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  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1977

32nd Red Arrow Division 

After American entry into World War I in 1917, President Woodrow Wilson ordered all of Michigan's National Guard to Camp Grayling. Eight thousand of these troops then went to Texas where they joined Wisconsin soldiers to form the 32nd Division. Arriving in France in 1918 the division earned the name "Red Arrow" for its swift assaults through German lines. During World War II the 32nd Red Arrow Division fought courageously in the Pacific Theatre and received a commendation from General Douglas MacArthur.

  • Single figure -- soldier
A monument dedicated to A Bartlett King 107th Engineers 32nd Division who died in France October 7th 1918. He was the former leader of Boy Scout Troop No.1 in Marquette MI. This monument was built by the Boy Scout Troop on Sugarloaf Mountain near Marquette MI. A short .5 mile hike up to the Sugarloaf Mountain look out also yields great views of the Lake Superior shore line and Marquette MO.

There are 2 trails one easier with steps and one more difficult. The trail head is located off County Road 550. About 3 miles north of Marquette.
  • John Pauling
  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1924
100 E. Midland St
48706 Bay City

Bay City Doughboy Statue by John Pauling

The Doughboy Statue was erected in 1924 after the Bay City Women's Improvement Committee approached the Bay City Commission about erecting a statue in 1923, Brady said. It cost $2,100.

The bronze statue has been under the care and auspices of the Bay County Library System. While there doesn't appear to be any documentation of maintenance of the statue, it's in remarkably good shape.

  • Dedication Date: 1925

The Survivor

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

100c 100m wwi centennial plaque Erected in 1925, the World War I monument "The Survivor" features a lone surviving soldier standing on the battlefield with a dead comrade on one side and a fatally wounded soldier on the other.  It is the survivor who must continue to strive to achieve the final victory so that his compatriots will not have died in vain.  The cement statue was designed and hand carved by German-American sculptor and artist, Helmuth Von Zengen.  It was reported that an estimated 3,000 people attended its unveiling in 1925. The statue originally stood in front of Brown Machine and was later moved to Ross Lake Park in 1986.

1150 Beal Ave
48109 Ann Arbor

The Bentley Historical Library 

Ph (734) 764-3482  


Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

The Bentley Historical Library is the campus archive for the University of Michigan and is located on the University of Michigan's North Campus in Ann Arbor. It was established in 1935 by the regents of the University of Michigan

Theodore Koch work for the Bentley Historical Library before WW1. 

  • Daprato Statuary Company, fabricator
  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1925

Boys of St. Peters Parish WWI Monument

This monument lists the names of the boys of St. Peters parish in Mt. Clemens, MI. that served their country in The Great War from 1917-1918.

World War I was a global war which took place primarily in Europe from 1914 to 1918. Over 40 million casualties resulted, including approximately 20 million military and civilian deaths. Over 60 million European soldiers were mobilized from 1914 to 1918.

World War I Monument/Joan of Arc (sculpture)
Is described as Full-length figure of Joan of Arc dressed in armor and standing in contrapposto (weight-bearing leg, proper right). She gazes towards sky. Proper right hand grips the pole of a flag or banner; proper left rests on the upper edge of a shield which is balanced upright, tip resting on the ground, behind bent proper left leg. Shield emblazoned with upright sword, pommel down, and crown, flanked by fleurs-de-lis. Figure wears a sword, belted to hips and slung behind legs. Between the feet, a spiked war club lies on the ground.
The statue is made from zinc or lead with a granite base.
Statue: approx. 8 x 2 x 2 ft. Base: approx. 8 1/2 x 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 ft.

An inscription of Deprato Foundry Co. unsigned Founder's mark appears. Other than that there is a bronze plaque (SE Side) which reads;
This Monument erected to perpetuate the memory of the boys of St. Peter’s Parish. Mount Clemens, Mich who served their country in the world war 1917-1918
(then listed are 178 names, of which 5 died and 8 were wounded)

  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1920

Branch County World War Monument

This is a plaque in a park dedicated to several war memorials. It honors those from Branch County, Michigan, who gave their lives in The World War for their country.There are several guns on display as well, demonstrating the various types of weaponry used throughout the years. One pair was dedicated in 1988, honoring those who served.

Castle Farms

The 1918 Museum at Castle Farms was originally the Blacksmith Shop for Loeb Farms. It was built during WW1 with Albert Loeb’s income from Sears and Roebuck. The museum contains two separate collections. The first being the WW1 collection, which includes vintage uniforms, army equipment, posters, miniature soldiers, historic newspaper clippings and sheet music from World War I. The second collection includes items which were sold from 1918 Sears catalogs, including many toys, clothing, sports equipment, tools, toiletries and mail order food packages.  Original prices and descriptions from the catalogs are featured beside many of the items.

