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Michigan WWI General Resources

The Great War: A Visual History

American Battle Monuments Commission
Significant events from the war shown on an interactive map and timeline.

The USA Before Joining WWI

The Great War Channel
A look into the events and overall climate in the United States prior to entering the war.

WWI Leaders
Photo gallery and descriptions of world leaders during the war.

Kaiser Wilhelm II: The Last German Emperor

The Great War Channel
An introduction to Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Breaking News: Austrian Heir and His Wife Murdered

National WWI Museum and Memorial
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand presented as a modern-day news story.

Tanks in WWI

Library of Congress
A collection of newspaper articles on the newly invented tank.

Flying Yanks: American Airmen in WWI

American Battle Monuments Commission
An interactive look at the evolution of aviation during WWI.

Battle of the Somme

Epic History
Video on the brutal first day of the Somme Offensive in 1914.

Ypres-Lys Offensive

American Battle Monuments Commission
Battle interactive following the paths of American forces in 1918 as they fought alongside the Allies to liberate Belgium and northeastern France.

WWI Warfare

US Holocaust Memorial Museum
WWI combat footage from the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive.

The Volunteers: Americans Join WWI

AFS Intercultural Programs
Full unit on American involvement in WWI