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COLEMAN, DeWitt, Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Service, KIA 27 Oct 1918

 Coleman Gold 4[COLEMAN, DeWitt]
Born on 29 October 1892 in New York (USA)
Died in the skies over Vittorio Veneto on 27 October 1918
in aerial combat
( in memory of )
R.D. 7 January 1919 (Official Bulletin, Ministry of War 1919 Issue 12 Page 713)

LIEUTENANT of the American Air Corps In the afternoon of October 27, 1918, during a bombing action, as the commander of a Caproni machine, attacked by five enemy fighter aircraft, instead of evading the unequal struggle and landing, he preferred to accept it, without hesitation, imparting strength and energy to his flight companions with his magnificent example of resoluteness and daring. Two of the adversaries were shot down by unfailing gunfire from the encircled machine, in which he continued to fight, even while in flames, until, confined and overwhelmed by the strong core of the enemy, he and the entire courageous crew fell to their death.

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