey, MontagueQM 3CLUSS BUENA VENTURAMS16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Devereux, John M.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Dodd, Charles P.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Dolezal, GeorgeWTRDRUSS JACOB JONESOH6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Donald, AlexanderSEA 2CLUSS VACUUMNY28-Apr-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Vacuum
Donovan, Bernard J.SEA 2CLSS ROCHESTERNJ3-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Rochester
Donovan, William A.BOILEMAKUSS JACOB JONESRI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Dorgan, Edgar F.SEAUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Douglas, Ross V.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTPA30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Downey, Stephen J.SEA 2CLSS ACTAEONNY24-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Actaeon
Doyle, Gilbert J.SEAUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Dreyer, Richard F.PVT100 AERO SQNY5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Dugan, Patrick F.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTNY30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Duggar, Robert H.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTFL6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Duncan, DeamPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Duncan, James C.SGTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Eames, Melvin C.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Earp, James M.2 LTUSCGC TAMPAMD26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Ebisch, Carl G.QM 3CLUSS JACOB JONESPA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Eckel, ConradPVT58 INF, 4 DIVWI23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Edds, William W.FM 2CLUSS MANLEYTX19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Edwards, Allen T.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDONC5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Egbert, Arthur S.SEA 2CLUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Egert, ErnestPVT18 INF, 1 DIVIL17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Ehrhart, AntonPVT18 INF, 1 DIVNY17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Elam, RusselCKUSCGC SENECAMD17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Eldridge, Chester O.SEAUSS MONTANAFL16-Aug-1918BKDrowned
Ellis, Harry A.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTMS30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Emerson, Albert C.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Eopolucci, John I.BM 1CLSS AZTECDC1-Apr-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Aztec-First US enlisted casualty of the war
Estes, James B.CK 2CLUSS WESTOVERGA11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Etzold, Ernest W. JrFM 2CLUSS BUENA VENTURANY16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Evans, Herrick L.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Farley, Joseph M.FM 2CLUSS WAKIVAIL22-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wakiva
Faust, ClarenceSEAUSCGC TAMPAIL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Favreau, Henry P.MM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESNJ6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Felton, William L.SEAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Ferguson, William B.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORVA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Finch, Norman W.SEAUSCGC TAMPACT26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Fingerling, Frank W.FM 2CLUSS ALCEDONJ5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Fischer, Charles J.COXUSS VACUUMPA28-Apr-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Vacuum
Fish, Dale M.PVT20 ENGRSMN5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Fitzgerald, James S.GM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESME6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Flaherty, John J.MM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESME6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Flanagan, Thomas H.SEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESRI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Fleming, Allen, Jr.SEAUSS MANLEYGA19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Fonceca, PeterBOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Ford, AmbroseFM 2CLUSS COVINGTONMA1-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Covington
Freeman, Robert J.FM 3CLUSS PRES LINCOLNPA31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
French, CharlesFM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESNY6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Frost, James A.2 LTUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Galvin, Charles E.ACTG MAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Garrett, Frank C.WTRTDRUSCGC TAMPAKY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Gaus, Charles F.SEAUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Gehring, GreggPVT213 AERO SQOH5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Geyer, William O.PVT100 AERO SQVA5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Gifford, William T.FM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMS6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Gilfillan, Harley J.ENGR 2CLUSSC NO 219IL9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea
Glazebrook, Charles E.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTMA30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Goldman, PhilipQM 2CLNAS DUNKIRKNY7-Jul-1918BKLost at sea
Goodrich, Charles A.CH MMUSS CHAUNCEYIL19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea
Goodwyn, Millard P.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Gozzett, Edward R.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Graci, GuiseppiPVT58 INF, 4 DIVOH23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Greenwald, Charles E.CKUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Gregory, SchuylerCOPAMUSS JACOB JONESTN6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Grider, Roy U.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORAL11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Griffin, Edward L.FM 3CLUSS WESTOVERCA11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Griffiths, George H.ACTEL2CLUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Griner, Harlan P.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Grinnell, CliftonSEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Gunderson, Charles G.SEA 2CLSS FLORENCE HNY17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Guttridge, Algen H.CH MMUSS CHAUNCEYKS19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Hackler, Charles F.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVCA23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Haight, Lloyd B.BAKER2CLUSS PRES LINCOLNUT31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Hallock, Ray C.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTNY30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Halstead, Robert H.ENSUSS WESTOVERMI11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Haman, Henry G.SEAUSS CHAUNCEYNY19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Hampel, William H.MM 2CLUSS CHAUNCEYMI19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Hancock, Lester A.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Hann, Alvin F.BM 2CLUSS LAKEMOORMD11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Hansen, HansQMUSCGC TAMPASW26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Hanson, Lloyd C.MM 1CLUSS SHAWOR9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Harper, ArthurPVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Harrington, Virgil E.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDOOK5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Harris, Arthur T.ACTG COXUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Harrison, ErnestMA 1CLUSS ALCEDOAL5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Harrison, HarveyFM 2CLUSS WESTOVERIN11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Harrison, Otto G.FMUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Harter, ClydePVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Hartman, Lester O.FM 1CLUSS MANLEYNE19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Hastings, William P.FMUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Haughland, HaroldSEAUSCGC TAMPANO26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Hayes, William P.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Head, Newton R.SEASS FINLANDGA28-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Finland
Healy, John F.A/SIG QMUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Heard, Claude H.MM 2CLUSS SHAWTX9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Hedglin, Floyd H.APP SEAUSS PRES LINCOLNNE31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Heerman, Arthur F.SEA 2CLUSS MONTAUKNY12-Feb-1918BKLost overboard
Henowitz, BenjaminPVT111 FA, 29 DIVNJ9-Sep-1918BKLost overboard
Herdman, Albert V N.COXUSS MANLEYNY19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Heroux, Joseph A.FM 3CLUSS CHAUNCEYCA19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Hickey, WilliamBOSNUSCGC TAMPAST26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Higgins, Frank W.YEO 2CLUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Highet, Leland MckSEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESIN6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Hiller, Charles B.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORPA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Hilton, PorterSEA 2CLSS FINLANDGA28-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Finland
Himelwright, Howard A.STRPR 2CUSS PRES LINCOLNPA31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Hobbs, Milton E.SEAUSS LAKEMOOROK11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Hodges, ThadiousPVT58 INF, 4 DIVUT23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Hoffman, DavidENSUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Hoffman, George B.SEAUSS PRES LINCOLNPA31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Hogan, Joseph L.QM 2CLNAS W ISNY10-Oct-1918BKLost at sea
Holder, Fred L.FM 2CLUSS VON STEUBENIN16-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Von Steuben
Holland, WilliamBOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPANJ26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Holler, William R.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Hollows, F. W.CH MMUSS WESTOVERDC11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Holstein, HubertELEC 3CLUSCGC TAMPAPA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Hooten, Ralph E.SEASS LAKE EDONFL21-Aug-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Lake Edon
Horwig, SidneySEA 2CLSS MOTANONY31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Howerton, John B.FM 3CLUSS LAKEMOORVA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Hoyt, Willard B.CARP 3CLUSS WAKIVAMA22-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wakiva
Hufft, John L.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTLA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Hughes, Fred R P.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORMD11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Husband, Harold A.QM 1CLUSSC NO 325MI12-Aug-1918BKLost at sea
Hutton, Maurice J.CKUSCGC TAMPADC26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Ingram, Osmond K.GM 1CLUSS CASSINAL15-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Cassin
Irsh, Harold B.COALHUSCGC TAMPACT26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Ishum, Elmer C.FM 2CLUSS MANLEYIN19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Iverson, ChesterFM 3CLUSS LAKEMOORWA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Jaskolski, Francis J.FM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMD6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Jefferson, Arthur T.CK 2CLUSS PRES LINCOLNFL31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Jenkins, John A.APP SEAUSS PRES LINCOLNMO31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Jennings, JamesPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Jobes, Ernest E.SEA 2CLSS FLORENCE HPA17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Johanson, Hans I.MA 1CLUSCGC TAMPASW26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Johnson, Carl I.SEAUSCGC TAMPANE26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Johnson, ClimPVT58 INF, 4 DIVTX23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Johnson, Jesse A.SGTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Johnston, Eugene A.CHF YECUSS LAKEMOORVA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Johnston, James E.ENSUSS PRES LINCOLNPA31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Kalk, Stanton F.LT JGUSS JACOB JONESDC6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Kalning, HeinrichENSUSS BUENA VENTURANY16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Kaplin, IsadorPVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTNY6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Kearney, Wm HirstOILERUSS JACOB JONESRI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Kehr, John E.FM 2CLUSS LAKEMOORPA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Kelleher, Edward W.OILER 1CUSCGC TAMPANE26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Kingrey, Otto A A.ENGR 2CLUSS LAKEMOORWA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Kirk, ThomasLTUSS LAKEMOORNJ11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Kirpatrick, James E.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORSC11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Klapka, EdwardSEA 2CLSS FLORENCE HIL17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Kleber, Otto1 SGT18 INF, 1 DIVOH17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Klingelhofer, C. H.CARPUSCGC TAMPAMD26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Kneip, Isidore M.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVMN23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Knudsen, WilhelmACTG MAUSCGC TAMPADK26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Kobus, JohnPVT58 INF, 4 DIVWI23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Koch, Otto H.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Kopp, Ira F.CH GMUSS CHAUNCEYCA19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Kosinski, John C.COXUSCGC TAMOAMD26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Kriebel, Claude B.ENSUSS LAKEMOORPA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Kropp, Louis P.SEAUSS BUENA VENTURAWI16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Kuhnert, Victor J.CHCOMSTEUSS PRES LINCOLNPA31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Kurdt, Martin C.CH MMUSS MANLEYNY19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Kvidahl, George O.SEA 2CLUSS GEO WASHINGTONNJ17-Dec-1917BKLost overboard
Lacombe, Henery J.FM 2CLUSS JACOB JONESNY6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Lane, Bert H.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Larsen, Ludvig A.MA 1CLUSCGC TAMPANO26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Larson, John S.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVIL23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Laskon, William F.FM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESNJ6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Latham, MattPVT20 ENGRSVA5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Laurence, AndrewSM 2CLSS MOTANOPA31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Lawrence, Clement M.ACTG QMUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Layman, Shelly W.SEAUSCGC TAMPAKY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Leach, RufusSMUSS SHAWPA9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Lechel, EdwardPVT6 FA, 1 DIVIL17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Lee, Benjamin 2dENSNAS KILLINGHOLMEPA28-Oct-1918BKLost at sea
Leedy, ArchieMM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESOH6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Leese, Royal A.GM 1CLUSS L-10PA24-Jan-1918BKLost at sea
Legree, Eston D.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Lennon, Wm ErnestSMSS FLORENCE HMA17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Leonard, Roscoe C.COXUSS LAKEMOORMD11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Lewandowski, FrankPVT58 INF, 4 DIVIL23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Lieb, JosephSEAUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Lied, JacobCK 2CLUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Linkhart, Milo G.CH T CAPUSS ARKANSASOH20-Sep-1918BKLost overboard
Livermore, FredPVT58 INF, 4 DIVCA23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Lizikos, SotiriosENSUSS LAKEMOORNY11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Lobmeyer, Henry F.MM 2CLUSS MANLEYCT19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Lock, Jorgen P.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVMI17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Locke, George W.SM 2CLSS FLORENCE HCT17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Lombardo, AndrewPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Long, Bryan B.ELEC 3CLSS FLORENCE HWV17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Long, Milan L.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Long, William E. JPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Lovell, William W.ENSUSS WM ROCKEFELLERNY18-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS WM Rockefeller
