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Bells of Peace Participation Update

Bells of Peace iconWhat is Bells of Peace?
In 2018, we launched the Bells of Peace initiative to create a national bell tolling at 11am local on 11/11 as a WWI Armistice Centennial remembrance. It was a major success, prompting The Doughboy Foundation to promote "Bells of Peace" as an annual moment of remembrance on Veterans Day to reflect on "The War that Changed the World" and those who were changed by it.



Bells of Peace in these Pandemic times

In these difficult pandemic times, a number of people have reached out to us wanting to participate but concerned that getting groups together on Nov. 11th is perhaps unadvisable. That got us thinking… like so many other things we have all gotten good at doing in a distanced way, why not adapt Bells of Peace to a Zoom Event? Anyone who would like some support please Contact us

You are invited to join OUR Bells of Peace Zoom Events.
There will be a Bells of Peace ceremony on zoom for each time zone. We have put together a very nice program that is around 30-40 minutes long and will start at 10:45 am local on November 11, 2020. We will start at 10:45 Eastern and repeat every hour for Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska and Hawaii.

How can you participate?
We are using the Bells of Peace Participation App to coordinate.
As you may know, we have the new 2020 Bells of Peace Participation App. If you have not downloaded it yet you’ll find links at under the app tile, or search for “Bells of Peace” in your phone’s app store. Then pledge to participate  (see the register/countdown screen below) this will put you on the mailing list for getting the Zoom Tolling invitation.

Bells of Peace App three key screens: Register, Toll and Share

Sharing your OWN Bells of Peace
About 3,000 people are active on the app now and around 550 groups and individuals have contacted us about tolling. The goal is to create a community of participation. To do this, we encourage you to tag your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube with #BellsOfPeace. This will bring your posts into our aggregation system. We monitor this and if your post is about Bells of Peace or the 100 day countdown to it, we will add your post to both our web site and right into the share area of the participation app.

In the App, check the share button (see above, it looks like a camera). Even if you don't have a social media account, you can post your participation right from inside the app in this area, adding picture and videos of your event.
We will also repost your participation shares on our website at

Doughboy Foundation LogoThank you for your participation in this program. Bells of Peace is brought to you by The Doughboy Foundation: Keeping Faith with the American Doughboys and all those who served in WWI.