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WW1 Memorials Map

memorial hunter 150100C 100M Icon smallThe first hurdle participants face is finding local WWI Memorials. Though incomplete, the map below has the WWI memorials the WW1CC has gathered.  So get your "Indiana Jones" on and help us find missing memorials with the Memorial Hunters Club, where you are encourage to search for and discover local WWI memorials missing from our register and map below. If you are the first to find a missing memorial, not currently shown on the national map, your contribution will carry your name as the discoverer. When completed, we will publish this mapped database for any organization, institution, school or group to use in any way they would like.

The 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program team


World War Memorial Ludington,MIloupe
These elms were planted by
the Auxiliary of
Edwin H. Ewing Post No. 76
American Legion
in honor of the men
of Mason County who served
in the World War of 1914-1918
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World War Memorial Plaquesloupe
Putnam Memorial Bridge

There are several plaques on the Putnam Memorial Bridge, spanning the Quinnebaug River, honoring the Connecticut citizens who served in World War I. On each of the north and south bridge parapets were a set of three plaques, a large central one with an eagle over a scene of infantrymen moving toward a center state seal, and two smaller flanking ones depicting air and sea battles.  The two smaller plaques are missing from the north end of the bridge.

World War Memorial Plotloupe
November 1927
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World War Memorial Stadiumloupe

Opened in 1926, World War Memorial Stadium has been the home of minor league and college baseball in Greensboro up until the 2000s. NC A&T University's baseball team still uses it. The stadium was dedicated on Armistice Day, November 11, 1926.

The stadium made a cameo appearance in the 1988 film "Bull Durham." 

World War Memorial, loupe
Stanbery Park, Mount Washington, Oxford Ave

A bronze figure of a nude boy sits on a stump, holding in his lap an open book. Water flows from a spout at the top of the stump into a basin near the bottom. It was sculpted by Arthur Ivone and was dedicated in 1938 to honor those who served in World War I.

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World War Monumentloupe

This monument was provided by the All American Legion Post 120; an unveiling was held on May 30, 1936. Names on the Monument are: Joseph Biart, Carl Boesel, George Fender, Thomas Pruitt (s/b Prewitt) and Rueben Hotchkiss

World War Monument - Bridgeportloupe
McLevy Hall, Broad St

The Bridgeport War Memorial, originally dedicated to World War I veterans, is a boulder carved with faces of a soldier, sailor, and marine, modeled after photographs on a magazine cover.  A small plaque is below the faces with the dedication date of October 29, 1933, and the officers of the ex-servicemen's organizations who sponsored the memorial.  A larger plaque elsewhere on the boulder has a relief of an eagle and a list of the Bridgeport citizens who died in World War II.  The original monument to the WWI veterans was sculpted by Thomas A. Sabatino.

World War Monument - Butlerloupe
Butler Park, Park Place

This World War I monument consists of a quarry-faced stone slab with a bronze plaque mounted on the front.  The plaque is topped by the image of an eagle with its wing spread extending beyond the raised frame.  The honor roll lists the names of all Butler residents who served in the war. 

Photo courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office 

World War Monument - Oak Ridgeloupe
321 Oak Ridge Road (Rt. 699)
West Milford

The Oak Ridge monument is located in a community cemetery.  It consists of a massive structure of quarry-faced stone blocks topped by a pyramidal concrete cap, all resting on a square stone slab. 

A bronze plaque is set beneath a stone lintel on the front face, listing an honor roll of Oak Ridge area residents who served in WWI. 

Photo courtesy of: Bill Coughlin & Historical Marker Database

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World War Monument - Union Cityloupe
JUAN PABLO DUARTE PARK, New York Avenue & 33rd Street
Union City

A concrete monument with a full-length bas-relief female figure clad in flowing robes and wearing a laurel wreath. Her arms are outstretched, and she holds a ribbon in her hands. The monument is topped with a round ball below which are four bronze bas-relief panels depicting scenes of war. The monument stands on a multi-tiered base.  

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ000575.

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office
Vintage postcard - Rutgers University Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives

World War Monument - Union City (West Hoboken)loupe
Ellsworth Park, 23rd & Palisade Avenue
Union City

This World War I monument is a two-columned structure. 

On the right is a bronze doughboy statue atop a rectangular granite pedestal engraved with a dedication to the men who served the US in the war.  It was erected by the town of West Hoboken, NJ (now part of Union City, NJ). 

The uniformed soldier is ready to throw a grenade with his right hand; in his left he holds a rifle, the butt of the gun resting on the ground. 

On the left is a taller rectangular granite pedestal topped by a granite orb.  It contains a bronze honor roll plaque with a bas-relief across the arched top.  The image is of a striding Liberty flanked by a soldier on her right & a sailor on her left.  in the bottom two corners are images of a tank & an airplane.  The plaque lists those men of West Hoboken who gave their lives in the war. 

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ000574.

