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Teacher Resources Now Available: World War I and the American Home Front

By Kristen Newby, WWI Project Coordinator, Ohio History Connection


 theykeptthesealanesopenThe 1919 Victory Liberty Loan drive was the fifth and final issue of the Liberty Loan, bonds sold during World War I to finance the war. The Victory Liberty Loan was intended to raise enough funds to offset debt accrued from wartime expenses. This poster encourages Americans to purchase Victory Liberty Loans, showing a U.S. submarine approaching American ships. Via Ohio Memory.

As part of the Little Stories of the Great War: Ohioans in World War I project, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Ohio History Connection has released the first in a series of three free resource guides and classroom activities, with this set covering the American home front during World War I. Created primarily for high school teachers, the resource guide ‘Will you have a part in Victory?’: World War I and the American Home Front lists sample primary sources in the World War I Collection on Ohio Memory pertaining to civilian contributions to the national war effort. The war posters, letters, and photographs highlighted in the resource guide engage students with the many ways Americans supported the war, including purchasing war bonds and war savings stamps, volunteering with the American Red Cross, growing produce in victory gardens, and rationing food and conserving other materials like metals, rubber, and gasoline.

The classroom activity, Conservation in the First World War, includes three activities utilizing primary sources to engage students with food conservation measures used during World War I. These activities require students to explore the World War I digital collection, and each can be completed in one class period or assigned as homework. Students can critically examine World War I posters encouraging Americans to contribute to the war effort, read a bulletin published in local Ohio newspapers informing readers about reducing food consumption, or create a week-long meal plan for a family of five which incorporates home-grown produce and aligns with the U.S. Food Administration’s conservation days.

Check back soon for the next bundle of educator resources! If you have any questions, please contact project staff at [email protected]

Download the resource guide

Download the classroom activity

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