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WW1 Memorials Map

memorial hunter 150100C 100M Icon smallThe first hurdle participants face is finding local WWI Memorials. Though incomplete, the map below has the WWI memorials the WW1CC has gathered.  So get your "Indiana Jones" on and help us find missing memorials with the Memorial Hunters Club, where you are encourage to search for and discover local WWI memorials missing from our register and map below. If you are the first to find a missing memorial, not currently shown on the national map, your contribution will carry your name as the discoverer. When completed, we will publish this mapped database for any organization, institution, school or group to use in any way they would like.

The 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program team


All Veterans Memorial at Turkey Brook Parkloupe
30 Flanders Road
Budd Lake

The ALL VETERANS MEMORIAL  is New Jersey's premier veteran's memorial located at Turkey Brook Park in Mount Olive, New Jersey and touted for its distinctive designs and calming landscape. The unique ceremonial ground is the host to historically denoted military ceremonies and vigils.  

The shape or footprint of the memorial was inspired by the Congressional Medal of Honor which is highest military honor to be earned from the United States and is awarded for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. Because the medal is presented "in the name of Congress", it is often ... intended to represent the gratitude of the American people. The AVM's STAR or Pentagon Platform  represents the five branches of services, equally divided. The area consists of pavers that denote the honorable military service of all who served during war or peacetime. 

The War Dog Memorial features a statue, among others, of Sgt. Stubby, hero dog of World War I.  See pictures gallery.

For more detail on the AVM see: https://www.allveteransmemorial.org/

All Veterans Memorial Monument And Flag Poleloupe
Southwest Watson Avenue, Central Beaverton

Erected in part by Beaverton “Barracks 1760, Veterans Of World War 1”. Dedicated: “August 1980


Bronze Plaque At Base Of Adjacent Flag Pole Reads


      Donated By Beaverton Posts

    4617 Veterans Of Foreign Wars

             124 American Legion

Barracks 1760, Veterans Of World Wart 1


The Fayetteville County, TX one is a bit more difficult, because the granite monument says one thing, and in actuality, that has been changed.  It says the plaques listing soldiers names are inside the courthouse when they have been moved outside and attached to metal stands around the granite monument.  

In addition, one of the new ones I am submitting today needs two photos also, because you can not tell from the full photo what you are looking at, because the bronze plaque is mounted flat to the ground and the name plaques are randomly and individuals mounted to a nondescript concrete block.

All Wars Memorial - East Havenloupe
East Haven Green
East Haven

On the southwest corner of the East Haven Green is a shaft of light gray Barre granite, topped by a globe showing the outlines of the continents.  On the front of the shaft is a relief of an eagle with raised wings and talons clutching sticks. It was made by the Thomas Phillips and Sons Co. and was dedicated on May 30, 1988. Sponsored by the East Haven Town Green Restoration Committee, American Legion Posts 89 and 175, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2090, it is a tribute to the Veterans of all wars.  Inscribed on the memorial: KEEP FOREVER LIVING THE FREEDOMS FOR WHICH THEY SERVED; LET NONE FORGET THEY GAVE THEIR ALL AND FALTERED NOT WHEN CAME THE CALL.

All Wars Memorial - Enfieldloupe
Church St

This monument was sculpted by David Richards and was erected in 1885 to honor the citizens of Enfield who served in the Civil War.  Later plaques were added as tributes to those who served in World War I and World War II.

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All Wars Memorial Monument loupe
119 Veterans Drive

It is an all wars Memorial Monument in Columbus, TX.  It stands in front of the Veterans Memorial Center.

All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers and Sailorsloupe
Logan Circle, in front of Franklin Institute off of Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Photos and description courtesy of waymarking.com

The front of this vertical granite monument is adorned with an allegorical female figure representing "Justice" flanked by two groups of three African-American officers, soldiers and sailors representing those from Pennsylvania who served in American wars. The figure of Justice is dressed in long flowing robes and wears her hair pulled back and braided around her face. She stands on a low stepped platform holding up a small wreath in each hand to represent Honor and Reward. The African-American Servicemen are dressed in the uniforms of the various branches of the military. On the back of the monument four allegorical female figures, representing the principles for which wars are fought, flank a bronze tablet. On the proper left of the tablet stands "War" holding a shield and wearing a helmet. Next to her stands "Liberty" carrying a torch and wearing the headdress of the Statue of Liberty. On the proper right of the tablet stands "Peace" carrying a large palm frond. Next to her stands "Plenty" holding a filled cornucopia. The monument is topped with a bronze Torch of Life surrounded by four eagles.

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Alliance War Monumentsloupe
Freedom Square

Steven P. Rebeck sculpted this pair of monuments, a ten foot tall granite soldier to honor Civil War veterans and a shorter bronze one tor WWI veterans.

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Amador County Memorial Stoneloupe
Hwy 49 -- southern entrance to Sutter Creek
Sutter Creek

A large triangular stone is set in a narrow grass island at the South entrance/exit to Sutter Creek. This memorial to the men of Amador County was the original brass plaque placed on the stone. Later plaques were added to the stone commemorating those lost in later foreign wars. The back side of the stone has a plaque for those lost in Vietnam. The stone is multicolored: golds, reds, greens (partly due to moss and lichen). The brass has not been polished in recent years, but it is still easy to read.

When exiting town South on Old Hwy. 49, the WWI plaque is visible, facing the driver on the left side of the road. When entering town, headed North, the stone is to the left with the WWI plaque visible only after you pass. The "Vietnam in Honored Glory" plaque faces those entering from the South.