Luckan, Chas FrancisSMUSS VACUUMMD28-Apr-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Vacuum
Lundell, Anton W.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVIL23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Lybarger, Charlis C.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Lynn, Eddie L.SEA 2CLUSS NEW HAMPSHIREOH17-Aug-1917BKLost overboard
Mac Lean, Angus N.FMUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Mac Vittie, Carl D.QM 3CLUSS VON STEUBENNY6-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Von Steuben
Magenheimer, FrederickFM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESNY6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Mahathey, JamesWTRTDRUSS BUENA VENTURATN16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Malewitz, Joseph W.FM 2CLUSS MANLEYMI19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Mallon, James H.YEO 3CLUSS LOUISVILLENY1-Aug-1918BKDrowned
Mansfield, FrederickFMUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Mansfield, PercyBOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Mars, JessePVT58 INF, 4 DIVIL23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Martin, Ray HowardPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Marvelle, Paul LebGM 2CLUSCGC SENECAMA16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Matteson, William F.SEA 2CLUSS HULLRI14-Dec-1917BKLost overboard
Mattson, Edward J.SEA 2CLUSS NORTH DAKOTMN15-Jan-1918BKDrowned
Mawdsley, William C.LTUSS BUENA VENTURAGB16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
McAllister, Clarence H.CK 3CLUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
McAtee, Eugene O.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTKY6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
McCarthy, James G.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVWI23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
McCowan, Thomas A.PVTCORPS OF ENGRSPA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
McCranie, Benjamin F.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
McCray, RobertCK 2CLUSS ALCEDOSC5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
McDonald, LouisPVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
McGinty, John WmWTRTDRUSS JACOB JONESRI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
McGourty, James A.MA 1CLUSS LAKEMOORMA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
McGourty, John F.2 LTUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
McGowan, Michael F.BLSMTH1CUSS MANLEYNY19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
McIntyre, Thomas A.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORPA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
McKeown, Bernard J.FM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESPA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
McKinney, FrankPVT58 INF, 4 DIVIL23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
McKinney, Joseph C.SEA 2CLSS ANTILLESNJ17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
McLaughlin, Cornelius J.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVMA17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
McNeil, John E.SEA 2CLSS LEWIS LUCKENBACHMA11-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Lewis Luckenbach
McVeigh, Joseph F.SEA 2CLSS FLORENCE HNJ17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Meachen, Robert W.ENGR 2CLUSS LAKEMOORMI11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Mead, Theodore E.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Mehalatos, GerassemosOILER 1CUSCGC TAMPAGR26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Melvin, John T.LT JGUSS ALCEDOAL5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Mendenhall, Wayne D.PVT 1CLCAC, 36 DIVOK6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Mendes, Jose A.FM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESRI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Meriwether, Gillam S.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Merkel, George C.CHF MMUSS JACOB JONESPA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Merz, Walter E.SEASS FLORENCE HNY17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Michalec, JohnSEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Mihalik, Henry C.SEASS TYLERLA2-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tyler
Mikle, RudolphPVT58 INF, 4 DIVWI23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Miller, John F.COXUSCGC TAMPAGB26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Millio, ChristCK 1CLUSS SHAWCT9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Milone, JessePVT58 INF, 4 DIVIL23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Mocker, Lambert H.PVT20 ENGRSTN5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Montgomery, John WmQM 2CLUSS SHAWMA9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Montiel, AlfonsoMA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESPI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Moore, Charles RichWTRTDRUSS WM ROCKEFELLERPA18-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS WM Rockefeller
Morgan, Denver E.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Morgan, Eugene JohnYEO 2CLUSS JACOB JONESIL6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Morgenstern, Chas O.COXUSS NEW YORKND16-Feb-1918BKLost overboard
Morrissette, WalterCK 1CLUSS JACOB JONESIA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Moss, John HowardSEA 2CLUSS MACDONOUGHNY18-Jun-1918BKDrowned
Mowat, AndrewLTUSS PRES LINCOLNRI31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Muir, Joseph H A.SEASS KANSAS CITYMD5-Sep-1917BKDrowned
Murphy, Joseph P.FM 3CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Murphy, Leo BoydSEA 2CLUSS GEO WASHINGTONNE17-Dec-1917BKLost overboard
Murphy, Simon T.FM 3CLUSS JACOB JONESIL6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Myers, Ernest C.BM 1CLSS FLORENCE HOH17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Myers, HaroldBOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Nee, Martin J.CH MMUSS JACOB JONESVA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Nelson, BenACTGWTRTUSCGC TAMPAWI26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Nelson, C. A.MM 1CLNAS LAKE BOLMN20-Mar-1918BKLost at sea
Nelson, Cleon A.ENGR 2CLUSS LAKEMOORIA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Nelson, Lee W.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVTX17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Neuert, Karl H.ELEC 1CLUSS PRES LINCOLNIN31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Nevins, James J.BOY 1CLUSCGC SENECACT17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Newbury, Carl S.ACTG COXUSCGC SENECACT17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Newell, William F.ELEC 3CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Nichols, ShepleyQM 1CLUSCGC 325MA21-Aug-1918BKLost at sea
Nix, Jacob D.WRITERUSCGC TAMPASC26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Nobles, Wesley J.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Norsell, Carl G.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVPA17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Norwood, RobertBOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Nowacki, Jacob J.COM STEWUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
O'Connor, Charles A.CH YEOUSS CHAUNCEYMA19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
O'Dell, FrankPVT58 INF, 4 DIVAR23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
O'Donnell, John J.SEA 2CLUSS MANLEYMA19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
O'Horo, Michael F.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
O'Neill, Henry J.PVTMD REPLACEMENT DRAFTNY6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Offutt, Lewis W.LT JGUSS LAKEMOORCA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Oldham, Charles F.SEAUSS LAKEMOORNV11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Ovesen, Martin M.FMUSCGC SENECADK17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Page, Philips WardENSNAS FELIXSTOWEMA17-Dec-1917BKLost at sea
Pagtakhan, FranciscoMA 3CLUSS CHAUNCEYPI19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Parkin, Charles W.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPARI26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Parrott, George F. JrLT CMDRUSS SHAWNC9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Patillo, James R.PVT20 ENGRSOK5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Perkins, William, Jr.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Perry, George C.PVTCAS DETOK5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Perry, Thomas W.SEA 2CLRMS ARCAGA2-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Arca
Peterson, Arthur J.CH QMUSS JACOB JONESIL6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Phillips, AdolphWTRTDRUSS JACOB JONESNJ6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Phillips, Charles LaRueSEA 2CLSS WAR KNIGHTPA#VALUE!BKLost overboard
Phillips, Edwin D.ENGR 2CLUSS BUENA VENTURAPA16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Picciano, Michael A.BOILEMAKUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Picking, Welty M.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTPA30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Plaine, Joseph W.SEASS MERTON HALLOH11-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Merton Hall
Plant, Howard W.ELEC 3CLUSS JACOB JONESVT6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Pohl, JuliusFM 2CLUSS PENOBSCOTNY5-Oct-1918BKDrowned
Poppell, Felix G.SEAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Portner, Charles A.SEAUSS BENHAMMD22-Jul-1918BKDrowned
Pote, George W.OILERUSS JACOB JONESPA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Potter, StephenENSNAS FELIXSTOWEMI25-Apr-1918BKLost at sea
Potts, HarrySEAUSS SHAWKY9-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Shaw
Poulsen, AndersASST M AUSCGC TAMPADK26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Powell, Burr W.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Prime, WilliamSEAMANUSCGC SENECANY17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea
Quigley, Frank H.CARP 2CUSCGC TAMPACT26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Ragan, RoycalvinSEA 2CLUSS VON STEUBENMO6-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Von Steuben
Ratcliffe, Cleland K.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORVA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Reaser, LeePVT56 INF, 4 DIVWV23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Reavely, EdwardENSUSCGC TAMPAIL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Recker, Joseph H.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Reed, Charles E.ENSNAS CASTLETOMA13-Aug-1918BKLost at sea
Reno, Walter E.LT CMDRUSS CHAUNCEYMO19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Renshaw, Herbert H.SEAUSS THORNTONMD22-May-1917Lost at sea aboard USS Ozark
Reynolds, William H.SEAUSCGC TAMPAGA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Rhinehart, JohnCH WTRTDUSS CHAUNCEYRI19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Richards, John I.SEAUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Riker, Richard W.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Ritter, Franklyn W.SEASS BAYKERRANSC23-Jan-1918BKDrowned
Roberts, PerryCKUSCGC TAMPAMD26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Roberts, WillPVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Robertson, Robert G.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAAL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Robinson, Charles WmMA 3CLUSS BUENA VENTURANJ16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Rogers, Coit S.STKPR 3CUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Rogers, George F H.FM 3CLUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Roller, William F.SEA 2CLUSS PENOBSCOTCT12-Jan-1918BKLost overboard
Ross, Albert A.SEAUSS MANLEYMA19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Ross, JimmieBOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Rowland, Hoyt H.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Rozanski, MartinSEAUSS MANLEYOH19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Ryan, Joseph F.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORPA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Saldarini, Alexander L.QMUSCGC TAMPANJ26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Sampson, Jesse C.SEASS TYLEROK2-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tyler
Sanford, Charlie H.CK 3CLUSS JACOB JONESKY6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Sarkin, MichaelSEAUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Satterlee, CharlesCAPTUSCGC TAMPACT26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Sautter, Walter G.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVNY23-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard RMS Moldavia
Scally, Archibald H.CAPTUSCGC TAMPAMD26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Schell, Charles H.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Schwegler, Paul B.SEAUSCGC TAMPAMO26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Scott, Francis R.FMUSCGC TAMPAMI26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Scott, James F.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Seeger, Robert J D.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Seibold, PirlPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Sellars, Coley L.CORPCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTFL6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Serey, Wilfred J.WTRTDRUSS WESTOVERKY11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Shanahan, Edward F.ACTG BUSCGC TAMPANJ26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Shaw, LamornFM 1CLUSS MANLEYPA19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Shea, George T.SEASS FLORENCE HCO17-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Florence H
Sheppard, Orlando W.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Silvernail, Lloyd H.SEA 2CLUSS COVINGTONNY1-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Covington
Simmons, Charles R.MM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESTX6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Simpson, WallaceCAB STEWUSS JACOB JONESCO6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Siren, Harold F.SEA 2CLUSS KANAWHALA20-Oct-1918BKDrowned
Skinner, Harry G., Jr.ENSUSS CHAUNCEYMD19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Slicklen, Irving A.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Slonaker, Charles J.SEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORPA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Slupe, William R J.SEAUSS WILHELMINAOH6-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wilhelmina
Smith, Edwin A.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Smith, Ellis M.PVT20 ENGRSAR5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Smith, Harry E.PVT100 AERO SQMD5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Smith, JohnCOXUSCGC TAMPARU26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Smith, William G.PVTCAS DETOK5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Smock, William W.SEA 2CLUSS ALCEDOIA5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Snyder, Thomas R.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Sohn, William H.CH MMUSS JACOB JONESOH6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Sokel, James A.SEA 2CLSS MOTANOIL31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Spencer, William B.CORP107 SUPPLY TRAIN, 32 DIVWI5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Squibb, James L.SEA 2CLSS CHINCHAMO14-Aug-1917BKDrowned
Stafford, MauricePVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTWI6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Stamp, Clair R.ENGR 1CLUSS DRAYTONNY16-Sep-1918BKLost overboard
Stark, Richard J.QM 1CLUSS JACOB JONESRI6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Stein, Philip H. JrSEA 2CLUSS LAKEMOORPA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Steiner, SimonCH QMUSS JACOB JONESMA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Stellenwerf, MertonSEAUSCGC SENECANY17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Stewart, William T.PVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTCN6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Stiefvater, Bernard F.FM 2CLUSS WM ROCKEFELLERWA18-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS WM Rockefeller
Stribling, John W.MM 2CLUSS CHAUNCEYTX19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Sturtevant, A. D.ENSNAS FELIXSTOWEDC15-Feb-1918BKLost at sea
Sullivan, Matthew D.MM 2CLUSSC NO 351NY16-Apr-1918BKLost at sea
Sumner, Homer B.SEAUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Sumner, WamboldtACTG W.USCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Sundquist, Gustaf A.CH S MECLAFAYETTE RADIO STAOH25-Aug-1918BKDrowned
Suratt, Wm UriahSEA 2CLUSS ALCEDOWV5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Swafford, Jesse T.SEAUSS VON STEUBENAR6-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Von Steuben
Sweeting, Alfred A.MA 3CLUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Taggart, HarryFM 3CLUSS LAKEMOORTX11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Talley, John E.FMUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Tate, Lawrence M.FM 3CLUSS LAKEMOORFL11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Tatulinski, Charles J.SEANAS DUNKIRKOH7-Jul-1918BKLost at sea
