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Timelines of World War One

The United States World War One Centennial Commission here lists and preserves timelines of World War One for the purposes of retaining them in the historical record and disseminating the information contained therein. Each entry is described according to its content and presentation. (See our disclaimer.) To be added to this list by the Commission, please contact us.

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This interactive timeline features pictures, quotes, and videos documenting the war from an American point of view. Particular attention is paid to social issues such as rationing, suffrage, prohibition, revolts, and forced deportation.



This interactive visual timeline created under the auspices of the American Battle Monuments Commission includes events from 1914-1918 as well as context to better understand the pre-war buildup and post-war consequences of the Great War. The default map view is elegant and visually appealing, but the chart view should not be ignored. Using overlapping bars it presents the chronology of the war in a way that makes it easy to understand the relative duration of events. Additionally, this timeline includes videos of period footage, and focuses predominately on military history.




Working with data collected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, James Offer created this graphic timeline to display the death toll for soldiers in the Commonwealth both over time and on each day. He notes significant battles as well as periodic comparisons of death totals to the population of cities. Note that every day can be clicked on, providing remarkably transparent data of service deaths down to the specific regiment that suffered losses.



Oxford English Dictionary Timeline

This timeline allows you to explore 100 words and quotations from the Oxford English Dictionary that illustrate World War One from 1914-1918. Such interesting entries as 'cooties' and 'Trench Coats' show the enduring effect of World War One today. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the timeline or zoom in using the magnifying glass at the top right. You can also drag the timeline flags from right to left to browse.

World War One School Workshop
This is a collection of articles, presented in timeline format, aimed at primary school-age children. It explains the circumstances and politics of World War One in approachable and direct language. A number of stories about animal heroes are placed alongside landmark events in a way that will retain the interest of a wide range of children.


Telegraph Timeline
Saul David of The Telegraph presents a battle-oriented timeline of the First World War. In a blow-by-blow fashion, the major conflict sites of the war are listed in strict chronological fashion accompanied by period photography. Changes in the conduct of warfare both in terms of strategy and technology are noted with the battle in which they emerged or were first applied.


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This remarkably detailed timeline lists, to the day, the events of the war including diplomatic and political developments more commonly omitted. To make this easier to traverse, reference dates are provided which connect event entries which span a period of time. For particularly significant events additional, lengthy articles are linked within the timeline itself. Also of note is the inclusion of the Far Eastern theater of World War One, as well as sustained inclusion of smaller states and non-european regions.




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PBS's timeline of World War One focuses on the experience of Americans and the major events of the conflict, including pre-1914 and post-1918 sections. Many entries link to articles, written by historians who specialize in the topic, which explore the otherwise brief and purely factual timeline in much greater detail, discussing controversy and differing points of view. It is accompanied by a four-part documentary film: The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.


This timeline presents the development of modernism, a movement which affected art, writing, music, and other creative mediums, alongside the events of World War One. It is separated into two halves, the left for events in Fine Arts and the right for Society and Geopolitics and extends from 1905 to 1930.

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