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Moina Michael Highwayloupe
U.S. 78
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch

The Georgia General Assembly designated U.S. Highway 78 from Monroe to Athens, through Walton, Oconee and Clarke counties as the “Moina Michael Highway” in honor of the originator of wearing the memorial poppy for Veterans Day.  Michael was born near Monroe and was a faculty member at the University of Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has planted beds of memorial poppies along the median of the highway to bloom in the springs of 2017 and 2018 as part of the observance of Georgia’s role in World War I.

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Moina Michael Roadloupe
Moina Michael Road
Good Hope
USA 30641
A county road in eastern Walton County running off Georgia Highway 83.
Moina Michael – Gravesiteloupe
Monroe City Cemetery
Where the famous “Poppy Lady” was buried in 1944.
Moina Michael – State Historical Markerloupe
near Good Hope Church on Ga. Highway 83
Good Hope
USA 30641
Erected in 1958 near Good Hope Church on Ga. Highway 83, it is inscribed, “Moina Michael, educator, patriot, and internationally known as ‘The Poppy Lady,’ was born near here August 15, 1869. A granite boulder marks her birthplace. She received her early education at Braswell Academy and at Martin Institute, Jefferson, Georgia. Her first teaching was in a log cabin on her father’s plantation and in an old store at Good Hope. Miss Michael’s inspiration for the Flanders Field Poppy as the memorial emblem came to her November 9, 1918, just before Armistice Day, while she was serving with the YMCA in New York. From the sale of poppies made by disabled veterans in hospitals, millions of dollars are realized annually for their aid. Miss Michael died May 10, 1944, and is buried in Monroe, Ga.
Moina Michael – “The Poppy Lady” Markerloupe
Broad Street across from the UGA Arch
USA 30602

A small plaque in memory of Moina Michael (1869-1944), originator of the idea of the memorial poppy in honor of Armistice (later Veterans) Day.  It is in a small park in the median of Broad Street directly in front of the UGA Arch, adjacent to the Confederate memorial monument. 


Monroe Co - Forsyth - War Memorialloupe
38 W. Main St.
USA 31029

“Dedicated to all Monroe Countians who served our country and in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice.  They died that others may live free.  Erected 2010 by the citizens of Monroe County.”

The World War I “Honor Roll” monument contains thirteen names.

Montgomery Co. - Mt. Vernon - Veterans Memorialloupe
Montgomery Co. Courthouse South Railroad Avenue @ Broad Street
Mt. Vernon
USA 30445
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch

Granite, multi-stone monument on the grounds of the courthouse in Mt. Vernon. The WW1 shaft is inscribed with the names of 6 soldiers.

Inscription: “Montgomery County Veterans Memorial. Not in vain. This memorial is dedicated to all veterans who honorably served our country and was made possible by local service organizations and the citizens of Montgomery County, 1993.”

Montgomery Co. -- All Wars Memorialloupe
Mount Vernon
USA 30445
Erected in 1993.
Morgan Co. - Madison - Spirit of American Doughboy (in stone)loupe
150 East Washington Street
USA 30650
On the grounds of the Morgan County Courthouse, erected by the local Daughters of the American Revolution in 1930, the statue of a soldier is inscribed “The Boys from Morgan County who fought in the World War.”  It is rare in that it is one of the few stone reproductions of the original Spirit of the American Doughboy statue which stands in Nashville, Ga.  Most of the many copies around the nation are in copper.
Murray Co. -- Courthouse Memorial Monumentloupe
121 North Third Avenue
USA 30705
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch
Murray County Courthouse in Chatsworth, Georgia was built in 1916. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

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