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Miami County Worth Remembering

Celebrating the Times and Saluting Our Veterans of World War I

 The Miami County Museum in Peru, Indiana is searching for our doughboys, red cross nurses, auxiliary aid workers and doughnut dollies!

On the Miami County Courthouse square in Peru, Indiana stands a Doughboy statue. Dedicated on November 11, 1930, it honors all of those who served during World War I from Miami County. On the limestone base of the statue is mounted a brass plaque engraved with 17 names of Miami County Gold Star veterans who died for their country during the Great War. They have been remembered; many more have not.


As a part of a two-year Indiana World War I Centennial committee endorsed set of projects, the “Miami County Indiana Worth Remembering committee” and the archive department of the Miami County Museum is searching for information and images relating to the lives of over 1,000 men and women from Miami County, Indiana who served and/or contributed to the war efforts during World War I.

If you have tales told at the kitchen table passed down from generation to generation about your ancestors’ daily lives during World War I, or know of someone who served in the Great War, please call 765-615-6617, email us at [email protected], visit us on Facebook at Miami County Indiana Worth Remembering or stop by the Miami County Museum (Tues. - Sat., 9 to 5 - Phone: 765-473-9183) and introduce yourself. We can help you share your stories with generations to come!

While you’re at the Miami County Museum, check out its recently opened World War I centennial exhibit featuring new discoveries from its century-old collections. Discover for yourself insights into the lives of those who served from Miami County and maybe someone or something about the people of your past. The museum archive may have your family’s military records, obituary and burial site, plus bits of personal data. They also have access to old newspaper articles, personal war letters, postcards and military photos sent home from camps and overseas locations.

On display as well are military artifacts, uniforms and a number of original lithograph posters illustrating patriotic themes and national war bond sales from the museum’s collection.


Project Details:

Sponsoring Entity: Miami County Museum Peru, IN

County: Miami

Type:  Educational

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