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Todd County Courthouseloupe
221 1st Ave S Ste 300, Long Prairie, MN 56347
Long Prairie
May 31, 1920
Clarence H. Johnston, John K. Daniels

Directly in front of the historic Todd County Courthouse is a monument dedicated to the memory of the soldiers and sailors who died in the service of their country. In 1918 William E. Lee approached the county commissioners and offered to build the monument at his own personal expense. The specifications were drawn up by Clarence H. Johnston, architect; and the sculpture was done by John K. Daniels, St. Paul.

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Verndale Role of Honorloupe
1st Avenue and Farwell Street verndale mn

"This vintage art deco memorial is located in McNair City Park in Verndale, MN. The memorial is a bronze marker flanked by two vintage and art deco type lanterns. The memorial is dated April 6, 1917 and November 18, 1918. It lists all of the men from the Verndale area that served in World War I. There is also some artwork, flags, soldiers etc depicted on the bronze marker. This is a very nice memorial and very vintage."


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Veteran's Parkloupe
Margaret Street, North St Paul MN
North Saint Paul
Veterans Park recognizes the service and sacrifice of all veterans of the United States and those that paid the ultimate price for the freedom we all share. The Veterans Park History Path encircles the Memorial Wall, the flags and Star Plaza and features the historical moments of military conflict intertwined with the veteran history of North St. Paul, Minnesota. 
Podiums are located around the path in a chronological sequence that mirrors the history of North St. Paul, Minnesota. Factual data of each conflict period are scribed upon the black granite face of each podium. Viewers may then understand the price paid by those who defend our nation and liberties.
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Victory Memorial Driveloupe
45th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

In 1921, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board dedicated part of its Grand Rounds Scenic Byway to those from Hennepin County who gave their lives during the Great War.  They renamed the section of the Byway that ran along the northwestern corner of Minneapolis as “Victory Memorial Parkway” (the road itself is called Victory Memorial Drive, as shown in photo).

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Waconia Monumentloupe
101 East Main Street, Waconia MN 55387

World War I Monument, a War Memorial

Erected in Memory
of Those Who Served
During the World War
1914 —— 1918

World War I Monument, a War Memorial

Allmann Andrew • Bade Ed. • Bade Henry • Beck Walter • Beiersdorf O.H. • Boettcher Otto • Boehmke Herb • Brandenburg Henry ☆ • Burfield Thom. • Buechner H. C. • Buelow George E. • Buelow Ben • Braun Gust. H. • Claesgens Geo. F. • Claesgens A. M. • Dallmann Will. • Dircks Frank ☆ • Eggers Arth. H. • Ehrenberg Will. • Eistein A. L. • Fischer Leo C. • Fois Rob. S. • Gast Ferd. • Gentz Arth. E. • Giesen Jake J. • Giesen Hub. • Goodman Jos. C. • Goethke Will. • Gust Will. A. • Harris A. W. • Hasse Jul. • Hauwiller Henry • Heidman E. H. • Heinen Adolph T. • Heinen Will. H. • Hedtke Ed. F. • Henke John • Henke Jos. • Heuer Fred A. • Huckenpoehler Ben. • Kaufold Aug. • Kelzer Chas. • Kirsch Jos. • Klatt John • Klein John M. • Knorr Paul • Knorr Albert J. • Krause Fred • Krueger Otto • Krueger Albert • Kranz Frank • Kunze Arth. • Kucepa Will. • Kunze John • Kuntz Alvin • Kuntz Clarence A. • Lahr Ed. • Lindner Phil. • Louis Math. J. • Louis Frank • Lobitz Henry O. •   Lobitz Harry • Lobitz Theo. • Luebke Otto W. • Luebke Fred J.  

Lundsten Clarence • Maiser Albert G. • Mayer Henry E. • Miller Jos. L. • Moy John • Mock F. H. • Meuffels John F. • Ollerman Max • Peitz Jos. • Peitz Casper • Petijohn Carl • Philippy Paul • Pofahl Roy C. • Pofahl Arth. • Radde Grover • Raether Arth. • Raether Walter • Rauen Frank J. • Rauen Edwin • Reinke Herman • Rohloff Aug. • Scheuble Alfred • Schmitz Nick • Schmidt Geo. • Schlechter Peter J. • Schlitzke Frank W. • Schutz Edwin J. • Schwalbe Herman E. • Schwalbe Ben. • Schwichtenberg Otto • Schoewe Ed. R. • Schneider Waldemar • Schneider Frank • Sicheneder Louis J. • Sicheneder Jos. • Sohns Louis • Spannaus A. C. • Strong Rufus • Stock W. J. • Stacken Henry • Steinhagen Jos. • Voight Otto • Wagener John • Wessale Geo. • Wessale A. C. • Wessbecker Will. • Wessbecker John • Wessbecker Ed. • Weber Robert • Weber Clement • Willems Will. • Willems Henry J. • Zeman Louis • Zeman Henry A. • Zoerb Geo. • Zoerb Will G. • Zrust Robert

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War Memorial Buildingloupe
100 N. State St.

Constructed in 1939-40 and dedicated on July 8, 1940, this is a monument to the Mississippi soldiers from all wars. It is used as the state headquarters for several veterans organizations.

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Washington Parkloupe
N 4th St, Mankato, MN 56001
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Willmar War Memorial Auditoriumloupe
311 6th St SW, Willmar, MN 56201

The Willmar Auditorium built by WPA is one of the most handsome auditoriums in Minnesota. It has two stories and a basement. In some sections of the building it has a third story. It was built at a cost of $160,000. The building has a concrete foundation, reinforced concrete slabs, steel roof trusses, and a wood roof. The walls are of brick with stone trim. The sculpture over the entrance was done by the Federal Art Project. The basement accommodates a band room, dressing rooms, showers, and mechanical equipment rooms. On the first floor are the auditorium, stage, and kitchen and war memorial room. The second floor has meeting rooms and a projection room.

PWA Moderne realized primarily through a pattern of contrasting stone
inlaid in the brick walls. Over the entrance are three relief panels in stone depicting the glories of agriculture, government, and transportation.

The Willmar War Memorial Auditorium features engraved stones from each state to honor Minnesota veterans. It was built between 1935 and 1938.


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