Scenes from the ceremony April 18, 2019 to dedicate a grave marker for Camille O'Brien, a member of the Emory nursing unit who died of illness while treating soldiers in France in World War I. She had lain in an unmarked grave in Atlanta's Greenwood Cemetery for 98 years. Our appreciation to the many who made this ceremony possible, including the organizer historian Michael Hitt. In addition to the Georgia WWI Centennial Commission, these include H.M. Patterson & Sons Funeral Directors Oglethorpe Hill Chapel, Emory University, the Patriot Guard Riders of Georgia, the Daughters of the American Revolution, American Legion Posts 143 and 160, American Red Cross, and numerous others.

Grave marker for Camille O'Brien.  Two red roses lying on topMan and woman standing under grave tent posing for the cameraTwo soldiers dressed in WW1 military uniforms folding the US flag.People standing around the grave marker in what looks to be a moment of silence.Man in authentic WW1 military uniform holds folded US flag while looking on at the ceremony.  Others in attendance stand nearby.a view from behind people sitting under a green tent.a view from behind the tent but to the side.  Someone is at a podium speaking.pictures on easels.  One is of O'Brien with news articles surrounding her black and white picture.  the other picture is a long picture of the members of her camp.Soldier dressed in WW1 military attire stands atop a box and gives a speecha man in a black robe gives a speech at the podiumthe color guard stand in a line with the US flaga bronze plaque dedicated to Camille Louise O'Brien on an easel