Taylor, Frank J.ELEC 1CLUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Terkildsen, Oswald J.YEO 2CLUSS CHAUNCEYNY19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Teter, Hadley H.LTUSCGC TAMPAOH26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Thibert, Adolph JamesFM 3CLUSS LAKEMOORMN11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Thomas, Clarence C.LTUSS VACUUMCA28-Apr-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Vacuum
Thomas, Louis A.SEAUSCGC TAMPASC26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Thompson, Charles H.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Thompson, L. J.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Thorn, George HenryFM 3CLUSS LAKEMOORMD11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Tingard, Raymond H.WATER TNUSCGC SENECACT17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Todd, LummiePVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Tonneson, HaroldCOXUSCGC TAMPANO26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Torjusen, Cornelious OSEA 2CLSS MOTANOMS31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Towle, Emmons JohnSEA 2CLUSS ALCEDOIL5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Trudeau, LoomisFM 3CLUSS LAKEMOORNY11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Truesdale, GlennPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Tufts, John T.BLKSMITHUSS JACOB JONESPA6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Vallon, Julius M.FMUSCGC TAMPANY26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Valpey, Henry B.GM 1CLUSS WARRINGTONMA21-Jul-1918BKDrowned
Vandiver, JoelPVTCAC REPLACEMENT DRAFTGA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Vaughan, Louis F.ACTG YECUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Vermeulen, DavidBM 2CLUSS BUENA VENTURANJ16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Vogel, Albert H.SEA 2CLSS MOTANOMD31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Waechter, JacobPVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Wagner, Nicholas H JCH CARPUSS CHAUNCEYMD19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Wagstaff, Roscoe E.SEA 2CLSS PLATURIAVA15-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Platuria
Walker, Charles C.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Walker, RobertSTEWUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Walpole, NormanACTG QMUSCGC TAMPANJ26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Walton, Robert L.CK 4CLUSS LAKEMOORGA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Ward, GeorgeFM 2CLUSS LAKEMOORND11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Watson, Herbert F.ELEC 3CLSS ANTILLESMA17-Oct-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Antilles
Watson, Ralph C.ENGR 2CLUSS MANLEYMA19-Mar-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Manley
Wayne, Charles L.PVT20 ENGRSCA5-Feb-1918BKLost at sea aboard SS Tuscania
Weaver, Luther O.SEAUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Webb, Paul O.BOY 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Wedderburn, Chas F.LT JGUSS CHAUNCEYMD19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Wedgwood, Alfred H.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Weech, WilliamSTEW 1CLUSCGC TAMPAFL26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Weir, John JosephCARP 3CLUSS SONOMAMA14-Dec-1917BKLost overboard
Welch, Harry C.FM 1CLUSS LITTLEIA8-Nov-1918BKDrowned
Wenzel, Geo E.SEA 2CLUSS DES MOINESCA6-Oct-1918BKLost at sea aboard HMS Otranto
Wesche, RichardSEA 2CLUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
West, Thomas D.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Wetzel, Leon J.SEA 2CLUSS JACOB JONESMN6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Wheeler, Geo F., Jr.SEA 2CLSS ROCHESTERCT3-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Rochester
Whelan, WilliamSEA 2CLSS MOTANONY31-Jul-1917BKLost at sea aboard SS Motano
Whitaker, Horace E.GM 3CLUSS AL 3MO6-Jun-1918BKLost at sea
Whiteside, Lindsay C.LT CMDRUSS PRES LINCOLNPA31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Whitman, Keefer J.ENGR 2CLUSS BUENA VENTURAWV16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Wiley, Justin P.ACT WHEEUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Wilkes, Francis L.SEAUSCGC TAMPAMA26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Wilkie, James C.CKUSCGC TAMPASC26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Williams, ArthurCKUSS BUENA VENTURAPA16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Williams, Bruce B.YEO 3CLUSS MONTANATX7-Dec-1917BKDrowned
Williams, Harold H.CK 3CLUSS PRES LINCOLNNY31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Williams, Ralph B.COXUSS JACOB JONESMD6-Dec-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Jacob Jones
Williams, William J.FMUSCGC TAMPAMI26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Wilson, Austin C.SEAUSS WESTOVERIN11-Jul-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Westover
Wilson, Fred Wm, Jr.YEO 2CLUSS PRES LINCOLNTX31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Wilson, FrederickBM 2CLUSS LAKEMOORMD11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Wilson, ThomasCK 3CLUSS LAKEMOORVA11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Winne, John, Jr.SEAUSS ALCEDONY5-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Alcedo
Winters, William F.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Winters, William O.WATER TNUSS BUENA VENTURAPA16-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Buena Ventura
Wold, WalterFM 1CLUSS NEWPORT NEWSSD13-Oct-1918BKDrowned
Womble, Eugene J.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Wornell, GeorgeBOILEMAKUSS CHAUNCEYCA19-Nov-1917BKLost at sea aboard USS Chauncy
Wuest, Robert H.CH MMUSS LAKEMOOROH11-Apr-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Lakemoor
Wyman, Fred W.WTRTDRUSCGC TAMPANH26-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USCG Tampa
Yaeger, GeorgePVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTOH30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Zanetti, BirtieCOXUSS PRES LINCOLNNJ31-May-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS President Lincoln
Zeigler, Robert C.PVTFA REPLACEMENT DRAFTSC30-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Ticonderoga
Zuleger, AugustACTG AUSCGC SENECAWI17-Sep-1918BKLost at sea aboard USS Wellington
Bavis, Carey D.CORP148 INF, 37 DIVOH10-Nov-1918FF
Beattie, Joseph W.SGT106 INF, 27 DIVNY1-Sep-1918FF
Benoit, Maurice H.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY30-Aug-1918FF
Bonawitz, EdwardPVT145 INF, 37 DIVPA4-Nov-1918FF
Cheston, Galloway G.1LTATCHD BRIT ARMYMD29-Jul-1918FF
Combs, Edgar H.PVT 1CL120 INF, 30 DIVNC31-Aug-1918FF
Cornelius, BennettPVT120 INF, 30 DIVNC31-Aug-1918FF
Craven, William S.CKAMB SERVCT25-Apr-1918FF
Creech, Wesley J.PVT120 INF, 30 DIVNC31-Aug-1918FF
Cundy, Harry M.PVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY1-Sep-1918FF
Daley, HughPVT 1CL107 INF, 27 DIVNY20-Aug-1918FF
Doyle, Leroy A.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
Elrose, Ralph J., Jr.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY28-Aug-1918FF
Giroux, Ernest A.1LT103 AERO SQMA22-May-1918FF
Grider, John McGavock1LTATCHD BRIT AIR SERVAR18-Jun-1918FFLost with No. 85 Sqdn. RAF - Almost certtainly buried as Unknown.
Hajek, JosephPVT148 INF, 37 DIVIL1-Nov-1918FF
Hart, Daniel A.PVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY1-Sep-1918FF
Hochfelder, SamuelPVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY28-Aug-1918FF
Holtzman, SolPVT 1CL148 INF, 37 DIVNY4-Nov-1918FF
Jett, Richard L.CAPTATCHD BRIT ARMYKY13-Apr-1918FFLost with British 36th 'Ulster' Division - Possibly buried as Unknown.
Kohler, LouisPVT148 INF, 37 DIVNJ4-Nov-1918FF
Laing, Harvey E.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVMI3-Sep-1918FF
Larson, John L.PVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
Lehmann, PeterPVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
Magnuson, Albert G.PVT148 INF, 37 DIVMN2-Nov-1918FF
Mandak, MatiasCK106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
McGeehin, Richard J.CORP106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
McLaughlin, Joseph F.PVT105 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
McMahon, ClarencePVT145 INF, 37 DIVOH2-Nov-1918FF
McMahon, William J.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY31-Aug-1918FF
McVerry, WilliamPVT148 INF, 37 DIVDE4-Nov-1918FF
Michael, John J.PVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
Morgan, Harold S.1LTATCHD BRIT ARMYNY12-Apr-1918FFLost with British 36th 'Ulster' Division - Possibly buried as Unknown.
Ott, Ferdinand W.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
Petersen, Clarence W.PVT148 INF, 37 DIVMN4-Nov-1918FF
Posnansky, MorrisPVT 1 CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
Schultz, Albert E W.PVT148 INF, 37 DIVWI1-Nov-1918FF
Seery, William F.PVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY28-Aug-1918FF
Silcox, Jessie L.PVT363 INF, 91 DIVVA2-Nov-1918FF
Sims, RobertPVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY2-Sep-1918FF
Spidle, Murray K.1LT17 AERO SQOH3-Aug-1918FF
Whaley, Austin R.PVT 1CL119 INF, 30 DIVTN31-Aug-1918FF
Wiss, Frank J.CORP106 INF, 27 DIVNY1-Sep-1918FF
Abbate, PasqualePVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY29-Sep-1918MA
Able, Jacob H.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVWV5-Oct-1918MA
Achor, Clifford L.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH8-Oct-1918MA
Acker, Francis F.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI4-Oct-1918MA
Adams, EarnestPVT140 INF, 35 DIVMO28-Sep-1918MA
Adams, Sanford N.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Adkins, EarleCORP28 INF, 1 DIVTX4-Oct-1918MA
Ainsworth, JamesPVT 1CL7 INF, 3 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
Alboszta, JohnPVT 1CL61 INF, 5 DIVPA14-Oct-1918MA
Alexander, Oscar G.PVT60 INF, 5 DIVWV14-Oct-1918MA
Algerio, PasqualePVT325 INF, 82 DIVRI15-Oct-1918MA
Allen, ErnestPVT116 INF, 29 DIVMS8-Oct-1918MA
Allen, Harold L.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH16-Oct-1918MA
Allen, William E.CORP166 INF, 42 DIVOH8-Nov-1918MA
Allison, Vance F.PVT371 INF, 93 DIVGA29-Sep-1918MA
Aloi, PeterPVT312 INF, 78 DIVNY24-Oct-1918MA
Alsleben, Robert A.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVMN28-Sep-1918MA
Ambrosino, GabrielPVT4 INF, 3 DIVPA30-Sep-1918MA
Anderson, AndrewPVT809 PION INFOK6-Oct-1918MA
Anderson, FrankPVT23 INF, 2 DIVMA5-Oct-1918MA
Anderson, Gust W.PVT312 INF, 78 DIVMN18-Oct-1918MA
Andreski, JosephPVT4 INF, 3 DIVWI10-Oct-1918MA
Angileri, VitoPVT148 INF, 37 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Applebee, Ernest S.PVT326 INF, 82 DIVNY12-Oct-1918MA
Apstein, SamPVT302 ENGRS, 77 DIVNY31-Oct-1918MA
Armstrong, Herman I.PVT6 INF, 5 DIVAR4-Nov-1918MA
Arnold, EarlPVT6 FA, 1 DIVMA4-Oct-1918MA
Arsenault, MosesPVT26 INF, 1 DIVME6-Oct-1918MA
Arthur, John F.2LT18 INF, 1 DIVSC6-Oct-1918MA
Ary, Estle H.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVOH10-Nov-1918MA
Aschmeyer, Fred H.PVT5 MG BN, 2 DIVOH4-Oct-1918MA
Ash, George E.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY4-Oct-1918MA
Ashbaw, Walter H.CORP325 INF, 82 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
Ashford, Leo T.SGT4 INF, 3 DIVMO21-Oct-1918MA
Asire, Myron J.PVT 1CL310 ENGRS, 85 DIVMI14-Oct-1918MA
Asmundsen, Alban C.PVTSN DET 121 MG BN, 32 DIVWI4-Oct-1918MA
Athas, WilliamPVT30 INF, 3 DIVNY13-Oct-1918MA
Babinger, William E.CORP339 INF, 85 DIVMI29-Sep-1918MA
Bailey, Henry V.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVPA16-Jul-1918MA
Bailey, Robert M.2 LT114 INF, 29 DIVSC12-Oct-1918MA
Baird, CharlesPVT142 INF, 36 DIVTX9-Oct-1918MA
Baker, John H.PVT140 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Baldenweck, Arthur E.PVT314 INF, 79 DIVMO3-Nov-1918MA
Baldwin, Jet J.PVT 1CL5 FLD SIG BN, 3 DIVMI4-Oct-1918MA
Ball, Willam H.PVT114 INF, 29 DIVNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Ballard, Clifford B.2LT339 INF, 85 DIVMI7-Feb-1919MA
Baskerville, HilliardPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNJ29-Sep-1918MA
Baty, William H.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVNJ3-Nov-1918MA
Bazzarre, Roy A.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVVA6-Oct-1918MA
Bean, WalterPVT 1CL135 MG BN, 37 DIVOH28-Sep-1918MA
Bechtold, Elmer G.PVT310 INF, 78 DIVNY18-Oct-1918MA
Beck, William L.PVT 1CL319 INF, 80 DIVPA7-Oct-1918MA
Becker, EdwardPVT306 INF, 77 DIVMN8-Oct-1918MA
Beech, William F.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVNJ9-Oct-1918MA
Belcher, SimsSGT369 INF, 93 DIVNY27-Sep-1918MA
Beneker, Edward M.PVT115 INF, 29 DIVIN23-Oct-1918MA
Benshoof, Clifford W.PVT364 INF, 91 DIVWY30-Sep-1918MA
Berendzen, Jacob J.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVMO16-Oct-1918MA
Berkey, Benjamin H.PVT320 INF, 80 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Berkowitz, Louis R.CORP315 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Best, Robert A.PVT101 INF, 26 DIVMA23-Oct-1918MA
Betha, JohnPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY30-Sep-1918MA
Blakeslee, Admiral T.PVT130 INF, 33 DIVIL12-Oct-1918MA
Blanchat, Clifford P.PVT 1CL362 INF, 91 DIVWA29-Sep-1918MA
Blaylock, Hervy L.PVT140 INF, 35 DIVMO26-Sep-1918MA
Bloom, HelmerSGT 1CL310 ENGRS, 85 DIVMI8-Oct-1918MA
Blowers, MarshallPVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Boettcher, WernerPVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI19-Oct-1918MA
Bohannon, Eddie R.PVT318 INF, 80 DIVVA4-Oct-1918MA
Bolea, RaffallePVT 1CL39 INF, 4 DIVME29-Sep-1918MA
Bollhorst, MartinPVT102 INF, 26 DIVIL11-Nov-1918MA
Bond, Charles F.PVT6 INF, 5 DIVWV10-Nov-1918MA
Boone, Napoleon B.PVT 1CL114 INF, 29 DIVTX12-Oct-1918MA
Borah, Ezer H.PVT368 INF, 92 DIVIN27-Sep-1918MA
Borowski, ValentinePVT28 INF, 1 DIVMN8-Oct-1918MA
Boss, Spencer R.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI5-Oct-1918MA
Bourdes, JosephPVT9 INF, 2 DIVPA3-Oct-1918MA
Bowdon, John C.PVT356 INF, 89 DIVLA5-Nov-1918MA
Bower, AustinPVT26 INF, 1 DIVND8-Oct-1918MA
Bowers, Leo J.SGT312 INF, 78 DIVNY18-Oct-1918MA
Boyd, John I.PVT113 INF, 29 DIVMS12-Oct-1918MA
Boyer, George H.PVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Boyle, Harry T.PVT315 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Braghamie, LouisPVT 1CL9 INF, 2 DIVWA2-Oct-1918MA
Branham, TurnerPVT 1CL3 MG BN, 1 DIVKY5-Oct-1918MA
Bratcher, Ivel L.PVT 1CL137 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Brennan, Charles J.CORP165 INF, 42 DIVNJ14-Oct-1918MA
Brennan, John A.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVPA19-Oct-1918MA
Briggs, Robert W.SGT4 INF, 3 DIVMA6-Oct-1918MA
Brigham, Albert E.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVWI6-Oct-1918MA
Brittingham, Claude J.PVT312 MG BN, 79 DIVMD27-Sep-1918MA
Brock, Leo A.SGT4 INF, 3 DIVNY17-Oct-1918MA
Brooks, AlfredPVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH3-Oct-1918MA
Brothers, EdwardCORP140 INF, 35 DIVNY29-Sep-1918MA
Brouillette, William E.PVT 1CL107 INF, 27 DIVNY23-Oct-1918MA
Brown, Walter S.SGT114 INF, 29 DIVNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Brown, William M.PVT150 MG BN, 42 DIVWI15-Jul-1918MA
Brundage, Edward J.PVT107 INF, 27 DIVNY3-Nov-1918MA
Bruskofski, FrankPVTCORPS OF ENGRSNY9-Oct-1918MA
Buckley, James J.CORP6 INF, 5 DIVNY6-Nov-1918MA
Bucuzzo, MichaelCORP23 INF, 2 DIVMA3-Oct-1918MA
Bufore, Pearl A.PVT6 INF, 5 DIVOH10-Nov-1918MA
Bullers, Frederick W.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVNV3-Oct-1918MA
Burk, ErnestPVT 1CL318 MG BN, 81 DIVTN9-Nov-1918MA
Burke, James W.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI9-Oct-1918MA
Burke, John E.BGLR325 INF, 82 DIVNY25-Oct-1918MA
Burns, Frank S.PVT357 INF, 90 DIVOK23-Oct-1918MA
Burns, James W.PVT138 INF, 35 DIVKS30-Sep-1918MA
Burrows, Charles A.1 SGT364 INF, 91 DIVCA26-Sep-1918MA
Burrows, Leonard A.PVT131 INF, 33 DIVIA10-Oct-1918MA
Burrs, Clinton T.PVT372 INF, 93 DIVMD26-Sep-1918MA
Bush, Joseph A.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
Bushey, Clinton E.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
Buskey, Alfred R.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVVT23-Oct-1918MA
Byers, Joseph A.PVT 1CL116 INF, 29 DIVVA8-Oct-1918MA
Callahan, William E.CORP305 INF, 77 DIVNY2-Oct-1918MA
Campbell, Ernest G.PVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVMO4-Oct-1918MA
Campbell, George A.CAPT18 INF, 1 DIVMA4-Oct-1918MA
Campbell, WilliamPVT141 INF, 36 DIVOK8-Oct-1918MA
Canter, Emmet M.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Caouette, GeorgePVT309 INF, 78 DIVNH20-Oct-1918MA
Capozzella, FrancescoPVT147 INF, 37 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Carey, Delbert J.PVT312 INF, 78 DIVNY18-Oct-1918MA
Carlberg, Fritz A.PVT105 INF, 27 DIVOK7-Nov-1918MA
Carlile, James W.CORP141 INF, 36 DIVTX8-Oct-1918MA
Carlson, Carl G.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVIL3-Oct-1918MA
Carmell, HenryPVT103 TRENCH M BTRY, 28 DIVMA26-Sep-1918MA
Carothers, Joseph L.CORP357 INF, 90 DIVOK24-Oct-1918MA
Carpenter, Delmer D.PVT 1CL102 FLD SIG BN, 27 DIVNY19-Oct-1918MA
Carps, JosephPVT125 INF, 32 DIVPA4-Oct-1918MA
Carra, FrankPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMA9-Oct-1918MA
Carruthers, Bruce T.PVT 1CL132 INF, 33 DIVIL15-Oct-1918MA
Carson, John P.CORP305 INF, 77 DIVNY22-Oct-1918MA
Carson, John PythiasCORP76 FA, 3 DIVNJ4-Oct-1918MA
Carter, JamesPVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI29-Sep-1918MA
Carter, Stephen A.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVMS4-Nov-1918MA
Case, Elmer L.PVT140 INF, 35 DIVMO28-Sep-1918MA
Casey, James J.CORP23 INF, 2 DIVNY2-Oct-1918MA
Cassady, Ernest L.PVT 1CL128 MG BN, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Cates, Henry C.PVT57 PION INFTN7-Oct-1918MA
