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Ohio in WW1 - Places & Memorials

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Memorial Plaque by Jewish War Veteransloupe
Agudas Achim Cemetery

This Memorial Monument is located in the Old Congregation Agudas Achim Jewish Cemetery, approximate address: 1707 Alum Creek Drive, Columbus, OH

Based on the logo at the top, this Monument was put up by Capitol Post 122, Jewish War Veterans of the U.S., Columbus, OH.

The cemetery was opened on August 28, 1891 and became full and inactive when new cemetery was opened in 1952.

The first four, 1918, entries on the monument were KIA or Died of wounds.  The next three, 1919, died of disease or wounds after the Armistice. The remaining names are of WWI veterans.  It appears that someone was keeping track and when that person died in 1938 no more names were added.

Morgan County World War I Memorialloupe

"In commemoration of the boys who served their county so faithfully and well in the World War"

Muskingum County World War I Memorialloupe
Muskingum County Courthouse
November 29, 1934
E. M. Viquesney

This life-size metal statue depicts a World War I infantryman carrying a rifle and grenade through the barbed wire and stumps of No Man's Land. It was funded by contributions from the people of Muskingum County and was installed in November 1929.

National Museum of the United States Air Force - Early Years Galleryloupe
1100 Spaatz St.

The museum's Early Years Gallery conveys the magic and wonder of the formative days of military air power. The gallery's aircraft collection, exhibits and artifacts combine to capture the spirit of imagination of that transformational era, chronicling the time from the Wright brothers and their contemporaries, through World War I and to the lead up to World War II.

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North Canton Ohio Cemeteryloupe
7846 Pittsburg Rd.
North Canton

Located in the center of the cemetery surrounded by American flags. References the Spanish-American War and World Wars

Norton Field Historical Markerloupe
4383 East Broad Street

The first airport in central Ohio, Norton Field was named for World War I pilot and star Ohio State University athlete Fred William Norton, a Columbus native. On July 2, 1918, Capt. Norton led the 27th "Eagle" Pursuit Squadron in one of the earliest significant American air engagements of World War I. He died from wounds after his Nieuport 28 was shot down in northern France less than three weeks later.

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Ohio World War Memorialloupe
Ohio Statehouse, 1 Capitol Square
Arthur Ivone

The Ohio World War Memorial was erected in 1930, the work of Arthur Ivone and marks Ohio's participation in the First World War. Referring to rank and file soldiers as "doughboys" is closely associated with World War I but the term goes back further and has several possible explanations. The most common of these explanations is that the large buttons on the men's uniforms looked like the doughy dumplings eaten in soup. A sweeter story is that the name is connected to the enthusiasm that soldiers had for fried dough-doughnuts!

Ross County World War I Memorialloupe
John Paulding
Saville Doughboy Statueloupe
Bruce Wilder Seville

This statue of a World War I American soldier by sculptor Bruce Wilder Saville now sits on the lawn of the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. Saville, a professor at The Ohio State University, cast the sculpture named "The Victorious Doughboy" in 1924 to honor veterans of the First World War. The soldier is depicted in mid-stride with his proper left leg forward and his proper right arm holding his gun which rests on his shoulder. In this photograph, the statue is seen at the north side entrance of the Ohio State Museum located at Sullivant Hall on the Ohio State campus, which served as the previous home of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society (now the Ohio History Connection) before it moved near the state fairgrounds in 1970.

St. Mary Parish Memorial Plaqueloupe

Ohio World War I Centennial Committee

Contact: Sara Fisher, Ohio History Connection: [email protected]

Committee Members:

Ron Chapman, American Legion Department of Ohio

Steve Ebersole, American Legion Department of Ohio

Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio 

Paul LaRue, High School History Teacher (Ret.)

Dr. Paul Lockhart, Wright State University

Pete Lupiba, Ohio Department of Education

SFC Joshua Mann, Ohio Army National Guard

David Merkowitz, Ohio Humanities

Colonel Thomas Moe, United States Air Force (Ret.)

Cyrus Moore, Ohio History Connection

Toivo Motter, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens 

Becky Preiss Odom, Ohio History Connection

Kyle Yoho, The Castle Historic House Museum




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