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Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell

Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell

Submitted by: Tanveer Kalo 

Dr. Karm Chandra (K. C.) Kerwell was born on September 30, 1889 in Lahore, Punjab, British India. He came to the United States sometime prior to 1917 to study medicine and enrolled in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He  enlisted in the U.S Military in July 1917 at the age of 28, at this time still a medical student. Dr. Kerwell graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1918.

Before the United States entered the First World War,  Dr. K.C. Kerwell was with the  Michigan National Guard (M.N.G) on the Mexican border, and enlisted for the U.S Army when America entered the war. He was featured in the August 1918 issue of newspaper and journal Young India along with other Asian Indians that served in U.S military during this time.

 After his service in the U.S military, Dr. Kerwell stayed in Michigan and settled down in Stephenson until his death. By 1920, Dr. Kerwell was naturalized, and worked as a Doctor. By 1940, Dr. Kerwell was  married to the 41 year old Elsie Kerwell with two children, K. Edward and Leila. He was still a practicing physician during this time.  Dr. K.C. Kerwell died at age of 83 on October 6, 1972 in Stephenson, Michigan. He is buried at the Stephenson Township Cemetery.

Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell's World War One draft card

Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell

Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell's senior year book from University of Michigan, Ann Harbor

The 1921 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor yearbook listed Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell as 1918 graduate

Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell's 1920 census

Dr. Karm Chandra Kerwell's World War Two draft card

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