Chaffey, Glenn W.PVT 1CL363 INF, 91 DIVCA30-Sep-1918MA
Chandle, ArthurPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Chaney, Waller T.PVT 1CL125 INF, 32 DIVKY9-Oct-1918MA
Cheek, LutherPVT 1CLMED DET 364 INF, 91 DIVOK29-Sep-1918MA
Chicerlo, GeorgePVT 1CL147 INF, 37 DIVOH28-Sep-1918MA
Chinn, RussellPVT369 INF, 93 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Christenson, Lester W.PVT132 INF, 33 DIVMN9-Oct-1918MA
Chrizczanovicz, NicolaiPVT 1CL166 INF, 42 DIVOH15-Jul-1918MA
Cignoni, Louis F.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVMA15-Jul-1918MA
Cilento, GiacintoPVT 1CL319 INF, 80 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Clark, Josehua A.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI4-Feb-1919MA
Clark, Sidney H.CORP165 INF, 42 DIVNY14-Oct-1918MA
Clausen, Guy M.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVWA4-Oct-1918MA
Clegg, Virgil A.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWV9-Oct-1918MA
Clifton, Joseph J.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ28-Oct-1918MA
Cloud, Gus J.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL16-Oct-1918MA
Clubb, Charles R.SGT313 INF, 79 DIVMD30-Sep-1918MA
Coen, HomerPVT8 MG BN, 3 DIVWV20-Oct-1918MA
Coffey, Ed M.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVCO12-Oct-1918MA
Cole, FloydPVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVMI7-Oct-1918MA
Collentine, Marvin B.CORP241 POW ESC COIA5-Oct-1919MA
Colli, LouisCORP305 INF, 77 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Collins, RobertPVT813 PION INFAL5-Oct-1918MA
Combs, George W.SGT9 INF, 2 DIVVA9-Oct-1918MA
Conley, Edward F.WAGR106 INF, 27 DIVNY23-Oct-1918MA
Conley, William M.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA8-Oct-1918MA
Connors, John T.CORP327 INF, 82 DIVMA7-Oct-1918MA
Conway, John E.CORP313 MG BN, 80 DIVPA6-Oct-1918MA
Cook, Fred A.MAJ23 INF, 2 DIVVT7-Oct-1918MA
Cook, George D.PVT368 INF, 92 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Cook, JacobPVT38 INF, 3 DIVNY11-Oct-1918MA
Craig, Walter W.2LT59 INF, 4 DIVPA6-Oct-1918MA
Crandall, LouisPVT26 INF, 1 DIVMI5-Oct-1918MA
Crews, SamuelPVTTRANS CORPSNC18-May-1919MA
Crouch, Otto E.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVMI8-Oct-1918MA
Crowley, William D.PVT 1CL306 INF, 77 DIVMA26-Sep-1918MA
Cummings, Eric H.2LT26 INF, 1 DIVKS4-Oct-1918MA
Cunningham, Cecil M.PVT 1CL123 MG BN, 33 DIVIL16-Oct-1918MA
Cupp, George M.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVGA23-Oct-1918MA
Curran, John T.SGT316 INF, 79 DIVPA7-Nov-1918MA
Curtis, Thomas L.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVID15-Oct-1918MA
Cusic, Joseph F.PVT313 MG BN, 80 DIVPA6-Oct-1918MA
Czyziewski, MarionPVT128 INF, 32 DIVMI5-Oct-1918MA
Daddario, Emilio R.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVMA10-Oct-1918MA
Dahl, Oscar M.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVMN11-Nov-1918MA
Dalsaso, John L.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVMT20-Oct-1918MA
Darchivio, PasqualePVT319 INF, 80 DIVPA9-Oct-1918MA
Dardee, RaffaelePVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA10-Nov-1918MA
Dargan, ArthurPVT310 ENGRS, 85 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
Darrah, James A.CORP311 MG BN, 79 DIVPA30-Sep-1918MA
Davgin, CharlesPVT26 INF, 1 DIVNY5-Oct-1918MA
David, Seth R.PVT 1CL362 INF, 91 DIVMT29-Sep-1918MA
Davidson, Earl L.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVMI10-Oct-1918MA
Davies, Thomas H.PVT312 MG BN, 79 DIVPA27-Sep-1918MA
Davis, Frank R.PVT 1CL126 INF, 32 DIVTN9-Oct-1918MA
Davis, George P.PVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Davis, HarryPVT 1CL140 INF, 35 DIVMO28-Sep-1918MA
Davis, JamesPVT 1CL39 INF, 4 DIVMT28-Sep-1918MA
Davis, John G.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVMO1-Oct-1918MA
Davis, MauricePVT47 INF, 4 DIVOH26-Sep-1918MA
Davis, Peter R.PVT 1CL359 INF, 90 DIVTX20-Oct-1918MA
Davis, SimonPVT371 INF, 93 DIVSC30-Sep-1918MA
Davis, Tommie D.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVTN4-Nov-1918MA
Davis, Will L.CORP372 INF, 93 DIVTN28-Sep-1918MA
Deaver, Charles L.1LT3 MG BN, 1 DIVCA6-Oct-1918MA
Deitch, Charles L.PVT 1CL316 INF, 79 DIVPA4-Nov-1918MA
Delaneuville, TheophilePVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVLA9-Oct-1918MA
Delaney, John J.PVT114 INF, 29 DIVNY12-Oct-1918MA
Deleski, StanleyPVT 1CL311 INF, 78 DIVWI20-Oct-1918MA
Deller, Julius A.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVOH15-Jul-1918MA
Denney, LeroyPVT4 INF, 3 DIVIN5-Oct-1918MA
Desselle, MiltonPVT369 INF, 93 DIVLA12-Sep-1918MA
Dewitt, Roscoe C.PVT 1CL362 INF, 91 DIVMT29-Sep-1918MA
Di Mele, GuiseppeCORP307 INF, 77 DIVCT30-Sep-1918MA
Diamond, Edward R.PVT312 INF, 78 DIVNY19-Oct-1918MA
Dibiosi, FrankPVT 1CL147 INF, 37 DIVOH29-Sep-1918MA
Dietrich, Carl F.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVNY5-Oct-1918MA
Dike, John A.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVIN19-Jul-1918MA
Dinaro, JamesPVT115 INF, 29 DIVNY10-Oct-1918MA
Dixon, CharliePVT9 INF, 2 DIVTX3-Oct-1918MA
Dixon, Earl C.PVT168 INF, 42 DIVPA16-Oct-1918MA
Doan, ElijahPVT11 INF, 5 DIVMN17-Oct-1918MA
Domrose, Walter L.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVID3-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Battalion' episode
Domstad, AlbertPVT141 INF, 36 DIVTX8-Oct-1918MA
Donahue, Lawrence A.PVT 1CL363 INF, 91 DIVCA30-Sep-1918MA
Doris, SamuelPVT315 INF, 79 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Dover, Lionel C.PVT362 INF, 91 DIVUT29-Sep-1918MA
Dowdy, TherlPVT38 INF, 3 DIVKY9-Oct-1918MA
Dresser, George E.PVT344 TANK BNMA27-Sep-1918MA
Dubord, Frank F.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVME5-Oct-1918MA
Dubuque, Eudore L.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWA6-Oct-1918MA
Duell, Jesse F.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVNY3-Oct-1918MA
Dugat, George T.CORP362 INF, 91 DIVMT1-Oct-1918MA
Dunlap, Roscoe L.SGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL3-Oct-1918MA
Durning, George J.PVT312 INF, 78 DIVNJ21-Oct-1918MA
Dyball, JohnPVT 1CL327 INF, 82 DIVNY20-Oct-1918MA
Dye, Curtis A.PVT 1CL313 MG BN, 80 DIVWV6-Oct-1918MA
Eades, Julius E.PVT 1CL372 INF, 93 DIVDC29-Sep-1918MA
Eder, GeorgePVTINFWI10-Oct-1918MA
Edgmon, HessiePVT7 INF, 3 DIVAR6-Oct-1918MA
Edmondson, Harry F.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVTX6-Oct-1918MA
Edwards, Claude H.PVT61 INF, 5 DIVOH10-Nov-1918MA
Edwards, Clyde H.PVT364 INF, 91 DIVCA3-Oct-1918MA
Edwards, Thomas N.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVIL5-Oct-1918MA
Egli, Lawrence P.PVT318 INF, 80 DIVPA4-Oct-1918MA
Einschutz, Fred A.PVT 1CL313 INF, 79 DIVMD26-Sep-1918MA
Eisenbarth, Robert J.1 LTAIR SERVICEIN15-Nov-1918MA
Ekre, Selmer T.PVT139 INF, 35 DIVMN26-Sep-1918MA
Elkins, Orville A.CORP139 INF, 35 DIVMO29-Sep-1918MA
Ellenberger, FranklinPVT128 INF, 32 DIVOH7-Oct-1918MA
Elliott, Ira N.PVT128 FA, 35 DIVMO24-Sep-1918MA
Ellis, FrankPVT26 INF, 1 DIVIL8-Oct-1918MA
Emma, SebastianPVT132 INF, 33 DIVIL26-Sep-1918MA
English, EarlPVT306 INF, 77 DIVID26-Sep-1918MA
Erickson, John R.PVT 1CL319 INF, 80 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Esposito, MichelePVT114 INF, 29 DIVNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Estep, Fred G.PVT364INF, 91 DIVCA26-Sep-1918MA
Ettestad, KnutPVT308 INF, 77 DIVMN14-Oct-1918MA
Evans, AncePVT6 INF, 5 DIVWV14-Oct-1918MA
Faaborg, Earl E.PVTINFWI6-Oct-1918MA
Farrell, Noble R.PVT 1CL138 INF, 35 DIVMO2-Oct-1918MA
Farris, WilliamPVT128 INF, 32 DIVNC20-Oct-1918MA
Ferguson, John H.PVT 1CL137 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Ferrarini, BasilioPVT326 INF, 82 DIVPA12-Oct-1918MA
Ferris, Stephen P.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI4-Oct-1918MA
Fidler, JerryPVT357 INF, 90 DIVIN24-Oct-1918MA
Fields, Lewis S.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVGA14-Oct-1918MA
Fink, NathanPVT115 INF, 29 DIVNY18-Oct-1918MA
Finocchio, JosephPVT312 INF, 78 DIVNJ18-Oct-1918MA
Fisher, George H.PVT 1CL137 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Fisher, Ruben R.PVT140 INF, 35 DIVOK27-Sep-1918MA
Fitzgerald, Edward J.PVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVNY30-Sep-1918MA
Fitzharris, Joseph C.1LT316 INF, 79 DIVPA29-Sep-1918MA
Fitzner, PaulPVT 1CL132 INF, 33 DIVIL26-Sep-1918MA
Fiumano, LuisPVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVOH9-Oct-1918MA
Flanagan, William F.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVWI10-Nov-1918MA
Fleisch, EdwardCORP315 INF, 79 DIVPA29-Sep-1918MA
Fleming, WilliamCORP325 INF, 82 DIVPA14-Oct-1918MA
Florian, Otto J.PVT76 FA, 3 DIVIL4-Oct-1918MA
Foster, FrancisBUGL16 INF, 1 DIVPA5-Oct-1918MA
Fox, FrankPVT 1CL319 INF, 80 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Fox, Murray S.CORP2 MG BN, 1 DIVCA6-Oct-1918MA
Frahm, John J.PVT 1CL58 INF, 4 DIVMN5-Oct-1918MA
Francavillo, NicholasCORP308 INF, 77 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Francis, JosephPVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA10-Nov-1918MA
Frank, Arthur A.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI29-Sep-1918MA
Frank, Emil Z.CORP165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
Franks, HarryPVT101 INF, 26 DIVOH24-Oct-1918MA
Frazier, Charles W.PVT813 PION INFOH3-Oct-1918MA
Frederick, Robert B.CORP115 INF, 29 DIVMD10-Oct-1918MA
Freeman, Caro E.SGT28 INF, 1 DIVNC9-Oct-1918MA
Freeman, GaylordPVT309 INF, 78 DIVNJ17-Oct-1918MA
Freeman, JosephPVTSN DET 369 INF, 93 DIVOH15-Jul-1918MA
Freihofer, George J.PVT101 INF, 26 DIVOH25-Oct-1918MA
Frucce, JohnPVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI22-Mar-1919MA
Fuchis, AbrahamPVT116 INF, 29 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
Fulk, William A.PVT 1CL139 INF, 35 DIVMO30-Sep-1918MA
Fuller, Roswell H.1 LT93 AERO SQIL29-Sep-1918MA
Funk, William S.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVIL9-Nov-1918MA
Fusco, VincenzoPVT26 INF, 1 DIVMA6-Oct-1918MA
Fyle, James S P.SUP SGT115 INF, 29 DIVMD10-Oct-1918MA
Gale, Hugh K.PVT8 MG BN, 3 DIVNM5-Oct-1918MA
Gallagher, Frank D.PVT363 INF, 91 DIVWY27-Sep-1918MA
Gallagher, John T.CORP165 INF, 42 DIVNY16-Jul-1918MA
Gammill, Samuel A.CORP142 INF, 36 DIVOK21-Oct-1918MA
Gann, Daniel E.CORP103 AM TN, 28 DIVPA31-Oct-1918MA
Gann, SamuelPVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA4-Oct-1918MA
Gannon, GeorgePVT6 FA, 1 DIVIL5-Oct-1918MA
Gantt, CharlesPVT 1CLMED DET 369 INF, 93 DIVNY27-Sep-1918MA
Gardner, Elmer F.CORP314 INF, 79 DIVPA5-Nov-1918MA
Garey, Charles G.PVT 1CL168 INF, 42 DIVIA18-Oct-1918MA
Gartland, Myles P.CORP354 INF, 89 DIVMO27-Oct-1918MA
Gaston, PaulPVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVMA3-Oct-1918MA
Gaudur, Edward O.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVWI25-Oct-1918MA
Gaw, Frederic A.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI1-Oct-1918MA
Gehrke, WilliamPVT 1CL11 INF, 5 DIVOH10-Nov-1918MA
Gentry, John M.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVTX19-Oct-1918MA
Gerhartz, PeterPVT354 INF, 89 DIVWI19-Oct-1918MA
Gibbons, PeterPVT28 INF, 1 DIVCT1-Oct-1918MA
Gibson, HowardPVT369 INF, 93 DIVVA26-Sep-1918MA
Gibson, Wallace W.PVT 1CL60 INF, 5 DIVNY12-Oct-1918MA
Gillen, JosephPVT 1CL325 INF, 82 DIVNJ19-Oct-1918MA
Gilleran, Patrick J.2LT30 INF, 3 DIVNY9-Oct-1918MA
Gilliam, William M.PVT372 INF, 93 DIVPA5-Oct-1918MA
Gilliland, Frank E.PVT 1CL364 INF, 91 DIVWA2-Oct-1918MA
Girmscheid, Joseph T.PVT315 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Givens, WhalenPVT369 INF, 93 DIVTX29-Sep-1918MA
Glomb, FredPVT102 INF, 26 DIVOH23-Oct-1918MA
Gobble, Ed D.PVT363 INF, 91 DIVWY29-Sep-1918MA
Godesky, EmietPVT166 INF, 42 DIVOH15-Jul-1918MA
Goings, JohnPVT38 INF, 3 DIVVA9-Oct-1918MA
Goldstein, SamuelPVT 1CL114 INF, 29 DIVNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Goodman, JakePVT312 INF, 78 DIVNY18-Oct-1918MA
Gordon, Ernest D.SGT38 INF, 3 DIVOK9-Oct-1918MA
Gossard, BoydCORP147 INF, 37 DIVOH29-Sep-1918MA
Gould, Harold A.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMN6-Oct-1918MA
Graham, EdwardCORP5 FLD SIG BN, 3 DIVIN6-Oct-1918MA
Graham, RenialPVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Grainger, Charles D.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVGA3-Oct-1918MA
Grant, JohnPVT813 PION INFOH1-Oct-1918MA
Gray, George F.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVMO20-Oct-1918MA
Green, DavidPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Green, Zack A.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVTN14-Oct-1918MA
Greenup, Leo C.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI8-Oct-1918MA
Greepa, GeorgeSGT59 INF, 4 DIVPA29-Sep-1918MA
Greer, Harold V.PVT60 INF, 5 DIVMO14-Oct-1918MA
Gregor, DimterPVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA30-Sep-1918MA
Gregory, Edwin L.PVT 1CL363 INF, 91 DIVCA26-Sep-1918MA
Grennan, Fred L.SGT137 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Gress, Joseph M.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVKS18-Oct-1918MA
Grey, Marvin B.SGT126 INF, 32 DIVMI9-Oct-1918MA
Grill, George E.CORP313 INF, 79 DIVMD26-Sep-1918MA
Griswold, Willis O.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVMI6-Oct-1918MA
Groner, Lena F.PVT57 PION INFTN8-Oct-1918MA
Guinto, SalvatorePVT116 INF, 29 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
Gwartney, James C.PVT 1CL140 INF, 35 DIVOK30-Sep-1918MA
Haas, John R., Jr.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVOH1-Oct-1918MA
Hacker, WilliamPVT166 INF, 42 DIVMN14-Oct-1918MA
Hagood, Luther D.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVGA25-Oct-1918MA
Halligan, William C.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVCT7-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Battalion' episode
Hallock, W. MerrittCORP308 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Oct-1918MA
Hallyburton, Thomas E.SGT327 INF, 82 DIVTN17-Oct-1918MA
Hamacher, Clarence H.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVMI15-Oct-1918MA
Hamilton, Clifford C.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVMT15-Oct-1918MA
Handley, Clyde C.PVT131 INF, 33 DIVWV10-Oct-1918MA
Hanna, Ewell H.PVT142 INF, 36 DIVTX8-Oct-1918MA
Hanson, Paul M.2LT4 INF, 3 DIVMT13-Oct-1918MA
Hanus, JohnCORP132 INF, 33 DIVIL11-Oct-1918MA
Harger, Linton L.PVT114 INF, 29 DIVMS12-Oct-1918MA
Harle, Gabriel D.PVT 1CL306 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Sep-1918MA
Harmon, NewtonPVT38 INF, 3 DIVKY11-Oct-1918MA
Harper, Francis C.PVT813 PION INFOH7-Oct-1918MA
Harrison, JohnPVT127 INF, 32 DIVSD25-Oct-1918MA
Harrison, WilliamSGT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
Hartman, Leland O.CORP126 INF, 32 DIVMI2-Oct-1918MA
Hastings, Clyde M.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVMI8-Oct-1918MA
Haston, Samuel O.PVT140 INF, 35 DIVKS26-Sep-1918MA
Hauger, Hilton H.PVT320 INF, 80 DIVPA27-Sep-1918MA
Hawk, AlbertPVT5 MG BN, 2 DIVPA4-Oct-1918MA
Hawks, Rosco S.CORP116 INF, 29 DIVVA8-Oct-1918MA
Hayes, JohnPVT369 INF, 93 DIVGA1-Oct-1918MA
Hayes, MorgeCORP28 INF, 1 DIVSC5-Oct-1918MA
Hayner, Earl E.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVWI30-Sep-1918MA
Hebron, CharlesPVT372 INF, 93 DIVMD26-Sep-1918MA
Heffron, Daniel J.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVOH11-Oct-1918MA
Heine, JohnCORP23 INF, 2 DIVNY4-Oct-1918MA
Heisey, Alfred A.CORP316 INF, 79 DIVPA29-Sep-1918MA
Henkel, DanielPVT319 INF, 80 DIVPA1-Nov-1918MA
Hensel, William S.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
Hepp, EdwardPVT315 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Herden, ErichSGT18 INF, 1 DIVIL8-Oct-1918MA
Herron, Nelson M.SGT315 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Hess, DanielPVT148 INF, 37 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Hochstein, David2 LT60 INF, 5 DIVNY12-Oct-1918MA
Hogoboom, EverettCORP314 INF, 79 DIVPA27-Sep-1918MA
Holcombe, Leroy B.2 LT372 INF, 93 DIVDC5-Oct-1918MA
Holderied, PhillipPVT7 INF, 3 DIVMI15-Oct-1918MA
Holland, HessiePVT369 INF, 93 DIVTX1-Oct-1918MA
Hollins, HenryPVTTRANS CORPSGA6-Jan-1919MA
Hollis, CharleyPVT128 INF, 32 DIVLA10-Nov-1918MA
Holm, Nils2 LT4 INF, 3 DIVNY31-Oct-1918MA
Holmes, Michael K.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNJ27-Oct-1918MA
Holstein, WoodPVT30 INF, 3 DIVLA13-Oct-1918MA
Holt, MelvinPVT166 INF, 42 DIVTN12-Oct-1918MA
Holtz, John W.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY4-Oct-1918MA
Hooper, William S.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVMD1-Oct-1918MA
Hopson, ArthurPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Horne, Orbon J.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVOH9-Oct-1918MA
Horst, GeorgePVT313 INF, 79 DIVPA29-Sep-1918MA
Horton, Harding F.2 LT131 INF, 33 DIVNY10-Oct-1918MA
Hose, Quinton A.PVT313 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Howe, Barnard J.PVT4 ENGRS, 4 DIVIL26-Sep-1918MA
Hudson, Willie C.PVT57 PION INFTN7-Oct-1918MA
Hunsberger, SamuelCORP116 INF, 29 DIVVA15-Oct-1918MA
Hunter, Ambus E.PVT 1CL357 INF, 90 DIVOK24-Oct-1918MA
Hunter, John M.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY3-Oct-1918MA
Hutzel, Oscar W.CORP110 INF, 28 DIVPA27-Sep-1918MA
Ihli, Carl W.PVT319 INF, 80 DIVPA6-Oct-1918MA
Ingram, LouisPVT30 INF, 3 DIVMS8-Oct-1918MA
Iuliano, JosephPVT316 INF, 79 DIVNY29-Sep-1918MA
Jackson, CharlesPVT112 INF, 28 DIVPA27-Sep-1918MA
Jackson, EmanuelSGT369 INF, 93 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Jackson, LeonardPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Jackson, Walter M.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVOK7-Oct-1918MA
Jacobsen, Theodore A.CORP326 INF, 82 DIVAZ12-Oct-1918MA
Jakawenko, JohnPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
James, William S.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA3-Oct-1918MA
Jamison, Gill R.SGT361 INF, 91 DIVWA30-Sep-1918MA