  • Single figure -- soldier
450 E Railway St, Coleman, MI 48618
48618 Coleman

Coleman Veterans Memorial

     In May of 2007 the Zylman Family lost their son Casey in Iraq. They wanted to do something to honor Casey’s memory. Randy Zylman served with the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam, and Casey also served with the 25th Infantry as a Calvary Scout during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After much thought it was decided that they wanted to honor the Coleman Community and all Area Veterans with something bigger. The Coleman Veterans Memorial Committee was founded.

There are 3 walkways leading into the center of the court yard. It represents the service men and women who answered the call to duty, coming together from all directions, walks of life, and their own personal reasons to serve our nation and become America's defenders.

 The outer circle represents how the individual services circle together to protect our country and how we are unified as one nation and as brothers and sisters. All 5 service flags representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are on the perimeter of the circle.

   "Bricks of Honor" are within the inner walkway. The personalized bricks of those who served our nation, it consists of Coleman community members, Midland County, Isabella County and people all over our country who purchased a brick to honor their loved one or friends who served.

 The Center

   The remaining statues will be a shade of white. This represents the spirits of those who gave their lives in those wars. It also represents their motives were pure when they served. The 3rd Soldiers Statue is from Vietnam Era. His hand is reaching out the shoulder to offer strength. The 4th is from Korea and the 5th is from WWII and our last statue is from WWI to complete our memorial. They are all filing into the court yard to honor and console a brother.


We came into service as individuals, we left as brothers and sisters, 
As family, who fought and died for each other. 
So come and visit our memorial! Join us and be a part of something special in our community, help us educate the young members of our community. 

There are 2 other war memorials in the front of the court yard placed on either side of the American Flag. These are the 2 original Veterans Memorials from the VFW memorial. They were moved here from their original resting place to be a part of this special Memorial. Our Nations Flag is centered on the memorials. The POW/MIA Flag is seated to its left and the State of Michigan flag is on the right.

 The Statues are facing away from you as you walk into this memorial so that when you visit our beautiful memorial, you will be walking into the court yard along with the soldiers, taking in all the names of those who served, to those who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice, to pay tribute, honor and reflect with them. This memorial is an educational tool to show what the cost we have paid to be a free nation.

We came into service as individuals, we left as brothers and sisters, 
As family, who fought and died for each other. 
So come and visit our memorial! Join us and be a part of something special in our community, help us educate the young members of our community. 


"United by Sacrifice" 
That is the meaning of our memorial. The original stands at the legendary Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, home of the 25th Infantry Division. They have allowed us to share their memorial from across the Pacific! 

Honoring those who served, Dedicated to those who sacrificed!

  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1955

Eaton Rapids Community War Memorial

We dedicate this plaque
"To the ones who served"
in the
Spanish-American War
World War I
World War II
The Korean Conflict
From Eaton Rapids and community
This plaque donated by the American Legion and V.F.W.

Woodlawn Cemetery
48203 Detroit

This is a bas-relief depicting WWI veteran Maj. Edward Edgar Hartwick kneeling in prayer with his hand on the shoulder of a young boy. Also shown is a cavalry insignia and the image of a castle. It was sculpted by Julius C. Loester and dedicated on October of 1921 to mark Maj. Hartwick s grave

  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1950

Elsie War Memorial

Erected in honor of the men and women of Elsie and vicinity who served in WWI and II 

  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1924

Fenton World War I Memorial

Long Description:
The park is a small park with a bench and a flag pole.

The plaque reads:
In memory of
Our Heros
The WOrld War
who fought for
Liberty and Humanity
dedicated by
Settlers and Michigan Pioneers
Fenton Michigan 


  • Single figure -- soldier

Ferndale WWI Memorial

Long Description:
The memorial is a plaque on a rock.

The plaque reads:
"April 6, 1917 HONOR ROLL Nov 11, 1918
A tribute to
Ferndales World War Veterans
who offered all to their country
That Liberty and Justice might not perish from this earth
These made the supreme sacrifice
Paul William Hornaday
Jack Yull
Andrew Robertson
Robert Darch
Fred Metcalf

Centograph with 62 other names

2501 26th St.
49037 Battle Creek

The Fort Custer Historical Society  PH 269-731-6555  This is a military base so you have to call to get approval to enter at least 48 hours in advance!