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America Triumphant - Jersey Cityloupe
Pershing Field, Summit Avenue & Sanford Place
Jersey City
James Novelli

The following is an account of the dedication of the monument published in the New York Times issue of July 5, 1922:

Roses Fall on Monument: 

Jersey City Unveils Memorial  for 147 Soldiers Who Fell in War.

A monument to 147 soldiers from Jersey City who fell in the war was unveiled at Pershing Field, Jersey City, yesterday afternoon, as part of Jersey City's Independence Day exercises. A feature of the ceremony was the dropping of roses over the field during the services.

Lieutenant Stanton Weissenborn, a former army air pilot, circled above the crowd for two hours, and at frequent intervals dropped a rose until 147, one for each man who died, had fluttered down and made an immense bouquet at the foot of the monument.

The memorial is a life-size bronze figure of a woman, her arms filled with laurels. It is called, "Triumphant America." It was bought by the people of Jersey City through voluntary subscription.

Julius Beger, Chairman of the Monument Committee, presented the memorial to the Captain E. Fisk Post of the American Legion, and Arthur Liesemgang, post commander, presented it to the city. Lieutenant Louis Van Den Ecker, representing the French Consul General at New York; Dr. Foster Timothy of New York, representing British veterans, and Lieut. Col. Kerfoot, U.S.A., were among those who took part in the exercises.

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office

American Expeditionary Forces Memorial Boulder - Hobokenloupe
First Street & Pier A

This monument was erected in 1925 to commemorate Hoboken's role as the US Army Port of Embarkation during World War I, and honor the 3 million troops who passed through Hoboken's port. The monument contains a bronze tablet mounted to the face of a granite boulder. It was erected by the Hoboken Assembly, Fourth Degree, of the Knights of Columbus. 

The current plaque was fabricated in 1978 and paid for by Hudson County. The boulder originally sat on Pier 4 near River Street. It was moved to River Street near Pier B in 1976. In 2002-03, with the completion of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, it was moved to its present location at First Street & Pier A.

Narrative adapted from Hoboken Historical Museum website. 

Photo courtesy of: Hoboken Historical Museum

American Legion 'Memorial Hall'  Benewah Post No. 25loupe
South 7th St. & South 8th St.
Saint Maries

To quote the attached historic document, with photographs, in the photo gallery, “November 29, 1921, St. Maries had the honor of being host to Marshal 

Ferdinand Foch and his party from France on their tour of the United States.  Below he is seen shoveling the first concrete for piers beneath Legion 

Memorial Hall in St. Maries, the first such memorial in Idaho,  National Commander MacNider participated.”

American Legion Florence-Lauderdale Post No. 11loupe
318 S Court St
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American Legion Memorial Monumentloupe
State Highway 6, East of Ponderosa Street

Dedication Plaque:

Also on the Memorial Monument are name plaques of Potlatch veterans and
casualties of war including the Post’s namesake C.J Robinson, U.S. Army,
1895 to 1918. On both sides are concrete bases which most like held some
type of machine gun or motor unit, which are both missing. The cemetery &
Memorial Monument are directly across State Highway 6 from the historic
Post Home, a log building with a dedication Plaque inset in the stone chimney.

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American Legion Post 134 Cannonloupe
Morton Grove

WWI Field Artillery Piece on the grounds of Morton Grove's American Legion Civic Center


American Legion Post 1420 Fabbys Memorial Plaqueloupe
1420 Union Avenue

"Fabbys" refers to employees of the Newburgh Fabrikoid Factory, which produced artificial leather and later bought out by DuPont.

American Legion Post 911 World War I Memorialloupe
Stonycreek Township Recreation Park

American Legion Post 911 World War I Memorial

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

100c 100m wwi centennial plaqueThe American Legion Post 911 World War I Memorial includes an honor roll listing the name of every World War I veteran from the area and serves as a constant reminder of those who sacrificed for freedom.  A note that Shanksville is the host town of the Flight 93 National Memorial Park honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11; the American Legion Post 911 has had that number since 1946, an amazing coincidence.

American Legion Soldierloupe
1608 K St NW

This 13-foot tall sculpture of Indiana limestone is of a standing male having elements of both a World War I Doughboy and a World War II GI. He wears battle fatigues with an unbuttoned shirt, dog tags, pants tucked into his boots, and a helmet.  His rifle is slung over his right shoulder and in his left hand he holds a grenade. Under his left foot is a snake, representing the enemy. This memorial was carved in 90 days by Frank Bowden at the studio of Adolph G. Wolter, and was dedicated on August 14, 1951. Its model was Lt. Hulon P. Whittington, who received the Congressional medal of Honor for his service in World War II.  

American Legion World War I Memorialloupe
726 N. Front St.

The inscription on this memorial, dedicated in 1979, reads:

In memory of
the Veterans
of World War I
who founded the
American Legion

At least 8 other markers are within walking distance of this marker, including a World War II Memorial and Women of the Armed Forces. 

American Legion WW1 Memorial Monumentloupe
211 West Pioneer Ave.

It is noted, that this classic Memorial Monument featuring a three rifle stack, with
helmets and bayonets on the top was originally created using real helmets and rifles.

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American Prideloupe
Veterans Park, 13th St. W and Ply Dr.

This is a bronze sculpture of an eagle, about 10 X 7 feet, with wings spread in a vertical direction. It is mounted on a pyramidal con­crete base. It was sculpted by Lyle E. Johnson, who gave it to the city in honor of the veterans of all wars. It was dedicated on May 30,1992.


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