Jeck, Gilbert C.PVT138 INF, 35 DIVMO2-Oct-1918MA
Jeffries, Charles E.PVT305 FA, 77 DIVOH8-Oct-1918MADisintergrated by American shell during 'Lost Battalion' episode
Jensen, Anton P.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVMN26-Sep-1918MA
Jensen, Willis E.PVT362 INF, 91 DIVCA29-Sep-1918MA
Jesmllas, MikePVT146 INF, 37 DIVPA27-Sep-1918MA
Johnquist, Henry T.PVT 1CL101 INF, 26 DIVMA27-Oct-1918MA
Johnson, Andrew J.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNY27-Oct-1918MA
Johnson, Conrad G.1LT1 AERO SQMN23-Oct-1918MA
Johnson, SolomonPVT369 INF, 93 DIVVA2-Oct-1918MA
Johnson, TaylorPVT369 INF, 93 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Jones, Arthur H.PVT 1CL308 INF, 77 DIVNY7-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Battalion' episode
Jones, Floyd E.PVT355 INF, 89 DIVNE5-Nov-1918MA
Jones, George R.MEC320 INF, 80 DIVPA11-Oct-1918MA
Jones, Percival C.1 LT11 INF, 5 DIVGA21-Oct-1918MA
Jones, William J.CORP137 INF, 35 DIVKS26-Sep-1918MA
Jordan, HenryCK372 INF, 93 DIVTN28-Sep-1918MA
Judge, Charles P.PVT111 MG BN, 29 DIVNJ14-Oct-1918MA
Kaehn, Emil H.PVT137 INF, 35 DIVND1-Oct-1918MA
Karwelat, Heinrich J.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVIL7-Oct-1918MA
Kczmarczk, AdamPVT28 INF, 1 DIVCT7-Oct-1918MA
Keefe, Thomas H.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVIL4-Feb-1919MA
Keffer, Eli S.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA9-Oct-1918MA
Keibler, Paul M.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVPA6-Oct-1918MA
Keiter, CharleyPVT137 INF, 35 DIVNE29-Sep-1918MA
Keith, Ira D.PVT168 INF, 42 DIVWV16-Oct-1918MA
Keith, OtisPVT355 INF, 89 DIVMO21-Oct-1918MA
Kelbaugh, Roy O.PVT 1CL313 INF, 79 DIVMD8-Nov-1918MA
Kelley, Daniel B.PVT 1CL329 INF, 83 DIVGA16-Oct-1918MA
Kelly, Edward J.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVNY16-Oct-1918MA
Kelynack, WilliamCORP11 INF, 5 DIVOH17-Oct-1918MA
Kempter, JohnSGT128 INF, 32 DIVWI10-Nov-1918MA
Kennedy, Alvah E.1 LTAIR SERVICENY12-Oct-1918MA
Kennedy, Chester H.2LT1 AERO SQTN23-Oct-1918MA
Kennedy, SpencerPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Kent, Rosser H.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVMD7-Oct-1918MA
Kessler, OttoPVT 1CL141 INF, 36 DIVTX8-Oct-1918MA
Kidd, Harry L.PVT 1CL139 INF, 35 DIVND26-Sep-1918MA
Kieffer, Simon P.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI29-Sep-1918MA
Kienenberger, John G.PVT138 INF, 35 DIVND27-Sep-1918MA
Kilmer, Edward J. JrPVT312 INF, 78 DIVNY18-Oct-1918MA
Kilrain, ThomasCORP307 INF, 77 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Kimsey, Claude L.PVT 1CL11 INF, 5 DIVOH17-Oct-1918MA
King, WilliamPVT116 INF, 29 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
King, William H.PVTSN DET 371 INF, 93 DIVSC1-Oct-1918MA
Kirchoff, Edward H.MEC138 INF, 35 DIVIL28-Sep-1918MA
Kissick, Thurman L.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVKY29-Nov-1918MA
Klein, George J.PVT 1CL140 INF, 35 DIVMO27-Sep-1918MA
Kline, Henry W.PVT 1CL146 INF, 37 DIVOH28-Sep-1918MA
Kline, Wilson R.CORP353 INF, 89 DIVKS22-Oct-1918MA
Kmietowicz, JohnPVT148 INF, 37 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Knieps, George J.CLR SGT7 INF, 3 DIVMO11-Oct-1918MA
Knox, William J.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVCT2-Nov-1918MA
Knute, Herman E.SGT16 INF, 1 DIVIA4-Oct-1918MA
Koch, John P.PVT104 INF, 36 DIVOK18-Oct-1918MA
Koehl, Edward F.PVT 1CL354 INF, 89 DIVMO2-Nov-1918MA
Kozman, EraklePVT315 INF, 79 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Kriminski, AlexPVT166 INF, 42 DIVOH14-Oct-1918MA
Kroll, John, Jr.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVMI10-Sep-1918MA
Kueder, JosephPVT104 INF, 28 DIVOH23-Oct-1918MA
Kuijs, Cornelis J.PVT101 INF, 26 DIVIA24-Oct-1918MA
Kukla, ThomasPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI3-Nov-1918MA
Kulhanek, Vladimir J.PVT 1CL360 INF, 90 DIVTX31-Oct-1918MA
Kunkel, FrankCORP305 INF, 77 DIVNY3-Oct-1918MA
Lacher, John P.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVND17-Oct-1918MA
Lacross, Clarence J.PVT4 MG BN, 2 DIVCA6-Oct-1918MA
Lafazia, CarloPVT 1 CL16 INF, 1 DIVMA11-Oct-1918MA
Lafferty, Robert L.PVT116 INF, 29 DIVAR8-Oct-1918MA
Laghi, GuiseppePVT312 INF, 78 DIVPA16-Oct-1918MA
Laino, DomenicoPVT4 ENGRS, 4 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Lance, Albert E.PVTORD DEPTOK15-Dec-1918MA
Lane, Ralph W.2 LT101 INF, 26 DIVMA25-Oct-1918MA
Lane, Tressler V.SGT61 INF, 5 DIVIL1-Nov-1918MA
Lang, HoustonPVT11 INF, 5 DIVMS10-Nov-1918MA
Langlotz, John C.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVOH1-Oct-1918MA
Larson, Ole J.PVT139 INF, 35 DIVND29-Sep-1918MA
Lary, Earl B.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVIA4-Oct-1918MA
Latsko, Martin J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA4-Oct-1918MA
Laubis, HarryPVT16 INF, 1 DIVOH4-Oct-1918MA
Lauersdorf, Fred C.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI9-Oct-1918MA
Lawrence, Benjamin E.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVND26-Sep-1918MA
Lawson, FloydPVT101 INF, 26 DIVNE27-Oct-1918MA
Lawson, William S.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVKY9-Oct-1918MA
Leahey, JohnPVT2 MG BN, 1 DIVPA9-Oct-1918MA
Leavell, John C.2 LT116 INF, 29 DIVVA8-Oct-1918MA
Ledbetter, CharlesPVT2 MG BN, 1 DIVIL9-Oct-1918MA
Lee, Arthur S.PVT139 INF, 35 DIVND29-Sep-1918MA
Lee, George W.SGT132 INF, 33 DIVIL9-Oct-1918MA
Lee, John W.PVT148 INF, 37 DIVNJ29-Sep-1918MA
Lee, RobertPVT371 INF, 93 DIVSC28-Sep-1918MA
Lee, William C.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVWV6-Nov-1918MA
Lemaire, ErnestPVT115 INF, 29 DIVLA9-Oct-1918MA
Leschikar, EmilPVT128 INF, 32 DIVTX16-Oct-1918MA
Leslie, Francis C.PVT312 INF, 78 DIVWI19-Oct-1918MA
Librizzi, CarlPVT56 CA REGTCT31-Oct-1918MA
Limon, JoePVT47 INF, 4 DIVWA30-Sep-1918MA
Lindstrom, Knute O.PVT 1 CL363 INF, 91 DIVCA26-Sep-1918MA
Linna, George H.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVMI9-Oct-1918MA
Linton, JohnPVT140 INF, 35 DIVMO28-Sep-1918MA
Lispi, JoePVT 1 CL147 INF, 37 DIVOH29-Sep-1918MA
Little, Willie L.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVNC26-Sep-1918MA
Locke, JohnPVT168 INF, 42 DIVIN22-Oct-1918MA
Locken, OlafPVT306 INF, 77 DIVMN3-Oct-1918MA
Lodin, AlfredPVT23 INF, 2 DIVMN3-Oct-1918MA
Long, David E.PVT313 INF, 79 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Lookabill, Fred C.PVT7 FA, 1 DIVNC1-Nov-1918MA
Lukeman, JosephPVT 1CL119 FA, 32 DIVMI1-Oct-1918MA
Lynam, HoracePVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Lynn, PatrickPVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Jul-1918MA
Lyttle, Alfred E.CORP310 ENGRS, 85 DIVMI30-Oct-1918MA
Machette, Kirk W.2 LT320 INF, 80 DIVPA10-Oct-1918MA
Mader, RobertPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA2-Oct-1918MA
Magaig, Charles V.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVMI9-Oct-1918MA
Mainiero, UdinoPVT113 INF, 29 DIVCT24-Oct-1918MA
Mamougellas, PeterPVT319 INF, 80 DIVPA27-Sep-1918MA
Mancil, James H.CORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Oct-1918MA
Manier, Emmet M.1 LTATCHD FR AIR SERVIL2-Oct-1918MA
Manusevitz, HarryPVT131 INF, 33 DIVOH10-Oct-1918MA
Marco, JohnPVT167 INF, 42 DIVWV15-Jul-1918MA
Mardi, JosephPVT318 INF, 80 DIVPA4-Oct-1918MA
Marshall, Carl E.PVT 1CL116 INF, 29 DIVVA17-Oct-1918MA
Martin, Edward J.MEC60 INF, 5 DIVCT14-Oct-1918MA
Martino, JoePVT 1 CL11 INF, 5 DIVOH15-Oct-1918MA
Mastromonaco, JosephPVT38 INF, 3 DIVNJ11-Oct-1918MA
Mathews, DanPVT369 INF, 93 DIVGA28-Sep-1918MA
Matusch, Charles A.PVT357 INF, 90 DIVIA23-Oct-1918MA
Maurer, Ralph C.PVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Maust, Roy S.PVT10 MG BN, 4 DIVPA6-Oct-1918MA
May, PaulPVT308 INF, 77 DIVMT28-Sep-1918MA
Mazzei, ThomasPVT 1CL327 INF, 82 DIVMN7-Oct-1918MA
McAvoy, Edward M.PVT314 INF, 79 DIVMA26-Sep-1918MA
McCabe, Thomas J.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Jul-1918MA
McCarty, Samuel A.PVT57 PION INFTN10-Oct-1918MA
McClure, Melvin C.PVT3 MG BN, 1 DIVOH5-Oct-1918MA
McCormack, Edward A.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
McCoy, WilliePVT371 INF, 93 DIVSC28-Sep-1918MA
McCray, WilliamCORP369 INF, 93 DIVNY12-Sep-1918MA
McDonald, AnthonyPVT16 INF, 1 DIVIL9-Oct-1918MA
McDonald, Thomas L.CORP101 INF, 26 DIVMA27-Oct-1918MA
McDonald, Thomas P.PVT6 MG BN USMC, 2 DIVIA3-Oct-1918MA
McDowell, EdwardPVT309 INF, 78 DIVNJ20-Oct-1918MA
McEachern, WilliamCORP128 INF, 32 DIVTX20-Oct-1918MA
McEll, Francis L.PVT314 INF, 79 DIVRI1-Oct-1918MA
McFolin, Waldo F.PVT57 PION INFTN7-Oct-1918MA
McGinley, John L.MEC319 INF, 80 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
McGinty, CharlesPVT147 INF, 37 DIVNJ29-Sep-1918MA
McGrail, FrankSGT101 INF, 26 DIVMA31-Oct-1918MA
McGrath, Eugene M.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVSD6-Oct-1918MAMissing from 'Lost Battalion' episode - confirmed in 'Unknown' grave
McGregor, CarsonPVT 1CL361 INF, 91 DIVCA1-Oct-1918MA
McGriff, HarryPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY1-Oct-1918MA
McIntyre, Oliver C.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI2-Oct-1918MA
McLean, DouglasSGT5 FLD SIG BN, 3 DIVMN4-Oct-1918MA
McLemore, Robert E.PVT 1CL116 INF, 29 DIVVA23-Oct-1918MA
McShane, Francis A.SGT38 INF, 3 DIVPA9-Oct-1918MA
Meece, Clyde J.SGT360 INF, 90 DIVTX4-Nov-1918MA
Meling, Ludvig G.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVND4-Oct-1918MA
Melton, William H.CORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Messer, William H.PVT104 INF, 26 DIVMA27-Dec-1918MA
Messina, FrankPVT147 INF, 37 DIVIL29-Sep-1918MA
Michael, AugustusPVT167 INF, 42 DIVPA20-Oct-1918MA
Michaelis, Henry E.PVT312 MG BN, 79 DIVNY27-Sep-1918MA
Michell, Henry F 2ndPVT19 ENGRSPA7-Apr-1918MA
Miehofer, HenryPVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Jul-1918MA
Milette, AnthonyPVT10 MG BN, 4 DIVMA7-Oct-1918MA
Militello, Joseph A.PVT3 MG BN, 1 DIVNY7-Oct-1918MA
Miller, Charles G.PVT101 INF, 26 DIVOH23-Oct-1918MA
Miller, Charles H.CORP58 INF, 4 DIVPA5-Oct-1918MA
Miller, Clarendon I.CORP7 INF, 3 DIVKS8-Oct-1918MA
Miller, HenryPVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Battalion' episode
Miller, Marshall P.PVT131 INF, 33 DIVIA10-Oct-1918MA
Miller, TootsiePVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA30-Sep-1918MA
Mills, Chester C.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVIL11-Oct-1918MA
Miskowiec, FrankPVT131 INF, 33 DIVIL10-Oct-1918MA
Mitchell, Frank C.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVOK29-Sep-1918MA
Mitchell, GeorgePVT371 INF, 93 DIVGA28-Sep-1918MA
Mohr, Jack J.PVT131 INF, 33 DIVMN22-Oct-1918MA
Montague, L. Y.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVCA18-Jul-1918MA
Montgomery, James T.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVIL30-Sep-1918MA
Moore, Albert E.CORP339 INF, 85 DIVMI7-Mar-1919MA
Moore, Noble L.PVT 1CL362 INF, 91 DIVMT29-Sep-1918MA
Moore, William H.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVMS11-Oct-1918MA
Morconis, JosephPVT147 INF, 37 DIVOH29-Sep-1918MA
Morgan, George W.CORP59 INF, 4 DIVMI18-Oct-1918MA
Morris, Burley P.PVT166 INF, 42 DIVWV9-Oct-1918MA
Morris, CharliePVT111 INF, 28 DIVWV7-Oct-1918MA
Morrone, PaoloPVT145 INF, 37 DIVWV3-Nov-1918MA
Mortelloro, SamPVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Moss, Claude L.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVGA2-Oct-1918MA
Moss, JohnPVT148 INF, 37 DIVWV29-Sep-1918MA
Mount, Roy S.PVT114 INF, 29 DIVNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Mulligan, Fred T.CORP128 INF, 32 DIVWI5-Oct-1918MA
Mulroy, MichaelSGT4 INF, 3 DIVVT5-Oct-1918MA
Munson, LouisPVT353 INF, 89 DIVWI4-Nov-1918MA
Murphy, Floytd D.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVMN18-Oct-1918MA
Murphy, John J.SGT101 INF, 26 DIVMA27-Oct-1918MA
Murphy, Leland M.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMO3-Oct-1918MA
Murphy, MosesPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMN3-Oct-1918MA
Murray, RollandPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Murray, Roy N.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVMT1-Oct-1918MA
Myers, James T.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVNY14-Oct-1918MA
Nabbruch, JohnPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY13-Oct-1918MA
Nakonechnig, WasiligPVT18 INF, 1 DIVPA1-Oct-1918MA
Neely, AlbertPVT128 MG BN, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Neff, Elery O.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVPA20-Oct-1918MA
Negley, Norman N.PVT 1CL15 ENGRSPA13-Jan-1919MA
Nettles, Fred L.PVT6 INF, 5 DIVGA14-Oct-1918MA
Neuneker, William E.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL4-Oct-1918MA
Nicholas, Glen G.CORP137 INF, 35 DIVKS29-Sep-1918MA
Nichols, Ira W.PVT371 INF, 93 DIVSC28-Sep-1918MA
Nicholson, Miles G.PVT61 INF, 5 DIVGA9-Nov-1918MA
Niles, LeroyCORP140 INF, 35 DIVMO29-Sep-1918MA
Nord, Samuel K.1 LT128 INF, 32 DIVWI9-Nov-1918MA
Norris, JohnPVT57 PION INFTN13-Oct-1918MA
Norris, WilliamPVT140 INF, 35 DIVOK28-Sep-1918MA
Norton, Donald W.2 LT319 INF, 80 DIVME2-Nov-1918MA
Norton, Grant S.PVT 1CL308 INF, 77 DIVNY7-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Battalion' episode
Nussbaum, NathanPVT321 MG BN, 82 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
O'Bannon, William T.PVT 1CL138 INF, 35 DIVTX28-Sep-1918MA
O'Brien, FrancisPVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVNY25-Oct-1918MA
O'Laughlin, Alphonso J.PVT132 INF, 33 DIVIL26-Sep-1918MA
Oberst, Michael J.CORP58 INF, 4 DIVWI29-Sep-1918MA
Ohm, AlbertPVT353 INF, 89 DIVMN3-Nov-1918MA
Olds, LancelotPVT 1CL60 INF, 5 DIVMN14-Oct-1918MA
Oliver, GabePVT140 INF, 35 DIVOK26-Sep-1918MA
Onwiller, Earl E.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVMT14-Oct-1918MA
Oquist, Axel E.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVID27-Sep-1918MA
Orlando, SalvadorePVT309 INF, 78 DIVNY20-Oct-1918MA
Orr, John F.2 LT165 INF, 42 DIVOR15-Oct-1918MA
Osborne, Lawrence M.SUP SGT308 INF, 77 DIVNY7-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Battalion' episode
Oukrop, Theodore A.CORP16 INF, 1 DIVND8-Oct-1918MA
Owsley, Frank D.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVMS8-Oct-1918MA
Pacifici, PeterPVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Sep-1918MA
Palmier, Charles F.CORP308 INF, 77 DIVNY2-Oct-1918MA
Paluma, PaulPVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY5-Nov-1918MA
Parker, Albert H.SGT5 MG BN, 2 DIVIL4-Oct-1918MA
Pasley, John H.PVT 1CLMOB HOSP UNIT 10IA20-Feb-1919MA
Passek, Edward J.PVT 1CL138 INF, 35 DIVMO26-Sep-1918MA
Peak, James C.PVTMED DET 167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Pearson, AntonPVT364 INF, 91 DIVOR30-Sep-1918MA
Pechanic, Charles J.PVT39 INF, 4 DIVIL12-Oct-1918MA
Pedrioli, LouisSGT363 INF, 91 DIVCA27-Sep-1918MA
Peffley, Elba B.PVT 1CL139 INF, 35 DIVKS29-Sep-1918MA
Pegram, FrederickPVT368 INF, 92 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Peppard, Paul L.CORP307 INF, 77 DIVNY5-Oct-1918MA
Perna, JohnPVT38 INF, 3 DIVAR11-Oct-1918MA
Perry, BenPVT372 INF, 93 DIVGA26-Sep-1918MA
Peters, Erwin A.PVT132 INF, 33 DIVIL9-Oct-1918MA
Peters, Harry B.2 LT128 INF, 32 DIVPA10-Oct-1918MA
Petersen, Jens C.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVMT4-Oct-1918MA
Peterson, August B.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI12-Apr-1919MA
Peterson, Peter W.PVT 1CL363 INF, 91 DIVOR26-Sep-1918MA
Pfeifer, Peter P.PVTINFWI10-Oct-1918MA
Phillips, George M.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVMO4-Oct-1918MA
Pierce, Max 0.PVT107 SANITARY TRN, 32 DIVKS13-Oct-1918MA
Piland, Roger L.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVVA2-Oct-1918MA
Pinyan, Dugald L.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVAZ15-Oct-1918MA
Pipes, Hinkle J.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVIL6-Oct-1918MA
Pirto, JamesPVT116 INF, 29 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
Place, Othop B.2 LT305 INF, 77 DIVIN1-Nov-1918MA
Plummer, Guy W.CORP321 MG BN, 82 DIVME15-Oct-1918MA
Poinelli, DomenickPVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT25-Oct-1918MA
Poppe, James I.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVMN6-Oct-1918MA
Porter, Carl E.SGT354 INF, 89 DIVMO1-Nov-1918MA
Powell, Walter W.PVTORD DEPTIN5-Oct-1918MA
Prell, Hugo A.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVOH6-Oct-1918MA
Prentice, Russell L.CORP305 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Sep-1918MA
Price, SamPVT320 INF, 80 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Prophet, LoniePVT16 INF, 1 DIVVA4-Oct-1918MA
Pucello, JosephPVT 1CL325 INF, 82 DIVCT16-Oct-1918MA
Punk, Frank E.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI6-Oct-1918MA
Quinn, James J., Jr.PVT19 ENGRSPA7-Apr-1918MA
Rain, Sam G.CORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Ramotowske, JosefPVT 1CL339 INF, 85 DIVMI26-Mar-1919MA
Ratell, Albert L.PVT116 INF, 29 DIVMI8-Oct-1918MA
Rawls, Jesse R.PVT142 INF, 36 DIVTX9-Oct-1918MA
Redding, James C.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA8-Oct-1918MA
Reese, Edward H.PVTMED DET 319 INF, 80 DIVPA10-Oct-1918MA
Reff, IsaacPVT115 INF, 29 DIVNY16-Oct-1918MA
Reid, Elton N.PVT315 INF, 79 DIVMD1-Oct-1918MA
Renick, Harry H.CORP139 INF, 35 DIVKS30-Sep-1918MA
Rexford, Ralph R.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY6-Oct-1918MA
Richardson, ElbertPVT57 PION INFTN6-Oct-1918MA
Richmond, Guy A.CORP39 INF, 4 DIVOK26-Sep-1918MA
Rieker, Charles A.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVIL25-Oct-1918MA
Riff, SamuelPVT318 MG BN, 81 DIVNY9-Nov-1918MA
Ritchie, David A.PVT320 INF, 80 DIVPA11-Oct-1918MA
Robella, JohnPVT23 INF, 2 DIVLA3-Oct-1918MA
Roberts, Edgar E.1 LT58 INF, 4 DIVCA29-Sep-1918MA
Roberts, Ivan A.2 LT27 AERO SQMA26-Sep-1918MA
Roberts, LouisPVT7 INF, 3 DIVMI21-Oct-1918MA
