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Mount Mora Cemetery's WWI Memorial

Mount Mora Cemetery's WWI Memorialloupe
824 Mt. Mora Rd
Saint Joseph

The Pershing Chapter No. 1, Service Star Legion arranged for the Missouri Granite Company to erect the WWI monument in Mount Mora Cemetery.

The dedication was held at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, September 26, 1926, as a memorial to the Buchanan county soldiers who died in WWI. The women raised the $3,560 for this monument through poppy sales and donations from relatives of war veterans. Solicitation of funds began immediately after the end of the World War.

The monument base is made of light Barre, Vermont granite, the dais is dark Barre, Vermont granite, all Rock of Ages stone. Atop the dais is a larger than life size doughboy standing at parade rest. He is made of light gray Barre, Vermont granite. Altogether the monument stands 15 feet high in on a hillside at the entrance to the cemetery. The American flag flies overhead.

The Pershing Chapter was an outgrowth of an organization known as the “War Mothers” which formed in St. Joseph during the war. Following the formation of the national Service Star Legion, their organization became affiliated with it and adopted the present name.
More than 300 gathered in drizzling rain on Sunday, the 26th, to bow their heads as the World War I heroes who lost their lives were honored by the unveiling of the monument.

Rev. S. R. Bartle, pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, stated,

“This monument, which has been unveiled here this afternoon, teaches us the value and the cost of peace. The cost is obedience and self sacrifice and the value of peace is a man’s love for his country toward working for peace. The 100 per cent American citizens will never forget the great sacrifice which these boys made for us. This monument is here to keep fresh the memory of these boys. Memory is the mother of gratitude.”

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