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Michigan's World War One Centennial

Bells of Peace- Bell Ringing Ceremony November 11, 2018 at 11am

In 1918, on the 11th day, in the 11th month, at the 11th hour, the Allies and Central Powers agreed to a cease fire that would mark the end of World War One. The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. will hold a bell ringing ceremony at 11 am on Sunday, Nov. 11th, 2018 to commemorate the centennial of the Armistice. Local churches, schools, courthouses, and other entities are invited to participate at the time of this nationwide occasion at each respected time zone.

It is with high hopefulness that we will all join in this nation-wide commemoration in hope and prayer for a perpetual world lasting peace.

Contact: Jerry Benson  or phone: 517 373 2353

Please contact Jerry before signing up on the National webpage.

There is app for your phone at the webpage below. We ask you to please sign up.


Carillon and Tower Bells Repertoire for Armistice Day

Compiled by Tiffany Ng, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Carillon University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

All tower bell instruments Firefighter’s Toll - A signal of three rings, done thrice with pauses in between (9 rings in total)

4.5+ octave carillon

Elegy (1991) - Roy Hamlin Johnson (GCNA 2006) O Rest in the Lord - Felix Mendelssohn, arr. Milford Myhre (Five Hymns for Carillon, ACME 1999)

4 octave carillon

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares - Andrew S. Allen (free download) Bist du bei mir - J.S. Bach, arr. Albert Gerken (ACME 1997) Circle of Sighs: Sonata da Requiem for Carillon - Geoffrey Cook (ACME 2009) Elegy - John Gouwens (Suite No. 3, op. 30, GCNA 2012) Elegy for 16 bells - John Franco (GCNA 1981) Elegy for Carillon - Mary Leahy (ACME 1988) Elegy for the Fallen - Eric Geer (ACME, out of print) Finlandia (Be Still, My Soul) - Jean Sibelius, arr. Don Cook (GCNA 1993) Gregorian Triptych - John Courter (GCNA 1990) Londonderry Air - Sally Slade Warner (Folk Songs from the British Isles, GCNA 1995) Memorial - Theophil Rusterholz (GCNA 2006) Mountain Flight for Peace - Frances Newell (ACME 2005) Prelude Solennel - W. Lawrence Curry (GCNA, out of print) Reflection - Robert Byrnes (ACME 1999) Sarabanda - Ronald Barnes (Corelliana Suite, GCNA 1987) A Somber Pavan - Ronald Barnes (GCNA 1987)

3 octave carillon

Carillon Prelude on “Land Beyond the Clouds” - Ronald Barnes (14 Carillon Preludes on Appalachian White Spirituals, ACME 1997) Chorale Partita IV on "St. Anne" - John Knox (ACME 1998) In Memoriam - John Courter (free download) “In paradisum,” “St. Anne” - Roy Hamlin Johnson (A Carillon Book for the Liturgical Year, Part Seven: General, GCNA) Lament & Alleluia - Alice Gomez (ACME 1999) Reverie - Mark Peterson (ACME 2001) Sorrowing - Geert D’hollander (Ludus Modalis, Royal Carillon School 2011) Two Funeral Marches for Carillon - Chopin, Tchaikovsky, arr. Carlo van Ulft (ACME 2012)

Small-compass tower bell instruments

In Memoriam (2-octave version) - John Courter, arr. Andreas Friedrich (free download) Prayer for Peace - Jean Miller (GCNA, out of print)

Range unknown

Hymn for the Men Who Fly - Johan Franco (American Composers Alliance, 1984) Prayer for Freedom & Fanfare of Liberation (1981) - Johan Franco (American Composers Alliance, 1981)



Eugene I. VanAntwerp Day November 11, 2018 Proclamation

 Contact: Dennis Skupinski or 734 358 2099


Michigan's World War One Centennial

Insert & upload images/pdf/ppt placeholder image 400 300Michigan's World War One Centennial mission is to educate the residents of Michigan about it's contribution to the war effort. 


During the First World War, Michigan contributed over 135,000 service men and women and had over 5,000 casualties but Michigan's biggest contribution to the war effort was not its service men and women but its engineering and manufacturing capability. The "Assembly Line Process" where engineers would break down products into small components that could be manufactured by unskilled labor allowed the business of warfare to expand to levels never dreamed of. "Total War" the waging of war not by the armies of a country but by their economic power began in the First World War and Michigan was the leader in the United States. The war ended before Michigan reached the peak of production but twenty plus years later Michigan would show the world its true power and become the "Arsenal of Democracy" 

 Michigan's World War One Centennial explores the military, cultural, economic and social impacts that were the result of the World War. Michigan provided several volunteer units such as Base Hospitals 17 and 36 plus the 16th Regiment of Engineers (Railway). National Guard units included the 125th,126th Infantry Regiments and the 119th Field Artillery Regiment plus several company size units assigned to various divisions. Then there were the volunteers and draftees who served in the Regular, National Guard and National Army formations.

Culturally, Michigan was changed by the growth of the automobile industry. Before the war, Eastern Europeans came to Michigan to work in the factories but during the war years, the great southern migration filled these open factory jobs with poor southerners. Increasing the African-American and Southern White population in the cities.

Michigan changed from an agricultural,mineral and forestry economy to a manufacturing and engineering economy from 1900 to 1920, with the fastest growth during the war years. This meant that families left the farm and moved to the city, changing forever work and family life.    

The above changes caused Michigan to become a "Melting Pot" and the leading edge in the evolution of the modern society of the United States. Different cultures, morals, work ethic, languages, religions and customs caused Michigan society to change greatly from what it was only a generation ago.

Understanding Michigan's history during the Great War Years is essential to understanding Michigan today. 

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