Robinson, John S.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVTN14-Oct-1918MA
Roby, Charles T.2 LT58 INF, 4 DIVNE5-Oct-1918MA
Rolleri, JohnPVT 1CL114 INF, 29 DIVNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Rosamond, Edd V.PVTMED DET 152 MG BN 36 DIVTX8-Oct-1918MA
Roscoe, StanleySGT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ3-Oct-1918MA
Rosenberg, Arthur C.PVT137 INF, 35 DIVND28-Sep-1918MA
Rossi, John L.PVT 1CL306 INF, 77 DIVNY29-Sep-1918MA
Rought, Leonard W.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVPA4-Nov-1918MA
Rozeveld, WillPVT140 INF, 35 DIVIA29-Sep-1918MA
Rubly, William J.PVT151 FA, 42 DIVMN15-Jul-1918MA
Rummel, Ross J.PVT 1CL137 INF, 35 DIVKS27-Sep-1918MA
Runyon, PhillipPVT308 INF, 77 DIVWA20-Oct-1918MA
Rush, Ralph G.PVT 1CL353 INF, 89 DIVKS24-Oct-1918MA
Ryan, William M.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Sacks, HowardPVT 1CL5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA4-Oct-1918MA
Safranek, Thomas C.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY26-Sep-1918MA
Salario, CharlesPVT138 INF, 35 DIVIL26-Sep-1918MA
Sampson, WilbernPVT7 INF, 3 DIVKY27-Oct-1918MA
Sanderson, Clifford M.CORP7 INF, 3 DIVIL18-Oct-1918MA
Sangermano, FelicePVT316 INF, 79 DIVNY6-Nov-1918MA
Saracki, WawrzyniecPVT 1CL147 INF, 37 DIVOH29-Sep-1918MA
Sauers, ElmerPVT23 INF, 2 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
Scebold, T.b.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIA3-Oct-1918MA
Scharmer, HarryPVT306 INF, 77 DIVMN4-Oct-1918MA
Schifano, JoePVT145 INF, 37 DIVNJ28-Sep-1918MA
Schilling, OttoPVT139 INF, 35 DIVMN29-Sep-1918MA
Schlicht, Carl E.PVT354 INF, 89 DIVWI21-Oct-1918MA
Schlossberg, DavidPVT315 INF, 79 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Schmitt, Edwin L.2 LT125 INF, 32 DIVWI12-Oct-1918MA
Schnell, AugustPVT137 INF, 35 DIVND2-Oct-1918MA
Schofield, Ralph T.CORP101 INF, 26 DIVMA23-Oct-1918MA
Schroeder, Carl F.PVT357 INF, 90 DIVOK24-Oct-1918MA
Schroeder, Herbert A.CORP339 INF, 85 DIVMI20-Sep-1918MA
Schultz, Anders C.CORP364 INF, 91 DIVCA26-Sep-1918MA
Schultz, JosephPVT 1CL148 INF, 37 DIVPA28-Sep-1918MA
Scott, Perry C.CORP339 INF, 85 DIVMI29-Sep-1918MA
Scott, Sherman C.PVT146 INF, 37 DIVPA30-Sep-1918MA
Scully, MichaelPVT114 INF, 29 DIVNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Sealey, RoyPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Seay, Bert E.PVT 1CL317 INF, 80 DIVWV6-Oct-1918MA
Seese, Leo M.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVIL26-Oct-1918MA
Segraves, Victor L.SGT139 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Seifried, FrederickPVT104 INF, 26 DIVNY16-Oct-1918MA
Seiler, William M.SGT140 INF, 35 DIVMO30-Sep-1918MA
Semro, Arthur W.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVWA2-Oct-1918MA
Sexton, Fred H.2 LT113 INF, 29 DIVSC21-Oct-1918MA
Shaffer, William H.SGT372 INF, 93 DIVMI28-Sep-1918MA
Shank, Martin N.PVT316 INF, 79 DIVPA26-Sep-1918MA
Sharp, LafayettePVT165 INF, 42 DIVKY16-Oct-1918MA
Shaw, Seth S.PVT144 INF, 36 DIVTX11-Oct-1918MA
Shea, TimothyPVT328 INF, 82 DIVRI8-Oct-1918MA
Sheets, LynnPVT 1CL166 INF, 42 DIVOH18-Jul-1918MA
Shell, JamesCORP347 MG BN, 91 DIVOR30-Sep-1918MA
Sherer, Ray E.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVID1-Oct-1918MA
Sherman, John O.PVT362 INF, 91 DIVMT29-Sep-1918MA
Shiffler, George L.PVT 1CL354 INF, 89 DIVMO21-Oct-1918MA
Shinberger, EarlPVT7 INF, 3 DIVMO18-Oct-1918MA
Sholtis, AndrewPVT 1CL357 INF, 90 DIVIL24-Oct-1918MA
Sidener, Marion M.CORP137 INF, 35 DIVKS26-Sep-1918MA
Sievers, Maxwell H.CORP364 INF, 91 DIVCA30-Sep-1918MA
Sigrist, John L.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVIL7-Oct-1918MA
Siler, Jim M.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVKY9-Oct-1918MA
Sillo, RoccoPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNY3-Oct-1918MA
Silverman, JosephPVT3 MG BN, 1 DIVNY9-Oct-1918MA
Simmons, Charles A.SGT131 INF, 33 DIVIL10-Oct-1918MA
Simmons, Clark F.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNY1-Nov-1918MA
Simmons, Lester L.CORP101 INF, 26 DIVMA25-Oct-1918MA
Simms, RoyPVT 1CL4 INF, 3 DIVWV26-Oct-1918MA
Sims, SidneyPVT102 INF, 26 DIVIN6-Nov-1918MA
Sims, Walter M.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVIL4-Oct-1918MA
Skipper, Oliver O.CORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL7-Nov-1918MA
Sklutt, AdamPVT 1CL7 INF, 3 DIVIN18-Oct-1918MA
Slager, Joseph M.PVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVNY6-Oct-1918MA
Smallwood, Horace H.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVVA11-Oct-1918MA
Smaus, Louis J.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVNE3-Nov-1918MA
Smilowicz, AntoniPVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT24-Oct-1918MA
Smith, Clifton A.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVMS3-Oct-1918MA
Smith, ErrolPVT306 INF, 77 DIVID4-Oct-1918MA
Smith, Harvey W.PVT 1CL116 INF, 29 DIVWV9-Oct-1918MA
Smith, John M.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVOH10-Oct-1918MA
Smith, Merrill C.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVCT7-Oct-1918MA
Smith, Sylvester J.SGT30 INF, 3 DIVNJ13-Oct-1918MA
Smith, VAN B.PVT137 INF, 35 DIVKS30-Sep-1918MA
Smith, Victor H.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVWV17-Oct-1918MA
Smith, William W.PVT140 INF, 35 DIVTX28-Sep-1918MA
Smyczek, ZygmuntPVT 1CL147 INF, 37 DIVOH28-Sep-1918MA
Snyder, James B.PVT 1CL317 INF, 80 DIVVA6-Oct-1918MA
Sonnenberg, Carl J.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVMN13-Oct-1918MA
Sooy, Earl P.CORP2 ENGRS, 2 DIVIL22-Oct-1918MA
Sorbye, Oscar L.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVMT12-Oct-1918MA
Sorenson, Sidney A.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVUT10-Oct-1918MA
Sorg, WilliamPVT355 INF, 89 DIVNE5-Nov-1918MA
Soule, William W.PVT362 INF, 91 DIVMT30-Sep-1918MA
Speer, August H.PVT101 INF, 26 DIVOH23-Oct-1918MA
Spence, WilliamSGT30 INF, 3 DIVNY8-Oct-1918MA
Spencer, Glenn K.1 LT355 INF, 89 DIVCO20-Oct-1918MA
Spencer, Jason I.PVT 1CL114 INF, 29 DIVMS12-Oct-1918MA
Sposato, PaoloPVT 1CL312 INF, 78 DIVNJ18-Oct-1918MA
Springfield, Henry G.PVT356 INF, 89 DIVTX5-Nov-1918MA
Standish, JamesPVT131 INF, 33 DIVOH10-Oct-1918MA
Stedman, Oliver J.PVT 1CL363 INF, 91 DIVCA26-Sep-1918MA
Steele, Edward F.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVMA1-Oct-1918MA
Stein, AntonPVT60 INF, 5 DIVMD11-Nov-1918MA
Stein, SamuelPVT47 INF, 4 DIVOH19-Oct-1918MA
Steuber, Henry W.PVT 1CL3 MG BN, 1 DIVOH5-Oct-1918MA
Stewart, Calvin E.PVT144 INF, 36 DIVTX13-Oct-1918MA
Stewart, Chelton C.PVT115 INF, 29 DIVTX22-Oct-1918MA
Stivers, Gerald D.1LT13 AERO SQOH1-Oct-1918MA
Stoehr, William P.CORP361 INF, 91 DIVWA4-Oct-1918MA
Stoll, George A.MEC132 INF, 33 DIVIL10-Oct-1918MA
Stone, James B.PVT126 INF, 32 DIVVA1-Oct-1918MA
Storm, George P.BNSGTMAJ16 INF, 1 DIVCA9-Oct-1918MA
Straight, Burr D.2LT9 INF, 2 DIVNY3-Oct-1918MA
Strieber, WalterPVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH16-Oct-1918MA
Strom, Joseph P.PVTCACSC8-Oct-1918MA
Struwin, CarlPVT114 INF, 29 DIVMI12-Oct-1918MA
Suprun, FrankPVT8 MG BN, 3 DIVMI2-Oct-1918MA
Sutherland, FredPVT128 INF, 32 DIVOH17-Oct-1918MA
Swan, Francis G.PVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT23-Oct-1918MA
Sweeney, George W.PVT345 INF, 87 DIVNY15-Dec-1918MA
Sweet, Earl D.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI9-Mar-1919MA
Sweet, John D.PVTMED REPL UNIT 64NC12-Oct-1918MA
Sweet, Leonard S.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVOH5-Oct-1918MA
Sweitzer, George S.PVT30 INF, 3 DIVPA10-Oct-1918MA
Sypula, FerdynandPVT7 INF, 3 DIVPA24-Oct-1918MA
Tapscott, George C.PVT138 INF, 35 DIVMO28-Sep-1918MA
Tarrant, TillmanSUP SGT371 INF, 93 DIVSC28-Sep-1918MA
Tavenner, Lenley B.PVT 1CL146 INF, 37 DIVOH27-Sep-1918MA
Taylor, James E.PVTINFDE29-Sep-1918MA
Taylor, Otto VernonPVT339 INF, 85 DIVIN16-Oct-1918MAMissing form Russian Expedition
Teeters, Joseph C.PVT7 INF, 3 DIVIN27-Oct-1918MA
Tennyson, Joseph E.CORP115 INF, 29 DIVMD23-Oct-1918MA
Thibeault, AlbertCORP9 INF, 2 DIVNH3-Oct-1918MA
Thomas, Arthur P.PVT 1 CL109 INF, 28 DIVUT26-Sep-1918MA
Thomas, Harold H.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVOH5-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Battalion' episode
Thomas, William A.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVNC15-Oct-1918MA
Thomason, Manuel A.PVT 1 CL9 INF, 2 DIVAR2-Oct-1918MA
Thompson, Ernest R.PVT369 INF, 93 DIVVA26-Sep-1918MA
Thompson, William F.PVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Thoms, JohniePVTMED DET 314 SN TN, 89 DIVNE24-Oct-1918MA
Thomson, George S.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVIA6-Nov-1918MA
Thorpe, John R.PVT327 INF, 82 DIVMA30-Sep-1918MA
Thurman, Robert S.PVT110 ENGRS, 35 DIVMO29-Sep-1918MA
Timoney, James F.PVT61 INF, 5 DIVPA27-Oct-1918MA
Todd, Harry S.PVT116 INF, 29 DIVVA8-Oct-1918MA
Toscanni, JamesPVT326 INF, 82 DIVNY22-Oct-1918MA
Toth, John C.CORP26 INF, 1 DIVWY6-Oct-1918MA
Tower, Joseph S.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVPA1-Nov-1918MA
Toy, Charles S.PVT 1CL102 MG BN, 26 DIVMA23-Oct-1918MA
Tracy, JohnPVT9 INF, 2 DIVAR3-Oct-1918MA
Trowbridge, Madison E.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVWV9-Oct-1918MA
Troxell, John F.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVPA23-Oct-1918MA
Tselonis, George I.PVTMED DET 361 INF, 91 DIVWA26-Sep-1918MA
Tuggle, Palmer H.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVMO21-Oct-1918MA
Turner, Charles W.1LT308 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Oct-1918MAMissing following 'Lost Platoon' episode, most likely in 'Unknown' grave
Turner, SamuelPVT372 INF, 93 DIVPA1-Oct-1918MA
Turpin, JamesPVT369 INF, 93 DIVNY20-Jul-1918MA
Uber, James L.CORP112 INF, 28 DIVPA8-Oct-1918MA
Udelewitz, DonPVT 1CL305 INF, 77 DIVNY3-Oct-1918MA
Urquehart, AlexanderCORP102 INF, 26 DIVCT25-Oct-1918MA
Van Deventer, George E.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVID11-Sep-1918MA
Veau, John A.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVLA10-Nov-1918MA
Vedilago, JosephCORP308 INF, 77 DIVNY28-Sep-1918MA
Vinson, RolandPVT306 INF, 77 DIVSC27-Sep-1918MA
Vitali, ClementiPVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY15-Oct-1918MA
Vitocco, FortunatoPVT317 INF, 80 DIVPA5-Oct-1918MA
Vobejda, WilliamPVT167 INF, 42 DIVSD15-Jul-1918MA
Voltz, Clarence V.PVT26 INF, 1 DIVIA1-Oct-1918MA
Vorhies, Clifford D.PVT325 INF, 82 DIVIA11-Oct-1918MA
Vunderink, Chris F.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVOH4-Oct-1918MA
Wagenfuhr, AlvinPVT23 INF, 2 DIVTX8-Oct-1918MA
Wagner, Leland J.PVT360 INF, 90 DIVTX2-Nov-1918MA
Wagner, Roy J.PVT140 INF, 35 DIVKS29-Sep-1918MA
Wagoner, StephenPVT 1CL357 INF, 90 DIVOK24-Oct-1918MA
Wainwright, HenryPVT853 CO TRANS CORPSAL6-Jan-1919MAKnocked overboard Brest Harbor - body not recovered
Walker, Arby E.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVOK12-Oct-1918MA
Walker, EdgarPVT307 INF, 77 DIVAR4-Nov-1918MA
Walker, Kyle G.PVT361 INF, 91 DIVWY8-Oct-1918MA
Walker, Robert H.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVMS3-Oct-1918MA
Walters, ClemmiePVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVMS15-Jul-1918MA
Walton, William R.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVCT9-Oct-1918MA
Wark, Frank M.PVT102 AMMO TRAIN, 27 DIVNY28-Aug-1918MA
Warns, AdolphPVT313 INF, 79 DIVMD25-Sep-1918MA
Washburne, Frank E.PVT364 INF, 91 DIVCA3-Oct-1918MA
Waters, PatrickPVT59 INF, 4 DIVMA1-Oct-1918MA
Watrous, Ted K.PVT 1CL142 INF, 36 DIVOK21-Oct-1918MA
Watson, HaroldPVT9 INF, 2 DIVWA3-Oct-1918MA
Weatherford, Alvie C.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVAR5-Oct-1918MA
Webb, Harry L.1LT115 INF, 29 DIVMD25-Oct-1918MA
Weimerskirch, John A.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVPA5-Oct-1918MA
Wells, ClydePVT361 INF, 91 DIVVA3-Oct-1918MA
Werner, Norman B.PVT605 ENGRSPA11-Oct-1918MA
Wessels, HenryPVT 1CL309 INF, 78 DIVWI20-Oct-1918MA
West, George O.1 LT49 AERO SQIL10-Oct-1918MA
Westerhof, John T.PVT339 INF, 85 DIVMI11-Sep-1918MA
Weyuker, GeorgePVT313 INF, 79 DIVNY27-Sep-1918MA
Whalen, William H.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY1-Nov-1918MA
White, GroverPVT371 ENF, 93 DIVPA29-Sep-1918MA
White, Guy L.CORP139 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
White, Marshall Z.PVT 1CL140 INF, 35 DIVMO26-Sep-1918MA
White, William L.PVT55 CA REGTMA22-Dec-1918MAKnocked overboard Brest Harbor - body not recovered
Wickwire, Alfred G.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH3-Oct-1918MA
Wilbraham, Samuel W.PVT1 PION INFNJ12-Oct-1918MA
Wilichowski, Joseph W.PVT354 INF, 89 DIVWI1-Nov-1918MA
Wilkerson, HarviePVT167 INF, 42 DIVAL15-Jul-1918MA
Wilkins, Henry F.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVKY17-Oct-1918MA
Williams, EdPVT 1CL371 INF, 93 DIVGA30-Sep-1918MA
Williams, James H.PVT372 INF, 93 DIVDC27-Sep-1918MA
Williams, Oliver J.PVT141 INF, 36 DIVOK8-Oct-1918MA
Williams, Richard F.PVT116 INF, 29 DIVMS11-Oct-1918MA
Williamson, James A.PVT 1CL357 INF, 90 DIVTX23-Oct-1918MA
Wilson, James C.PVT 1CL137 INF, 35 DIVKS28-Sep-1918MA
Winowiecki, William B.PVT4 INF, 3 DIVMI21-Oct-1918MA
Winslow, Lee G.PVT2 ENGRS, 2 DIVIN3-Oct-1918MA
Wise, Simpson C.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH6-Oct-1918MA
Wood, Horace U.PVT 1 CL141 INF, 36 DIVTX8-Oct-1918MA
Woods, Raymond A.PVT 1CL60 INF, 5 DIVWV14-Oct-1918MA
Wright, AlbertPVT813 PION INFOH2-Oct-1918MA
Yost, Arthur L.CORP58 INF, 4 DIVIA5-Oct-1918MA
Young, Homer C.SGT148 INF, 37 DIVOH27-Sep-1918MA
Youngs, Howard J.PVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMN4-Oct-1918MA
Yubroody, AssadPVT9 INF, 2 DIVMA5-Oct-1918MA
Zaddock, Herbert A.PVT114 INF, 29 DIVMI27-Oct-1918MA
Zazzetti, WilliamPVT147 INF, 37 DIVNJ29-Sep-1918MA
Zeigler, JamesPVT372 INF, 93 DIVGA5-Oct-1918MA
Zeludko, DemianPVT116 INF, 29 DIVMI8-Oct-1918MA
Zipfel, Ralph E.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH4-Oct-1918MA
Adair, JohnPVT125 INF, 32 DIVMI1-Sep-1918OA
Alicaris, NicholasCORP47 INF, 4 DIVNY9-Aug-1918OA
Aliperti, GiovanniPVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA5-Sep-1918OA
Anderson, Carl L.CORP59 INF, 4 DIVMN19-Aug-1918OA
Anderson, Donovan M.CORP112 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
Aspinwall, Augustus2LT110 INF, 28 DIVMA26-Aug-1918OA
Bailey, Oliver W.1 LT47 INF, 4 DIVTN10-Aug-1918OA
Banks, ElmerPVT47 INF, 4 DIVIL10-Aug-1918OA
Barlow, Wilford W.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVID3-Sep-1918OA
Bartoli, Quinto W.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA10-Aug-1918OA
Basile, Edward L.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA14-Aug-1918OA
Bassano, JamesPVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA12-Aug-1918OA
Bates, FrankPVT 1CL306 INF, 77 DIVNY7-Sep-1918OA
Bauer, CharlesPVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Sep-1918OA
Bauer, Frederick E.SGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Bell, Allen, Jr.2LT127 INF, 32 DIVNY1-Sep-1918OA
Bendowsky, FrankPVT59 INF, 4 DIVNE8-Aug-1918OA
Blaskoske, AnastazyPVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI4-Sep-1918OA
Bochinsky, Albert J.SGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Booth, John G.SGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Booty, Howard P.CORP112 INF, 28 DIVPA7-Aug-1918OA
Brady, HughPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Breth, LouisPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY8-Sep-1918OA
Bright, Louis A.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVNE1-Sep-1918OA
Brim, ClintonPVT111 INF, 28 DIVIL11-Aug-1918OA
Broardt, George F.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY5-Sep-1918OA
Bruce, FloydPVT127 INF, 32 DIVMT1-Sep-1918OA
Buckley, Patrick H.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVMT10-Aug-1918OA
Bulgrin, Charles W.PVT13 FA, 4 DIVWI13-Aug-1918OA
Burns, William F.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Cafferty, Patrick J.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Campbell, Robert A.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVID9-Aug-1918OA
Cantilici, SimonePVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Capiga, BronislawPVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA7-Sep-1918OA
Carey, Winfield G.PVT112 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
Carpenter, James B.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVOK10-Aug-1918OA
Casey, Clifton M.CORP111 INF, 28 DIVPA11-Aug-1918OA
Cassamasso, LawrencePVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA20-Aug-1918OA
Cathers, William F.PVT112 INF, 28 DIVPA7-Aug-1918OA
Chapman, William C.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI2-Sep-1918OA
Clarke, George G.PVT104 INF, 26 DIVMA17-Feb-1918OA
Collier, Leslie E.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVFL8-Aug-1918OA
Collins, Jesse L.PVT112 INF, 28 DIVWV27-Aug-1918OA
Conn, George I.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVMA10-Aug-1918OA
Contriciano, FrankPVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA12-Aug-1918OA
Crawford, Seth A.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVWI8-Aug-1918OA
Crews, Chester W.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVAZ6-Sep-1918OA
Criner, Howard E.PVT 1CL112 INF, 28 DIVPA22-Aug-1918OA
Cristini, FrankPVT112 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
Cusato, LouisPVT38 INF, 3 DIVNJ7-Aug-1918OA
Davenport, James H.PVT370 INF, 93 DIVPA20-Sep-1918OA
Davis, ValentinePVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Demark, Guy N.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA11-Aug-1918OA
Di Mario, Joseph D.PVT 1CL112 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
Diangelo, James J.PVT128 INF, 32 DIVMD1-Sep-1918OA
Dileo, AntonioPVT 1CL305 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Sep-1918OA