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office

World War One Plaque Place by War Mothersloupe

This tablet erected in 1924 by the Carroll County War Mothers to hold in remembrance the sons and daughters of the county who so gallantly responded to the call of our country for service in the World War 1917-1918.

Placement of this plaque and the location of it was sanctioned by Elmer Dunlap, architect of the Carroll County Courthouse in February of 1924 during a visit to Delphi, Indiana.

"The tablet will be placed on the west wall of the south entrance vestibule." - Carroll County Citizen Times, Saturday, February 9, 1924.

World War Veterans Memorialloupe
Ray County Courthouse, 103 N. Thornton St.

This is a white granite full-sized figure of a WWI soldier stand­ing at attention, dedicated on May 30, 1930, as a tribute to the WWI veterans. It was rededicated in 1950 to include the veterans of WWII.

World War Veterans Monumentloupe
East Main Street

The Veterans Service Station was built in 1935 using local stone from the nearby Liberty Rock Quarry. The cornerstone of the building indicates that it was built by "CA_JC, & JS Newton". A marble plaque on the side of the building lists the mayor, council and other public figures at the time of the building's dedication, and also gives a history of the town, which claims that the town of Liberty was "founded in 1776 by a group of patriots." While this history is etched in granite on the building, it contradicts what is generally known about the area during the colonial period, when all of the land in Greenville, Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties was still Cherokee Territory.

A granite monument was erected next to the Veterans Service Station by Dr. E.J. Bryson soon after the building's completion. The monument includes a flagpole, lists the names of the local soldiers who fought in the first World War, and is "Dedicated to Veterans World War". The marker was struck by an automobile and broken in pieces many years ago. The pieces were collected by Mrs. Julia Jean Woodson, who kept the broken monument under a magnolia tree at her home on Main Street. In 2002, a Liberty councilman, Rick Clark, recovered the broken monument pieces from Mrs. Woodson, had them repaired and returned to the Veterans Service Station site.

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Wrenn Memorialloupe
N. Main Street and E. High Avenue
High Point

This is a life-size marble WWI soldier, holding an Enfield rifle in his right hand and a grenade in his left. He wears a hip-length jacket, spiral leggings, an ammunition belt, and a helmet. Beneath is a rectangular concrete with a tapered bottom. lt was dedicated on November 11,1923, as a tribute to the men of High Point who served in WWI.

Monument Dedication and Unveiling

Several thousand people were in attendance for the statue unveiling. The principle speaker for the day was the Commander of Ft. Bragg, General A.J. Bowley. The day’s events included a parade, a 21 gun salute and music provided by a combined choir from various churches. The monument was unveiled by Miss Frances Walsh as the Elk Band played the national anthem. High Point businessman Robert Brockett presented the statue which was accepted by Mayor John W. Hedrick. During his speech Bowley said that he was afraid that the fighting had stopped several months too soon, saying that he believed “the present conditions in Europe show that we should have continued the push for about three months longer, and it is possible that the work left incomplete must yet be done.” 

About 100 people gathered for the 2004 re-dedication. One of those in attendance was city resident Mary Lou Brinson, whose father A. Coke Cecil is one of heroes listed on the plaques at the statue’s base. “It’s a lifelong dream (to see it prominently displayed),” Brinson said. “Nobody saw it on the back (streets).”

Wrens — Jefferson Co. — Veterans Memorialloupe
Towns Square
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch
Wrentham World War I Memorialloupe
South, Franklin, and Bank Sts.

This bronze flagpole base is decorated with sphinxes on each cor­ner and wreaths beneath inscriptions on each side. On the top is a tulip-shaped holder for the flagpole. It was created by Joseph G. Cowell and Gorham Manufacturing Company and dedicated in 1935 to honor the Wrentham citizens who served in WWI.

WW I Memorial - Veterans Memorial Plaza loupe

WW I Memorial - Veterans Memorial Plaza

 This monument is in the Veterans Memorial Park in Saginaw, Michigan.

The plaque reads:
"This monument erected and the road of memory established as loving memorials to the brave men from Saginaw County who gave their last full measure of devotion in the World War that government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth

By Saginaw chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Patriotic Citizens and Societys of Saginaw County

AD 1926

The side plaques list the names of all who died.


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WW1 Cannonloupe
1915 Main Street

This artillery piece, located on a memorial island within Columbia Park, was a gift from the people of France.

WW1 Cenotaph Honoring U.S. Army PFC. Elmer W. Kinseyloupe
17666 Valentine Road
Mount Vernon

World War 1 Memorial Cenotaph Honoring: 

U.S. Army PFC. Elmer W. Kinsey,

Company L, 59th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division

Pfc. Kinsey was declared Missing In Action on August 10, 1918

His Name appears on the Tablets of the Missing in the American Battle Monuments Commission’s,

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Seringes-et-Nesies, France



Pleasant Ridge Cemetery


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