The Fort Custer Historical Society is responsible for establishing and managing the museum in an old WWII barracks, Building no. 2631, at Fort Custer.  The building was moved to its present site where it was restored to its near original condition.  Since that time, a dedicated group of individuals headed by Michigan National Guard Colonel (Retired) James Spackman has stepped forward to continue the efforts and prepare the facility for its grand opening in 2012.The museum will highlight the units that have been part of the Fort Custer history since the post was established in 1917 as Camp Custer.  Some of these include the 85th Division in World War I, the 5th “Red Diamond” Infantry Division in World War II, the 339th “Polar Bear” Regiment, which served in northern Russia at the end of the First World War, and the World War I 14thDivision, (Regular Army).  This unit was popularly known as the "Wolverine Division”.  It was organized and demobilized at Camp Custer at the end of the war and was never sent into battle. 

It will also place emphasis on the follow-on years of the training facility i.e., the Civilian Military Training Camps of the 1920s, Civilian Conservation Corps era (1933-1942), World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and present day.  In particular, it will address the history of the Michigan Army National Guard from 1805 to present.  Included will be Michigan in the Civil War, the 32nd “Red Arrow” Division in the First World War, Michigan Units in the Pacific and European Theaters during World War II, and today’s Citizen Soldier.  It will also cover the Custer years, the Spanish American War, and the formation of the Michigan State Troops Permanent Force, (also known as the Michigan State Constabulary). 

It will pay tribute to the lives of individual soldiers who served at the post, the German Prisoners of War, the establishment of the Fort Custer National Cemetery, and Harmonia, the land area purchased by the government for the construction of Camp Custer.  


272 Pearl St NW
49504 Grand Rapids

For general inquires please call  616.929.1700 or email


To inspire passionate curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world around us.


We exist to be a living monument of artifacts, ideas and stories told through exhibitions, events and educational programming designed to inspire, motivate and celebrate our human bond. We enrich the life of our community through experiences of the wider world in a uniquely Grand Rapids context.

They do have a wooden wing from a Hadley-Page Bomber that was manufactured by the Grand Rapids Aircraft Company and also an I.D. card of a female worker.

  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1935

Great World War Memorial, Wyandotte, Michigan

ust outside of Wyandotte's Bishop Park, along the Detroit River, sits the city's World War I memorial. The memorial's inscription reads "Erected by the citizens of Wyandotte in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great World War 1914-1918." The inscription includes the names of 13 men of died during the war.

  • Single figure -- soldier

To Our Fallen Heroes in the World War from the village and township of Hartford, Michigan

Orville G. Burkitt
Roy C. Kelly
Fred D. Kellogg
Ralph W. Olds
Clinton Stoddard
Floyd Talpin
Wilbur Whitmore

321 Washington Avenue
48708 Bay City

The mission of the Bay County Historical Society is to preserve the history of Bay County and to develop facilities and programs dedicated to the enhancement, enrichment and enjoyment of our community.

The Bay County Historical Society


The Historical Museum of Bay County

321 Washington Avenue  ▪  Bay City, MI  48708

    Exhibit Hours

Monday-Friday   10AM-5PM

Saturday   12PM-4PM

  • Single figure -- soldier

Joseph W. Guyton

Joseph W. Guyton (1889 ~ 1918) lived most of his life near Evart, working as a farmer, plumber, and well driller. When the U.S. entered World War I inn 1917, Guyton was drafted into the army. He could have elected not to go since he was married and had a child, but instead he served with the 126th Infantry Regiment of the 32nd "Red Arrow Division". On May 24, 1918, shortly after reaching the front line in the Alsace region of what was then Germany, Guyton was the first American killed on German soil when he was hit by machine gun fire. France bestowed the  Croix De Guerre medal upon Guyton, as well as his unit to recognize their bravery in combat Guyton's comrades buried his remains in a churchyard. In 1921 the remains were returned to the United States and buried in Evart's Forest Hill Cemetery.

In 1918 when Private Joseph Guyton died during World War I, his fellow soldiers buried him in a German cemetery. In 1921 his remains and those of 5,212 other U.S. soldiers were returned home. At a memorial ceremony in Hoboken, New Jersey, President Warren Harding laid a wreath on Guyton's casket which represented all the war dead. Guyton's remains were given to his parents and daughter, his wife having died in the worldwide flu epidemic only months after him. Newspapers reported that 10,000 people attended Guyton's funeral in his hometown of Evart. Tributes include; Evart's Guyton Park, the Joseph W. Guyton American Legion post in Evart, the US-10 "Guyton" Bridge over the Muskegon River in Osceola County, and Guyton Elementary School in Detroit.

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