Downer, ClarenceMEC127 INF, 32 DIVWI30-Aug-1918OA
Doyle, EdwardCORP111 INF, 28 DIVPA7-Sep-1918OA
Drake, PaynePVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Sep-1918OA
Dudley, Carl A.2 LT306 MG BN, 77 DIVNY15-Sep-1918OA
Dull, OscarPVT112 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
Edwards, Prentice S.PVT 1CL39 INF, 4 DIVNM7-Aug-1918OA
Ehst, Clayton F.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Elefson, EdwinCORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Sep-1918OA
Ennis, CharlesPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Estes, James W.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVVA7-Aug-1918OA
Farris, Jackson H.PVT 1CL370 INF, 93 DIVMO20-Sep-1918OA
Finn, Freddie J.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVND11-Aug-1918OA
Finnerty, Joseph J.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Sep-1918OA
Florom, Marion W.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVNE12-Aug-1918OA
Forbes, James A.CORP127 INF, 32 DIVWA2-Sep-1918OA
Foreman, Everett C.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVID5-Sep-1918OA
Galbraith, AlbertPVT127 INF, 32 DIVNE1-Sep-1918OA
Garton, LukeMEC305 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Sep-1918OA
Gehrsitz, Augustine F.CORP306 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Sep-1918OA
Gensbauer, Charles W.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY7-Nov-1918OA
Gibbs, Clifford C.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVOH8-Aug-1918OA
Giordano, Dominic N.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA25-Aug-1918OA
Giovanetti, JohnPVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA26-Aug-1918OA
Goltz, Herman D.PVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVCA1-Sep-1918OA
Goonan, EdwardCORP307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Gotti, Albert J.CORP307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Gottsch, Otto D.SGT47 INF, 4 DIVIL7-Aug-1918OA
Greco, JosephPVT 1CL306 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Gretsinger, Raymond R.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVCO25-Aug-1918OA
Grobtuck, Samuel D.PVT 1CL308 INF, 77 DIVNY21-Aug-1918OA
Grohens, George C.PVT 1CL47 INF, 4 DIVIL10-Aug-1918OA
Grosz, Jacob C.PVT 1CL110 INF, 28 DIVPA26-Aug-1918OA
Grove, JohnPVT307 INF, 77 DIVMN14-Sep-1918OA
Hadden, George L.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Hagstrom, Esias E.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVMI12-Aug-1918OA
Hamernick, JohnPVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA5-Sep-1918OA
Hanshew, EarlWAGR111 INF, 28 DIVPA12-Aug-1918OA
Hanzer, Banjamin H.PVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA11-Aug-1918OA
Harper, WillisPVT59 INF, 4 DIVOK10-Aug-1918OA
Harrington, Robert D.PVT 1CL306 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Harris, WilburSGT111 INF, 28 DIVPA11-Aug-1918OA
Hart, Maurice Z.PVT 1CL307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Hartel, Joseph, Jr.CORP308 INF, 77 DIVNY22-Aug-1918OA
Hayslip, Charles C.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVOK10-Aug-1918OA
Hayward, WalterPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Sep-1918OA
Hedgelon, William F.PVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Herber, Oliver J.PVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Hickey, John J.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVMI29-Aug-1918OA
Hiett, Austin A.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVCO14-Aug-1918OA
Higginbotham, Edward M.PVT112 INF, 28 DIVOK27-Aug-1918OA
Hoch, John H.PVT108 MG BN, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Holmes, IverPVT307 INF, 77 DIVCT15-Sep-1918OA
Holt, AaronPVT 1CL59 INF, 4 DIVGA12-Aug-1918OA
Howells, Ernest P.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Hubbell, William D.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY8-Sep-1918OA
Hundley, LonniePVT47 INF, 4 DIVKY7-Aug-1918OA
Iapello, VincenzoPVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVPA7-Aug-1918OA
Jackson, William A.PVT 1CL47 INF, 4 DIVMI9-Aug-1918OA
Jackson, Winfield A.SGT111 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
Jaramillo, Jose D.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVCO29-Aug-1918OA
Johnson, Rudolph M.PVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
Jones, Arthur E.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVAR8-Aug-1918OA
Jones, John W.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Junior, MichaelPVT112 INF, 28 DIVPA27-Aug-1918OA
Kanthak, AlbertPVT307 INF, 77 DIVMN9-Sep-1918OA
Kaphan, JeromePVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVCA2-Sep-1918OA
Kern, William P.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVAZ6-Sep-1918OA
Kesler, Robert L.WAGR38 INF, 3 DIVVA8-Aug-1918OA
Kies, Ernest J.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVMT10-Aug-1918OA
Kincade, Harry H.PVT 1CL109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Kinsey, Elmer W.PVT 1CL59 INF, 4 DIVCO10-Aug-1918OA
Kolotovitz, DominickPVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA3-Sep-1918OA
Kowalkowski, FrankCORP59 INF, 4 DIVPA11-Aug-1918OA
Kroeger, Harry A.2LT58 INF, 4 DIVGA7-Aug-1918OA
Kudlinski, JosephPVT 1CL127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Sep-1918OA
Larmey, James E.PVT11 MG BN, 4 DIVMI8-Aug-1918OA
Lash, James P.PVT 1CL101 ENGRS, 26 DIVME18-Mar-1918OA
Leberman, NathanPVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY7-Sep-1918OA
Leslie, Herbert C.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVUT7-Aug-1918OA
Lewis, Gomer W.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVWI8-Aug-1918OA
Linde, AlexanderPVT47 INF, 4 DIVCO7-Aug-1918OA
Lombard, Hezekiah R.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVMA27-Aug-1918OA
Louviere, JerryPVT370 INF, 93 DIVIL8-Nov-1918OA
Luksha, WilliamPVT59 INF, 4 DIVMN11-Aug-1918OA
Lum, Wallace B.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVCT22-Aug-1918OA
Maberry, WaymonPVT370 INF, 93 DIVIL20-Sep-1918OA
Mahoney, JamesPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Malone, Edward J.CORP307 INF, 77 DIVNY9-Sep-1918OA
Mangione, AnthonyPVT306 INF, 77 DIVRI6-Sep-1918OA
Martin, James F.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVMA15-Aug-1918OA
Maruscak, GeorgeCORP110 INF, 28 DIVPA5-Sep-1918OA
Mason, Loyd R.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVMN8-Aug-1918OA
McAllister, ThomasCORP101 ENGRS, 26 DIVRI18-Mar-1918OA
McBride, LatrellePVT109 INF, 28 DIVOH7-Sep-1918OA
McCarthy, Charles J.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVMA6-Sep-1918OA
McCourt, James L.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA11-Aug-1918OA
McEwen, Thomas D.CORP112 INF, 28 DIVPA9-Aug-1918OA
McLellan, Roy M.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVAZ6-Sep-1918OA
Menge, EdwardSGT59 INF, 4 DIVWA11-Aug-1918OA
Miller, Herbert L.1 LT307 INF, 77 DIVIL16-Sep-1918OA
Mitchell, Patrick J.CORP305 INF, 77 DIVNY7-Sep-1918OA
Montgomery, Ira S.CORP126 INF, 32 DIVMI28-Aug-1918OA
Morin, NapoleonMEC38 INF, 3 DIVME8-Aug-1918OA
Morris, John C.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVCO2-Sep-1918OA
Morrissey, JamesPVT128 INF, 32 DIVNE1-Sep-1918OA
Mosley, LeePVT370 INF, 93 DIVVA30-Sep-1918OA
Mozako, VasilyPVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA8-Sep-1918OA
Murphy, Joseph F.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA11-Aug-1918OA
Murphy, Joseph F.PVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Aug-1918OA
Nasymski, StanislawPVT47 INF, 4 DIVOH10-Aug-1918OA
Needel, Raymond T.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVIL11-Aug-1918OA
Newell, Harry G.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVPA12-Aug-1918OA
Nickman, SylvanPVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Pepin, Robert S.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVNM6-Sep-1918OA
Petty, LeeCORP370 INF, 93 DIVIL3-Nov-1918OA
Peyton, Lawrence R.SGT109 INF, 28 DIVCA5-Sep-1918OA
Pietro, Felice S.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVCT7-Sep-1918OA
Pitterle, Frank L.CORP120 MG BN, 32 DIVWI30-Aug-1918OA
Pullin, HomerPVT125 INF, 32 DIVOK29-Aug-1918OA
Rechlin, John J.SGT307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Reese, HerbertSGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Reuse, George M.SGT308 INF, 77 DIVNY22-Aug-1918OA
Rhodes, JohnPVT38 INF, 3 DIVVA10-Aug-1918OA
Robare, Albert J.CORP307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Roberts, Harry J.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVCA6-Sep-1918OA
Robinson, John L.PVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA10-Aug-1918OA
Runner, Ray R.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVWV6-Sep-1918OA
Salyers, VirgilePVT111 INF, 28 DIVKY10-Aug-1918OA
Sandstrom, Arthur L.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVIL2-Sep-1918OA
Saxe, Jeremiah J.PVT 1CL307 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Sep-1918OA
Saza, NicolaliPVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA12-Aug-1918OA
Scamolla, LawrencePVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY9-Sep-1918OA
Scheider, Arthur F.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVKY7-Aug-1918OA
Schettler, Oliver G.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVMO7-Aug-1918OA
Schloen, GeorgeCORP305 INF, 77 DIVNY1-Sep-1918OA
Schreck, Andy G.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVMO29-Aug-1918OA
Schreck, WyvlePVT 1CL112 INF, 28 DIVPA27-Aug-1918OA
Scott, Otto E.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVIN7-Sep-1918OA
See, Hobart H.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVIL8-Aug-1918OA
Shaevitz, AbePVT305 INF, 77 DIVNY6-Sep-1918OA
Shaw, Stephen R.PVT 1CL59 INF, 4 DIVNE7-Aug-1918OA
Smith, AlbertPVT108 FA, 28 DIVPA7-Sep-1918OA
Smith, Charles M.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVPA25-Aug-1918OA
Smith, Eugene A.CORP110 INF, 28 DIVPA5-Sep-1918OA
Smith, Harry W.MEC38 INF, 3 DIVIL8-Aug-1918OA
Smith, Merle HaskinPVT 1CL126 INF, 32 DIVMI28-Aug-1918OA
Smothers, Clarence E.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVCO7-Sep-1918OA
Snow, William L.PVT12 MG BN, 4 DIVIN16-Aug-1918OA
Spence, William H.PVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA12-Aug-1918OA
Sprightly, Richard L.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVWI2-Sep-1918OA
Staubitz, PhilipPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY14-Sep-1918OA
Stein, IsraelPVT307 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Stoner, EdgarPVT111 INF, 28 DIVMD6-Sep-1918OA
Storm, Bert E.PVT 1CL59 INF, 4 DIVNE10-Aug-1918OA
Sweitzer, Harvey D.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Tack, ThomasPVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY27-Aug-1918OA
Tansey, Alfred P.PVT38 INF, 3 DIVOH7-Aug-1918OA
Telesha, PeterPVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Thetford, Fount H.PVT58 INF, 4 DIVMO8-Aug-1918OA
Tomanski, BarneySGT127 INF, 32 DIVWI1-Sep-1918OA
Troia, FrankPVT47 INF, 4 DIVMI9-Aug-1918OA
Tumas, Anthony F.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Votrie, CharlesPVT 1CL59 INF, 4 DIVNY11-Aug-1918OA
Waite, FrancisPVT128 INF, 32 DIVMN1-Sep-1918OA
Walker, Jesse H.CORP111 INF, 28 DIVPA10-Aug-1918OA
Wallen, JohnPVT127 INF, 32 DIVCA2-Sep-1918OA
Waters, PaulPVT 1CL38 INF, 3 DIVMS7-Aug-1918OA
Weber, George L.PVT127 INF, 32 DIVNY1-Sep-1918OA
Weekly, OlaPVTMED DET 306 INF, 77 DIVWV27-Aug-1918OA
Werner, Bernhard J.PVT47 INF, 4 DIVWI10-Aug-1918OA
Widgeon, Johnie A.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVVA6-Sep-1918OA
Wielkiewicz, Frank J.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY5-Sep-1918OA
Winthrop, JohnSGT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Wogatzke, Charles W.PVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY12-Aug-1918OA
Wolanski, HenryPVT306 INF, 77 DIVNY23-Aug-1918OA
Wolfe, Franklin D.CAPT109 INF, 28 DIVPA6-Sep-1918OA
Wood, William J.PVT308 INF, 77 DIVNY5-Sep-1918OA
Woodard, Charley H.PVT59 INF, 4 DIVNE7-Aug-1918OA
Young, OrianPVT370 INF, 93 DIVIL30-Sep-1918OA
Zimmerman, Lester I.PVT109 INF, 28 DIVPA7-Sep-1918OA
Zito, DominickPVT111 INF, 28 DIVNY11-Aug-1918OA
Adams, John W.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVTN12-Sep-1918SM
Agostino, LeonePVT16 INF, 1 DIVIN9-Aug-1918SM
Aitken, Leonard C.1LT372 INF, 93 DIVNV8-Nov-1918SM
Allen, Ilo W.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVIL26-Sep-1918SM
Allen, John W.PVT360 INF, 90 DIVTX15-Sep-1918SM
Averill, Chester J.PVT110 INF, 28 DIVIL9-Nov-1918SM
Bailey, AlfredSGT365 INF, 92 DIVIL21-Oct-1918SM
Baker, George W.PVT 1CL358 INF, 90 DIVOK26-Sep-1918SM
Baker, Thomas F.CORP103 INF, 26 DIVNY26-Sep-1918SM
Ballard, F.ePVT102 MG BN, 26 DIVVT26-Sep-1918SM
Barnes, Horace W.SGT6 INF, 5 DIVIN14-Sep-1918SM
Barnes, Raymond E.PVT 1CL6 INF, 5 DIVOH20-Aug-1918SM
Bauer, George J.PVT104 ENGRS, 29 DIVMN31-Aug-1918SM
Beck, WalterCORP365 INF, 92 DIVOH29-Oct-1918SM
Belcher, George W.MEC359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Bemowski, Joseph G.PVT 1CL104 INF, 26 DIVMA15-Sep-1918SM
Berger, RalphCORP166 INF, 42 DIVOH2-Jun-1918SM
Bergstrom, Sidney H.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVMN25-Sep-1918SM
Berman, BenjaminPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVPA15-Sep-1918SM
Bishop, George T.PVT5 MG BN, 2 DIVWA12-Sep-1918SM
Blunschi, EmilPVT11 INF, 5 DIVKY13-Sep-1918SM
Bordeau, Charles W.PVT 1CL168 INF, 42 DIVIA13-Sep-1918SM
Boss, OtisPVT14 MG BN, 5 DIVGA16-Sep-1918SM
Bouling, Charles A.PVT 1CL365 INF, 92 DIVOH28-Oct-1918SM
Boyle, Junius I.2LT147 INF, 37 DIVMD11-Oct-1918SM
Brenner, FrederickPVT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
Bristol, Herbert S.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVWA17-Aug-1918SM
Browning, S. C.PVT341 MG BN, 89 DIVNE13-Sep-1918SM
Bryant, James H.BGLR358 INF, 90 DIVOK26-Sep-1918SM
Buchholz, Charles L.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVMO26-Sep-1918SM
Burt, John F.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
Butler, Chauncey M.PVT315 ENGRS, 90 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Buzard, Emmett E.SGT358 INF, 90 DIVOK26-Sep-1918SM
Cabaniss, John D.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Cafferty, Bernard J.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVNY28-Sep-1918SM
Carrender, W. O.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVMO1-Mar-1918SM
Carson, Joseph C.SGT358 INF, 90 DIVOK26-Sep-1918SM
Church, Otis W.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Cifredella, AngeloPVT 1CL312 INF, 78 DIVNJ28-Sep-1918SM
Clemons, PricePVT356 INF, 89 DIVMO12-Sep-1918SM
Clester, James H.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVIL12-Sep-1918SM
Cogswell, Walter L.PVT310 INF, 78 DIVNJ2-Oct-1918SM
Collier, Charles J.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVAR12-Sep-1918SM
Connors, MichaelPVT102 INF, 26 DIVNY27-Sep-1918SM
Cornelius, L. M.PVT147 INF, 37 DIVPA11-Oct-1918SM
Cory, Harvey L.2LT310 INF, 78 DIVNY22-Sep-1918SM
Cowans, BrownlowPVT368 INF, 92 DIVTN16-Sep-1918SM
Croteau, Clarence J.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVNH26-Sep-1918SM
Crouch, William C.CORP310 INF, 78 DIVNY22-Sep-1918SM
Cushion, Leon J.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVVT26-Sep-1918SM
Daly, William A.SGT359 INF, 90 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
Dance, CardwellPVT372 INF, 93 DIVVA8-Nov-1918SM
De Mark, PeterPVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH14-Sep-1918SM
Dearman, Joe G.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVTX12-Sep-1918SM
Defego, Michele E.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVMA13-Apr-1918SM
Dickinson, Seth H.CORP102 INF, 26 DIVCT26-Sep-1918SM
Doherty, John F.PVT104 ENGRS, 29 DIVNJ31-Aug-1918SM
Downs, Thomas F.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVOH26-Sep-1918SM
Dozier, HenryPVT365 INF, 92 DIVFL29-Oct-1918SM
Dressel, Ray C.PVT 1CL315 ENGRS, 90 DIVMN26-Sep-1918SM
Drish, Alexander S.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Dubuque, CharlesPVT103 INF, 26 DIVNH16-Jun-1918SM
Dunphy, William J.PVT 1CL101 INF, 26 DIVMA31-May-1918SM
Earliwine, John H.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVWV4-Nov-1918SM
Elam, KellyCORP6 INF, 5 DIVKY14-Sep-1918SM
Evicz, StevePVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH14-Sep-1918SM
Farr, Cleo V.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVOK12-Sep-1918SM
Feltnor, Frank B.CORP359 INF, 90 DIVMI26-Sep-1918SM
Fincher, HomerPVT167 INF, 42 DIVGA12-Sep-1918SM
Fitzgerald, Edward J.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT13-Sep-1918SM
Fleming, James F.PVT312 INF, 78 DIVNJ28-Sep-1918SM
Flores, Peter A.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVIL26-Sep-1918SM
Florio, HumbertPVT165 INF, 42 DIVNY15-Sep-1918SM
Foucault, Howard N.PVT168 INF, 42 DIVMI23-Sep-1918SM
Gainey, Walker A.CORP3 MG BN, 1 DIVFL5-Sep-1918SM
Gandy, Andrew J.PVT 1CL359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Gann, WyattPVT355 INF, 89 DIVMO12-Sep-1918SM
Geis, Aelred J.PVT55 INF, 7 DIVMN3-Nov-1918SM
Gilbreath, Robert B.2LT358 INF, 90 DIVTN26-Sep-1918SM
Glatthaar, Arthur P.PVT325 INF, 82 DIVNY4-Sep-1918SM
Gober, Frank J.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
Golson, Mount E.PVT 1CL11 INF, 5 DIVAL15-Sep-1918SM
Goodwin, ThomasPVT355 INF, 89 DIVSD12-Sep-1918SM
Green, Dewey S.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT26-Sep-1918SM
Green, WallaceSGT6 INF, 5 DIVNC17-Aug-1918SM
Grieve, William E.CORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL15-Sep-1918SM
Grimesey, George W.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH12-Sep-1918SM
Grunig, Paul H.2LT56 INF, 7 DIVCO7-Nov-1918SM
Hammond, Claud C.PVT355 INF, 89 DIVCO12-Sep-1918SM
Hansen, Carl C.CORP56 INF, 7 DIVIA30-Oct-1918SM
