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December 2017

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Jennifer Orth-Veillon

Christian Carion’s Film, Joyeux Noël: A Place of Memory

 Christian Carion’s Film, Joyeux Noël: A Place of Memory Winter 1914. WWI’s first major battles have stagnated in the trenches. In an icy field in the North of Fra read more..

Jennifer Orth-Veillon

The Balfour Declaration: An Alternative History

The Balfour Declaration: An Alternative Historyby Simone Zelitch  Left, Arthur Balfour. Right, the letter introducing the Balfour Declaration   As Mike Schuster, the curator for the blog,... read more..

Jennifer Orth-Veillon

Soon, All Too Soon

Soon, All Too Soon: British Musicians Bring Life and Melody to Exhumed Body of Forgotten WWI German Soldier Ernst Brockmannby Patricia Hammond   When British musicians Patricia Hammond and Matt... read more..

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