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Peavey Fountain, 151st Field Artillery Horse Monumentloupe
2500 Lake of the Isles Parkway E Minneapolis, MN

Peavey Fountain on the Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis was built in 1891 as a drinking fountain for horses and was later dedicated to the horses of the 151st Field Artillery, Minnesota National Guard who died during World War I.

The fountain was installed as a monument to the horses of the 151st Field Artillery from World War I. The 151st Field Artillery Regiment was originally organized in 1864 as the First Regiment of the Minnesota Heavy Artillery, was reorganized after the Civil War, became the First Battalion Field Artillery in 1893, was redesignated the First Field Artillery in 1900, was expanded to six batteries in 1903, served on the Mexican Border from 1916 to 1917, and then was drafted into Federal Service and subsequently was redesignated as the 151st Field Artillery. 


In 1891, Frank Hutchinson Peavey donated the fountain to the people of Minneapolis as a drinking fountain for horses. In 1917 it was rededicated as a memorial to the horses of the 151st Field Artillery Minnesota National Guard killed in action. Today, Peavey Fountain would be easy to miss standing in the middle of an island diverting car traffic between Kenwood Parkway and Lake of the Isles Parkway.

I recommend visiting the Minnesota Historical Society website to travel back in time to see what the fountain and neighborhood looked like in the early 1900s. I was curious about the fountain’s connection to Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis and learned that the company Frank started in 1874, F.H. Peavey & Company (renamed Peavey Company) gave $600,000 towards the $2.5 million budget for the plaza which earned them naming rights. The gift was given in 1974, the company’s centennial year.


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Pequot Lakes City Parkloupe
State Hwy 371 Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
Pequot Lakes
"Vintage marker honoring the area's boys, those who were lost in World War I. The brass marker is corroded with the years but still pays tribute to the fallen. The marker honors those from The World War, not World War I. As at the time, it was the only World War. An eagle is emblazoned on the marker and is flanked by two World War soldiers."
Ramsey County Courthouse God of Peaceloupe
15 W Kellogg Blvd st paul mn
Saint Paul

"I took this pic of the "God of Peace" statue dedicated to the memory of the fallen in the Great War. It was erected in 1935. Names of the fallen are listed on the walls. Like many other memorials dedicated to the "War to end all wars", this one has also had names added who have fallen while in service during other conflicts as well."

--Mr. Johannes R. Allert, M.A., CTL

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Rosemount Central Parkloupe
2893 145th Street West, Rosemount MN 55068
Two WWI names enscribed: Ernest Bartlett Arthur Cliff
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Shadow Falls Park Memorialloupe
East River Road
St Paul

This large monument consists of a cross atop a tall stone spire overlooking the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN. On the east face of the monument is a plaque reading: 'IN MEMORY OF THE MEN AND WOMEN OF SAINT PAUL AND RAMSEY COUNTY WHO SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES IN THIS WORLD WAR. "GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS"' and 'ERECTED BY SAINT PAUL CHAPTER DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION A.D. 1922'

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Minnesota Veterans Homes Board, 1200 18th Street East

This is a chain saw-carved piece of wood, probably elm, depict­ing a standing WWI soldier. He wears an open-necked shirt and pants tucked into his boots, holds his rifle's barrel, and carries a hel­met. It was carved in 1990 by Dennis Roghair to honor WWI veter­ans. Nearby is another Roghair carving, "Eagle," which may also be in honor of veterans.

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Soldier's Fieldloupe
300 7th Street SW rochester minnesota

The Soldiers Field Veteran's Memorial was created to honor Veterans from Southeast Minnesota who died serving our country and dedicated to all who served our country to help keep us free. We remind future generations that we must not only protect ourselves from outside forces who would deny us our freedom, but we must understand that like the downfall of the Roman Empire, our freedom can also be lost from within if we allow our moral and ethical standards to decay. We can not tolerate bigotry or corruption in any form. Those who say they have no influence on our society have forgotten that we each control our own conduct, which then becomes part of our country's weakness or strength.  
- Ken Zubay

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Soldier's Monumentloupe
Lakewood Cemetery, 3600 Hennepin Ave.

Manufactured of granite and bronze, this monument is com­posed of five sections which fit together, the nine fool tall center section being the tallest. On the ends are sculpted helmets, canteens, a gas mask, ammunition belts, a saddlebag and a bayonet. It also had medallions of the U.S., the Spanish-American War Veterans, and the Grand Army of the Republic. Atop the center section was a sculpted element, but it was stolen during the 1960s. The monument was dedicated on May 30, 1923, as a tribute to the Minnesota veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and WWI.

South St Paul Park Memorialloupe
249 3rd Ave N South St Paul MN 55075
South Saint Paul
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State Capitol Veterans Memorialloupe
20 West 12th Street St. Paul, MN 55155-2002
Saint Paul

“Dedicated to the 57,413 Minnesotans who so gallantly served in ‘the war to end all wars.'” 


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