Hansen, ChrisPVT102 INF, 26 DIVNE26-Sep-1918SM
Hansen, MariusPVT18 INF, 1 DIVWA1-Mar-1918SM
Hassinger, Philip E.1LT22 AERO SQNY14-Sep-1918SM
Herman, Claude E.PVT 1CL341 MG BN, 89 DIVKS13-Sep-1918SM
Hertter, Willie J.PVT 1CL308 MG BN, 78 DIVIL21-Sep-1918SM
Heyman, HarryPVT111 INF, 28 DIVNJ22-Oct-1918SM
Hiatt, Albert L.PVT60 INF, 5 DIVMO30-Jul-1918SM
Higgins, George R.PVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVOH27-Sep-1918SM
Hogan, Andrew V.PVT 1CL310 INF, 78 DIVNY22-Sep-1918SM
Hogwood, George P.PVT9 INF, 2 DIVVA12-Sep-1918SM
Holmes, Charles T.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVOK26-Sep-1918SM
Houchin, MitchelPVT168 INF, 42 DIVIA16-Jun-1918SM
Howard, Claude C.PVT356 INF, 89 DIVNM24-Sep-1918SM
Howe, Francis E.PVT355 INF, 89 DIVSD12-Sep-1918SM
Irish, Eugene J.2LT167 INF, 42 DIVNY16-Sep-1918SM
Irwin, Ruben J.PVT104 INF, 26 DIVCA3-Oct-1918SM
Isable, JohnPVT359 INF, 90 DIVND26-Sep-1918SM
James, Herbert C.CORP358 INF, 90 DIVOK26-Sep-1918SM
Jansen, Eugene P.PVT 1CLHQ TR, 42 DIVNY12-Sep-1918SM
Jay, MichaelPVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT11-Jun-1918SM
Jelkin, WilberPVT355 INF, 89 DIVSD12-Sep-1918SM
Jenson, Iver R.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVMN4-Nov-1918SM
Joda, John T.PVT315 ENGRS, 90 DIVWI14-Sep-1918SM
Kenley, Grover C.PVT165 INF, 42 DIVVA12-Sep-1918SM
Kernan, John M.PVT 1CL327 INF, 82 DIVNY14-Sep-1918SM
Key, Oscar C.2LT359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Kibler, John H.CORP44 CA REGTKS4-Oct-1918SM
Kinkennon, C. A.PVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Kleinman, William M.MEC359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Klench, JohnPVT111 INF, 28 DIVMN4-Nov-1918SM
Koch, Henry J.PVT 1CL355 INF, 89 DIVSD12-Sep-1918SM
Kondratik, GeorgePVT9 INF, 2 DIVOH12-Sep-1918SM
Kopp, Wilbur C.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVIL26-Sep-1918SM
Kronmann, Henry F.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVCA26-Sep-1918SM
Kurlander, Soll H.PVT23 INF, 2 DIVOH13-Sep-1918SM
Lackey, John R.PVT6 INF, 5 DIVIL12-Sep-1918SM
Lagasse, WilliamPVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT21-Apr-1918SM
Lampinen, RobertPVT107 INF, 42 DIVMT14-Sep-1918SM
Layton, Silas W.CORP110 INF, 28 DIVAK4-Nov-1918SM
Lazaruk, HarryPVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVPA4-Nov-1918SM
Lee, James C.CORP23 INF, 2 DIVWV3-Apr-1918SM
Lee, RaymondPVT 1CL23 INF, 2 DIVVT13-Sep-1918SM
Lefrancois, Rowell J.PVT102 MG BN, 26 DIVVT26-Sep-1918SM
Lester, George J.CORP326 INF, 82 DIVNY4-Aug-1918SM
Lillard, B.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Limle, David G.PVT356 INF, 89 DIVMO29-Sep-1918SM
Lines, Irving E.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVCT21-Apr-1918SM
Lorenz, CharlesPVT6 INF, 5 DIVTX14-Sep-1918SM
Lowe, Louis M.PVT6 INF, 5 DIVIN11-Apr-1918SM
Lowe, Walter P.PVT 1CL115 INF, 29 DIVMD31-Aug-1918SM
Lucky, George W.PVT 1CL359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Lyman, Mortimer J.PVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT26-Sep-1918SM
Lynch, George F.CORP60 INF, 5 DIVWV30-Jul-1918SM
Mac Kay, George L.2LT117 ENGRS, 42 DIVFL17-Apr-1918SM
Maher, Edward P.PVT 1CL165 INF, 42 DIVNY20-Mar-1918SM
Mailea, John T.PVT 1CL102 FA, 26 DIVMA9-Oct-1918SM
Mann, Linward A.SGT103 INF, 26 DIVME26-Sep-1918SM
Martin, OscarPVT11 INF, 5 DIVIL12-Sep-1918SM
McIntosh, James H.PVT355 INF, 89 DIVCO12-Sep-1918SM
McKay, LutherPVT 1CL111 INF, 28 DIVMN4-Nov-1918SM
Miers, DanPVT359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Miller, Bryan V.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVIL15-Sep-1918SM
Mishler, Carl E.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVIL12-Sep-1918SM
Moffitt, Edward C.PVT326 INF, 82 DIVPA4-Aug-1918SM
Montagon, JohnPVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT26-Sep-1918SM
Moore, Edward R.PVT 1CL6 INF, 5 DIVNE11-Aug-1918SM
Morken, Lewis H.PVT130 INF, 33 DIVIA10-Nov-1918SM
Mundi, SalvatorePVT9 INF, 2 DIVOH12-Sep-1918SM
Nary, BurdettSGT16 INF, 1 DIVIL12-Sep-1918SM
Nash, Edward C.PVT168 INF, 42 DIVIA5-Mar-1918SMDisintergrated by Minenwerfer
Neidlinger, F. W.PVT56 INF, 7 DIVIN7-Nov-1918SM
North, Philip C.PVT355 INF, 89 DIVCO12-Sep-1918SM
O'Boyle, EugenePVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH12-Sep-1918SM
O'Brien, James A.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
O'Brien, Thomas F.PVT310 INF, 78 DIVNY24-Sep-1918SM
O'Malley, Frank J.PVT 1CL130 INF, 33 DIVIL2-Nov-1918SM
Ofstad, ErickPVT 1CL359 INF, 90 DIVND26-Sep-1918SM
Oliver, JosephPVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH12-Sep-1918SM
Owens, Glen F.PVT115 INF, 29 DIVIN31-Aug-1918SM
Pair, William B.PVT115 INF, 29 DIVVA31-Aug-1918SM
Palmer, Perley C.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVME26-Sep-1918SM
Palo, Matt E.PVT 1CL355 INF, 89 DIVSD12-Sep-1918SM
Parks, TheranPVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVTN1-Mar-1918SM
Pauley, Henry C.PVT 1CL60 INF, 5 DIVAR25-Sep-1918SM
Pearson, Edward R.CORP311 INF, 78 DIVNY26-Sep-1918SM
Pedersen, GlenPVT168 INF, 42 DIVIA5-Mar-1918SMDisintergrated by Minenwerfer
Peiker, Frank J.PVT 1CL147 INF, 37 DIVNJ11-Oct-1918SM
Pellet, JoePVT11 INF, 5 DIVLA12-Sep-1918SM
Pope, FredCORP23 INF, 2 DIVWA12-Sep-1918SM
Porsch, Walter J.SGT168 INF, 42 DIVIA5-Mar-1918SMDisintergrated by Minenwerfer
Prescott, Harvey D.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVVT26-Sep-1918SM
Rahe, Durrill H.CORP357 INF, 90 DIVOK12-Sep-1918SM
Raiz, Samuel E.PVT360 INF, 90 DIVTX19-Sep-1918SM
Rambie, James G.PVT328 INF, 82 DIVTX15-Sep-1918SM
Ramires, Joseph C.PVT 1CL61 INF, 5 DIVIL16-Sep-1918SM
Raveling, William C.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Reese, Wilbur J.PVT103 FA, 26 DIVMD20-Sep-1918SM
Register, Lorton W.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVGA1-Mar-1918SM
Reimringer, Edward M.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVMN26-Sep-1918SM
Resh, Joseph A.CORP311 INF, 78 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
Ressemann, WilliamPVT358 INF, 90 DIVMN26-Sep-1918SM
Revnik, MarkeyPVT21 FA, 5 DIVRI14-Sep-1918SM
Richards, Carl R.PVT147 INF, 37 DIVIL11-Oct-1918SM
Richardson, W. B.PVT56 INF, 7 DIVOH10-Nov-1918SM
Roberts, John W.PVT355 INF, 89 DIVNE12-Sep-1918SM
Roby, Charlie T.PVT344 MG BN, 90 DIVOK17-Sep-1918SM
Rodenberg, Joseph A.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNY26-Sep-1918SM
Rogillio, Eugene W.PVT 1CL26 INF, 1 DIVLA12-Sep-1918SM
Roper, KenyonCAPT91 AERO SQOH14-Sep-1918SM
Sanders, Ellie G.CORP167 INF, 42 DIVAL16-Sep-1918SM
Schmidt, Fred W.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVND26-Sep-1918SM
Seeright, Harry M.PVT6 INF, 5 DIVIL13-Sep-1918SM
Shaffer, Davis M.SGT111 INF, 28 DIVPA28-Oct-1918SM
Shoemaker, WilliamSGT326 INF, 82 DIVPA4-Aug-1918SM
Siebenthaler, G. H.PVT353 INF, 89 DIVKS17-Sep-1918SM
Simoens, FrankPVT110 INF, 28 DIVWI9-Nov-1918SM
Singleton, William J.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Skiles, Rocial M.CORP358 INF, 90 DIVOK26-Sep-1918SM
Skinner, Perry W.PVT357 INF, 90 DIVIA14-Sep-1918SM
Sliger, Lonnie P.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Sliwinski, Leo J.PVT103 INF, 26 DIVMI12-Sep-1918SM
Smart, Henry L.PVT 1CL328 INF, 82 DIVNY15-Sep-1918SM
Smith, Charlie E.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Smith, EdwardPVT 1CL310 INF, 78 DIVNJ2-Oct-1918SM
Smith, Frasier E.CORP11 INF, 5 DIVAL12-Sep-1918SM
Smith, HerbertPVT5 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNY15-Sep-1918SM
Smith, JosephPVT 1CL115 INF, 29 DIVPA31-Aug-1918SM
Southard, HenryCORP115 INF, 29 DIVMD31-Aug-1918SM
Spoden, NicholasPVT358 INF, 90 DIVMN14-Sep-1918SM
Stackhouse, EugenePVT102 INF, 26 DIVLA26-Sep-1918SM
Stagg, Malcolm M.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVTX13-Sep-1918SM
Stapleton, FlemPVT9 INF, 2 DIVKY12-Sep-1918SM
Stephano, DemetriusSGT1 ENGRS, 1 DIVCT7-Aug-1918SM
Stewart, HarveyPVT 1CL115 INF, 29 DIVMD30-Aug-1918SM
Stockwell, Emmons J.2LT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVVT15-Sep-1918SM
Stout, Joseph, Jr.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
Streit, Harry J.PVT11 INF, 5 DIVOH12-Sep-1918SM
Strickland, HarryPVT359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Struck, Edward E.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVIN1-Mar-1918SM
Sullivan, William J.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVMI16-Sep-1918SM
Sutherland, George R.2LT102 MG BN, 26 DIVWI26-Sep-1918SM
Taracka, JohnPVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVIL1-Mar-1918SM
Taylor, Ralph A.PVT115 INF, 29 DIVNJ31-Aug-1918SM
Tedesco, Andrew J.PVT307 INF, 77 DIVCT24-Jul-1918SM
Thomas, Alvey S.PVT167 INF, 42 DIVOK12-Sep-1918SM
Thompson, KinneyPVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVOH15-Sep-1918SM
Thompson, NilsCORP11 INF, 5 DIVIL15-Sep-1918SM
Tigertt, John D.PVT 1CL359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Tippet, Ralph Waldo2LT11 INF, 5 DIVWI12-Sep-1918SM
Todd, VANPVT358 INF, 90 DIVIL27-Sep-1918SM
Toolan, Thomas F.SGT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ26-Sep-1918SM
Trzaska, JosephPVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT26-Sep-1918SM
Tvedten, OlePVT357 INF, 90 DIVMN14-Sep-1918SM
Venier, DomenicoPVT358 INF, 90 DIVMN14-Sep-1918SM
Voight, Conrad F.BGLR360 INF, 90 DIVTX12-Sep-1918SM
Vorta, NicholasPVT311 INF, 78 DIVNY26-Sep-1918SM
Wagner, Charley A.PVT358 INF, 90 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Walden, Ray C.PVT168 INF, 42 DIVIA5-Mar-1918SMDisintergrated by Minenwerfer
Walker, Dallas F.CORP359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Wallace, MartPVT6 INF, 5 DIVKY14-Sep-1918SM
Walsh, William M.SGT165 INF, 42 DIVNY12-Sep-1918SM
Walters, John B F.PVT 1CL167 INF, 42 DIVAL4-May-1918SM
Walton, William E.PVT111 INF, 28 DIVOH4-Nov-1918SM
Wambsal, Frederick W.PVT102 INF, 26 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Watt, RobertPVT101 ENGRS, 26 DIVMA26-Sep-1918SM
Weaver, JosephPVT9 INF, 2 DIVNJ12-Sep-1918SM
Webb, Samuel W.SGT357 INF, 90 DIVOK14-Sep-1918SM
Weber, Clarence H.PVT6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNJ15-Sep-1918SM
Wells, Frank H.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNY26-Sep-1918SM
Welowicki, KazimirPVT23 INF, 2 DIVMA13-Sep-1918SM
Wenger, EmilPVT111 INF, 28 DIVIL4-Nov-1918SM
White, Richard Ray2LT23 INF, 2 DIVFL13-Sep-1918SM
Whitney, WilliamPVT103 INF, 26 DIVME26-Sep-1918SM
Whittle, RalphSGT358 INF, 90 DIVIA26-Sep-1918SM
Wilcox, Ernest C.PVT 1CL102 INF, 26 DIVCT26-Sep-1918SM
Willis, William W.PVT56 INF, 7 DIVOK30-Oct-1918SM
Wilson, Hugh W.PVT 1CL1 FLD SIG BN, 2 DIVCA16-Sep-1918SM
Winfrey, Paul E.PVT359 INF, 90 DIVTX26-Sep-1918SM
Wood, CharlesCORP6 REGT USMC, 2 DIVNC15-Sep-1918SM
Wood, WilliamSGT60 INF, 5 DIVPA16-Sep-1918SM
Wright, Charles H.PVT125 INF, 32 DIVOH30-Jun-1918SM
Wright, Robey G.PVT328 INF, 82 DIVOH15-Sep-1918SM
Yurnick, SimonPVT4 MG BN, 2 DIVPA15-Sep-1918SM
Zirwes, George J.PVT311 INF, 78 DIVNJ30-Sep-1918SM
Abbott, James T.SGT301 BN TANK CORPSIL1-Sep-1918SO
Amundson, RalphPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI28-May-1918SO
Andersen, Axel S.PVT105 INF, 27 DIVNY29-Sep-1918SO
Anderson, GeorgePVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY27-Sep-1918SO
Anderson, Theodore E.PVT 1CL131 INF, 33 DIVIL9-Aug-1918SO
Angove, William H.CORP108 INF, 27 DIVNY29-Sep-1918SO
Antes, Jay Le R.PVTMED DET 28 INF, 1 DIVPA29-May-1918SO
Argiroplos, James J.PVT317 INF, 80 DIVWV15-Aug-1918SO
Ashe, John B.CORP105 FLD SIG BN, 30 DIVTN29-Sep-1918SO
Aycock, WilliePVT 1CL119 INF, 30 DIVNC13-Oct-1918SO
Bailey, Graham T.SGT120 INF, 30 DIVNC29-Sep-1918SO
Barthelette, PatrickPVT18 INF, 1 DIVND30-May-1918SO
Beck, Leonard W.PVT1 MG BN, 1 DIVNY7-Jun-1918SO
Belanger, Joseph G.PVT 1CL2 MG BN, 1 DIVMA30-May-1918SO
Bell, GuyPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMI28-May-1918SO
Berger, MelvinPVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVWI1-Jul-1918SO
Billetdoux, Harry J.PVT105 INF, 27 DIVNY1-Oct-1918SO
Bolling, RaynalCOLONELAVN SECCT29-Mar-1918SO
Bonsnas, Alfred M.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVNY14-Jun-1918SO
Borgie, AxelPVT117 INF, 30 DIVMN29-Sep-1918SO
Bower, Freeman W.PVT6 ENGRS, 3 DIVPA30-Mar-1918SO
Bower, William M.SGT16 INF, 1 DIVOR4-Jul-1918SO
Boyland, Joseph D.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVCA28-May-1918SO
Brachmann, BenjaminPVT28 INF, 1 DIVCA28-May-1918SO
Bracy, GodwinPVT120 INF, 30 DIVNC29-Sep-1918SO
Bradley, LutherPVT28 INF, 1 DIVAR29-May-1918SO
Branshaw, RaymondPVT28 INF, 1 DIVWI28-May-1918SO
Briemmer, Herman B.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVOH27-Sep-1918SO
Brock, Robert L.PVT117 INF, 30 DIVTN8-Oct-1918SO
Butler, CharlesSGT301 BN TANK CORPSOH28-Sep-1918SO
Cahill, Lawrence A.PVT102 ENGRS, 27 DIVPA29-Sep-1918SO
Caridieo, Louis J.PVT 1CL105 INF, 27 DIVNY19-Oct-1918SO
Carroll, John R.SGT120 INF, 30 DIVNC29-Sep-1918SO
Caskey, JamesPVT28 INF, 1 DIVKY29-May-1918SO
Caudle, LeePVT28 INF, 1 DIVAR30-May-1918SO
Chalmers, Arkansas R.PVT120 INF, 30 DIVNC29-Sep-1918SO
Charnin, NathanPVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY11-Oct-1918SO
Cirino, JosephPVT16 INF, 1 DIVMA6-Jun-1918SO
Clark, Clyde P.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVOH8-Jun-1918SO
Coduti, PhilipPVT132 INF, 33 DIVIL4-Jul-1918SO
Cole, Arthur J.MEC28 INF, 1 DIVNY28-May-1918SO
Coleman, James J.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA28-May-1918SO
Collins, AnthonyPVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY27-Sep-1918SO
Costanzo, JamesPVT105 INF, 27 DIVNY19-Oct-1918SO
Cox, Albert L.PVT18 INF, 1 DIVID29-May-1918SO
Croak, Frank J.2LT28 INF, 1 DIVMO30-May-1918SO
Croal, Charles C.2LT28 INF, 1 DIVSD28-May-1918SO
Croswell, WileyPVT28 INF, 1 DIVOH29-May-1918SO
Cummings, William F.PVT105 INF, 27 DIVNY29-Sep-1918SO
D'annolfo, SalvatorePVT28 INF, 1 DIVMA28-May-1918SO
Daley, CorneliusPVT 1CL108 INF, 27 DIVNY29-Sep-1918SO
Daniels, Henry P.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVGA30-May-1918SO
Daniels, VictorPVT6 ENGRS, 3 DIVNY29-Mar-1918SO
Darr, FrankPVT28 INF, 1 DIVAR28-May-1918SO
Davidoff, BernardPVT28 INF, 1 DIVIL29-May-1918SO
Davis, PaulPVT28 INF, 1 DIVID28-May-1918SO
Davis, Thomas L.PVT 1CL120 INF, 30 DIVTN9-Oct-1918SO
Dawe, WalterPVT28 INF, 1 DIVMO28-May-1918SO
Dennis, Judson W.SGT119 INF, 30 DIVTN17-Oct-1918SO
Dina, MichaelPVT11 ENGRSNY30-Nov-1917SO
Dishong, James R.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVWV6-Jun-1918SO
Dolan, James J.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVPA27-Sep-1918SO
Dommel, Elmer B.CORP18 INF, 1 DIVPA30-May-1918SO
Dorr, David N.PVT117 INF, 30 DIVFL17-Oct-1918SO
Dugan, George E.PVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY27-Sep-1918SO
Duhme, Chris H.PVT118 INF, 30 DIVIA12-Oct-1918SO
Duneer, Herbert J.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVCT27-Sep-1918SO
Dunkle, ElmerPVT28 INF, 1 DIVPA28-May-1918SO
Dunn, Charles P.PVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY27-Sep-1918SO
Dunn, FrankCORP119 INF, 30 DIVOH29-Sep-1918SO
Durham, Rufus M.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVVA28-May-1918SO
Duron, Michael F.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVCA28-May-1918SO
Dust, GeorgePVT28 INF, 1 DIVIL28-May-1918SO
Eddy, Charles L.PVT 1CL132 INF, 33 DIVIL4-Jul-1918SO
Edwards, William F.PVT119 INF, 30 DIVNC29-Sep-1918SO
Ellington, Charles D.SGT120 INF, 30 DIVNC9-Oct-1918SO
Evers, Stephen F.CORP105 INF, 27 DIVNY29-Sep-1918SO
Fahnestalk, Harvey W.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVMI28-May-1918SO
Farley, BurnardPVT6 FA, 1 DIVNJ29-May-1918SO
Farrell, Chester A.PVT 1CL106 INF, 27 DIVNY23-Oct-1918SO
Farrow, Joseph C.PVT28 INF, 1 DIVNJ28-May-1918SO
Fasciani, JamesPVT16 INF, 1 DIVMA6-Jun-1918SO
Faulk, Leonidas B.1LTATCHD BRIT ARMYLA24-Mar-1918SO
Fitzwilliams, WalterPVT131 INF, 33 DIVIL11-Aug-1918SO
Fontaine, Marcel O.PVT 1CL105 INF, 27 DIVNY29-Sep-1918SO
Fontana, GuiseppePVT131 INF, 33 DIVIL26-Jul-1918SO
Forrester, John W.PVT1 MG BN, 1 DIVTN8-May-1918SO
Forster, Linn H.1LT148 AERO SQNY2-Sep-1918SO
Foster, George H.PVT2 MG BN, 1 DIVIN7-Jun-1918SO
Foster, Robert C.CK6 ENGRS, 3 DIVTN28-Mar-1918SO
Fox, Patrick E.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVNY28-May-1918SO
Frazier, Francis V.1LTBASE HOSP 21MO24-Mar-1918SOBuried in Noyon New British Cemetery, not necessarily in grave marked.
Friday, George E.CORP28 INF, 1 DIVMI11-Jun-1918SO
Garland, Grady L.PVT16 INF, 1 DIVGA4-Jul-1918SO
Gatlin, Ben L.PVT 1CL120 INF, 30 DIVNC29-Sep-1918SO
Gialanella, Amedeo R.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVNY28-May-1918SO
Gibson, James H., Jr.CORP105 INF, 27 DIVNY19-Oct-1918SO
Girdusky, GeorgePVT 1CL107 INF, 27 DIVNY29-Sep-1918SO
Gladyck, FrankPVT105 INF, 27 DIVMI2-Oct-1918SO
Glemzia, CharlesPVT132 INF, 33 DIVIL4-Jul-1918SO
Goldstein, LouisPVT28 INF, 1 DIVAL28-May-1918SO
Goldwatter, SolomonPVT11 ENGRSNY30-Nov-1917SO
Goodman, WilliamPVT106 INF, 27 DIVNY27-Sep-1918SO
Gray, Norborne R.2LT28 INF, 1 DIVKY28-May-1918SO
Gray, RobertCORP106 INF, 27 DIVNY28-Sep-1918SO
Griffin, John H.MEC118 INF, 30 DIVSC1-Oct-1918SO
Hall, JamesPVT120 INF, 30 DIVKY29-Sep-1918SO
Hall, RichmondPVT1 MG BN, 1 DIVND7-Jun-1918SO
Hall, William J.SGT28 INF, 1 DIVLA29-May-1918SO
Halper, Seth J.CORP131 INF, 33 DIVIL10-Aug-1918SO
Hanson, William A.PVT131 INF, 33 DIVMN10-Aug-1918SO
Harrell, RolandPVT119 INF, 30 DIVNC2-Aug-1918SO
Harris, EdwardPVT 1CL132 INF, 33 DIVIL4-Jul-1918SO
Harris, JerryPVT120 INF, 30 DIVNC29-Sep-1918SO
Hart, JamesPVT 1CL118 INF, 30 DIVSC11-Oct-1918SO
Hawkins, ClarenceCORP28 INF, 1 DIVIN30-May-1918SO
Hawkins, TandyPVT119 INF, 30 DIVSC10-Oct-1918SO
Hayes, James A.PVT105 INF, 27 DIVNY1-Nov-1918SO
Heckelman, CharlesPVT 1CL18 INF, 1 DIVPA3-May-1918SO
Heimbach, Harry D.PVT 1CL28 INF, 1 DIVPA28-May-1918SO