WWI Historical images


German General Headquarters

General von Hindenburg, Kaiser Wilhelm, General Ludendorff, January 1917. 

National Archives Identifier: 533182



Officers of the "Buffaloes", 367th Infantry, 77th Division in France.

National Archives Identifier: 533606


African American Troops in France

A picture shows part of the 15th Regiment Infantry New York National Guard.

National Archives Identifier: 533488


American Snipers

American snipers of the 166th Infantry (formerly 4th Infantry, Ohio National Guard), in nest picking off Germans on the outer edge of town. Villers Sur Fre, France.

National Archives Identifier: 530738


 28th Infantry, Bonvillers, France

Sharpshooters have a good view of the enemy from shelter behind an old brick wall.

National Archives Identifier: 530727


Garrett on Phone

Photograph of Lieutenant-Colonel R. D. Garrett

National Archives Identifier: 530750


Americans Using Observation Instruments 

The roof of Crown Prince's observatory, showing holes made by German shells. Americans using observation instruments left behind by the Germans in their hasty retreat from the Marne. Montfaucon, France, October 17, 1918.

National Archives Identifier: 530772


Regimental Headquarters Company

Gun crew from Regimental Headquarters Company, 23rd Infantry, firing 37mm gun during an advance against German entrenched positions.

National Archives Identifier: 531005


Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun of 101st Field Artillery

The anti-aircraft machine gun of 101st Field Artillery (formerly 1st Massachusetts Field Artillery, New England Coast Artillery), firing on a German observation plane at Plateau Chemin des Dames, France.

National Archives Identifier: 530719


14-Inch Gun 

14-inch gun talks for U.S. Men of the 35th Coast Artillery loading a mobile railroad gun, 13.9 inches caliber, on the Argonne front. Baleycourt, France.

National Archives Identifier: 530752

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