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Governor Burgum Signing proclamationRow 1 L to R- North Dakota World War I Centennial Committee Chair Darrell Dorgan; ND Governor Doug Burgum (who's grandfather served in WWI); North Dakota World War I Centennial Committee Vice-Chair Susan Wefald. Row 2 L to R- Eric Howe, North Dakota Historical Society Curator of Education; Steve Andrist, North Dakota Newspaper Association; NDWWI Committee Editor Kevin Carvell of Mott; North Dakota National Guard Major General Allan Dohrmann; NDWWI Committee member Dr. Herbert Wilson; NDWWI VFW committee member John Jacobson of Bismarck; and North Dakota State Historical Society Superintendent Claudia Berg.

North Dakota Centennial Proclamation

On April 6th, 2017, Governor Doug Burgum signed the World War I North Dakota Centennial Proclamation

WHEREAS, April 6, 2017, marks the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of War by the United Sates of American and our entry into World War I; and

WHEREAS, thousands of brave American men and women stepped forward to fight in the "War to End All Wars," including over 30,000 North Dakotans; and

WHEREAS, the North Dakota World War I Centennial Committee has been designated as the organizer and coordinator of commemorative events and World War I Centennial activities in North Dakota and will work with veteran's groups, communities, schools, organizations, and others to honor and commemorate those who served for the next two years; and

WHEREAS, the committee's mission is to raise awareness and commemorate the tragic events of 100 years ago while sanctioning events, projects, and information that meet historical and public standards, and

WHEREAS, the North Dakota World War I Centennial Committee will work closely with the National World War I Centennial Commission to establish a World War I Memorial in Washington, D.C., while publicizing and preserving existing memorials across North Dakota.

Now, Therefore, as Governor of the Sate of North Dakota, I do hereby proclaim April, 6, 2017, World WAR I NORTH DAKOTA CENTENNIAL DAY in the State of North Dakota.

Doug Burgum

Signed Proclamation by Governer Burgum declaring April 6th, 2017 as World War I North Dakota Centennial Day

North Dakota WW1

Centennial Commission

Please send email inquiries to [email protected]

The mission of the North Dakota World War One Centennial Commission (NDWW1CC) is to raise awareness of and give meaning to the events of a hundred years ago, using educational experiences and programming for all ages. The Commission will use the Centennial as a timely and essential opportunity to educate the country’s citizens about the causes, courses, and consequences of the war in North Dakota; to honor the heroism and sacrifice of those Americans who served in our state; and to commemorate through public programs and initiatives the centennial of this global event.

NDWW1CC seeks the participation of academic institutions and faculty in the development of educational programming, broadcasting, print and digital media as it pertains to North Dakota. Appointments are given by the current North Dakota committee members.

Commission Officers


Darrell Dorgan


Susan Wefald


Shirley Olgeirson

Commission Members

Steve Andrist – North Dakota Newspaper Association

Claudia Berg – State historical Society of North Dakota

Dr. Al Berger – History Department, UND History Program

Dr. Carole Barrett – Historian/Author

Kevin Carvell – Historian/Author

Dr. John Cox – NDSU Historian/Author

Robert Greene – American Legion Historian

Calvin Grinnell – Native American Historian/Author

Larretta Hall – United Tribes, Bismarck

Mark Halvorson – State Historical Society of North Dakota 

Barbara Handy-Marcello – North Dakota Studies Historian, State Historical Society of North Dakota

Erik Holland – Curator of Education, State Historical Society of North Dakota

Neil Howe – North Dakota Studies Coordinator, State Historical Society of North Dakota

Dr. Gordon Iseminger – History Professor, UND

Tom Isern – NDSU Historian/Writer

Dr. Joseph Jastrzembski – History Program, Minot State University

Tracy Potter – Historian/Author

William Prokopyk – National Guard Historian

Dr. Joseph Stuart – University of Mary

Lauren Wiese GTA – NDSU Historian/Author

Joseph Zeleznik – NDSU Extension Forester

Gary Himmerich – ND AMVETS Commander

Orletta Klien – ND American Legion Commander

Carroll Quam – American Legion

William Tuff – ND VFW Commander

Julie Kuennen – North Dakota Governor’s Office

Mike Gayette – Website Manager

Doughboy MIA

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The Doughboy MIA Mission:

“To commemorate for all time the U.S. Missing in Action of the Great War; to assemble and make public the most complete and accurate accounting of the U.S. Missing in Action of the Great War; to attempt to gather back ground information and photographs of all of the U.S. Missing in Action of the Great War; to attempt when and where possible to locate and identify the final resting place of the U.S. Missing in Action of the Great War and to petition those, when appropriate, for the ways and means necessary to recognize and officially identify recovered U.S. Missing in Action remains or grave locations from the Great War, or to otherwise commemorate discovered or identified U.S. Missing in Action of the Great War.”

Help Us Find Them

Doughboy MIA is an ongoing program of the Doughboy Foundation. A volunteer team, including both American and European members, has performed extensive research in a variety of archives and resources to assemble more accurate and refined lists of Americans missing during the war. Doughboy MIA research has already eliminated duplicate names, and identified known individual service members who have been left off of memorials or otherwise not acknowledged. Doughboy MIA researchers have also analyzed possible battlefield recovery cases that could be pursued if resources were available. Your generous donation to the Foundation to support Doughboy MIA will help this work continue and expand.

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