Riveters African American Officers doughboys with mules Mule Rearing gas masks African American Soldiers 1 pilots in dress uniforms The pilots



Veterans Memorial Plaque & Veterans Memorial Wallloupe
50 Sibley St.

Plaque and Wall can be reached from Sibley Street near 1st Street, Facing North, on the
left side of the street. The Memorials are below the patio at Nelson - Lucking American
Legion Post 47. Privates George J. Lucking and William G.E. Nelson Made The Ultimate
Sacrifice in World War 1. Both the Marker and Memorial Wall are located on the River Walk
Just below the A.L. Post at 50 Sibley Street, Hastings MN 55033.

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WWI Memorialloupe
930 Veterans Memorial Parkway

Our city, the largest in Idaho, did NOT have a WWI Memorial...so my chapter decided to give the city one! Dedicated and presented to the City of Boise at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, 100 years exactly after the Armistice ceased hostilities, I am proud to say our city finally has its own WWI Memorial, now and forever. The chapter raised funds from a number of sources, including a Special Projects Grant from the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, and we designed, commissioned, and undertook getting all of the necessary permissions to make it happen. All told, it took about 18 months to complete the project. It is a thing to behold!

Jackson World War I Memorial Fountainloupe
100 E Main St

Jackson World War I Memorial Fountain

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

100c 100m wwi centennial plaqueThe Jackson World War I Memorial Fountain was donated to Madison County shortly after the end of WWI by members of the Jackson-McClaran chapter of the American Red Cross.  Following a restoration in 2018, the memorial was re-dedicated to mark the centennial of the 1918 Armistice that ended World War I. The restoration included repainting the structure, restoring the missing urn on the top, and installing three new plaques: one recognizing African-American citizens of Madison County who were not honored in the past, one listing the previously omitted names of the dead not mentioned on the original plaque including African-American soldiers, and the official plaque designating the fountain as a Centennial Memorial Monument.  

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Sgt. Alvin C. York Graveloupe
Wolf River Cemetery
Pall Mall

Sgt. Alvin C. York Grave

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

100c 100m wwi centennial plaque Sgt. Alvin Cullum York was one of the most decorated soldiers in World War I. On 8 October 1918, in the Argonne Forest in France, he managed on his own to eliminate a German machine gun unit and killed over 20 Germans, with only his rifle and a pistol. The German officer responsible for the machine gun position had emptied his pistol while firing at York, but failed to hit him. This officer then offered to surrender and York accepted. York then led the handful of survivors in a counterattack that resulted in the capture of 132 German soldiers. York was awarded the Medal of Honor and became an instant celebrity.  After the war he led a quiet life and died on 2 September 1964.  In honor of the centennial of the 1918 Armistice that ended World War I, the grave has been restored to include a new handicap accessible pathway to his grave, new benches, a decorative fence, poppies planted along with new signage that describes the importance of his grave, the Centennial of WWI, and his connection to Rotary International (which sponsored the restoration project along with the Sgt. York Patriotic Foundation). 

Noel Johnson Code Talker Bridgeloupe
McCurtain County

The Noel Johnson Code Talker Bridge is located on US-259 -- near Eagle Fork Creek, south of Smithville. 

Soldiers Field Athletic Complex & Veterans Memorialloupe
300 7th St SW

The earliest elements of Soldiers Field were started by the Rochester American Legion, William T. McCoy, Post 92.
The Poist was started in 1919, soon after the end of the World War. In the mid 1920’s the Post focused its attention
on the project of building the Soldier’s Field Athletic Complex. There are two original bronze plaques from the mid to
late 1920’s are mounted on either side of a granite monument at the entrance to the Memorial and Sports Complex
(see gallery photos).
Text from original Plaques:
The second plaque contains the Emblem and the Preamble to the Constitution of the American Legion.

Fast forward about 70 yers, when in October of 1995, the Memorial Committee was formed. Then on June 13th, 1997
the Ground Breaking Ceremony was held. On June 25th, 2000, the Dedication of the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial.
This Memorial, conceived in 1995, was built without tax dollars due to the time, talent and treasure contributed by the
Memorial Committee and the countless other volunteers who also contributed to honor those who served.
The Wall of Remembrance was created to honor American Service Members from Southeast Minnesota who died while
serving our country undedicated to all who served and now serve to keep us safe and free. May it remind future
generations that our nation must be protected from forces, both outside and inside our borders, that would deny us
our liberty. Please pay special attention to the sculpture of the Woman and Child who is holding the most dreaded
telegram an American family could receive during World War 1 and World War 2.
The Wall of Remembrance honors over 2,500 Service men and women from Southeast Minnesota, who gave their lives
in service to their country.
The Walk of Remembrance is made up of about 6,500 pavers honoring U.S. Veterans and our Allies living or dead for
their service.
The Trees of Remembrance consists of 50 sponsored trees representing every state in these United States.
Let Us Not Forget those who made the Supreme Sacrifice and our Veterans, for they have shown the world that
Freedom Is Never Free

Benjamin Hampton Code Talker Bridgeloupe
Bryan County

The Benjamin Hampton Code Talker Bridge (Sulphur Creek Bridge) is located on US-70 -- near E2078 Co. Road. 

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The Veterans Memorial Building loupe
May’s Island
Cedar Rapids

Dedicated in 1927

Managed and maintained by the Veterans Memorial Commission. The Building
is on the National Register of Historic Places, and boasts numerous memorials
to U.S. Veterans with a magnificent stained glass window by artist Grant Wood.
A Cenotaph stands proudly atop the eight story section; an empty coffin stands
above the Cenotaph represents The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In 1926
Memorial Building architect Henry Hornbostel modeled the cenotaph Memorial
after the famous monument that stands in Whitehall, London, England. The
Commissions Museum and galleries contain over 2,500 artifacts, with many on
display in two galleries that flanks the stained glass window on the 1st floor.
The building, with its location on May’s Island in the middle of the Cedar River,
offers stunning views from the ballrooms.

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Soldiers and Sailors Parkloupe
655 Cedar Street

The Waterloo Memorial Hall Commission has developed Soldiers and Sailors Park
at 655 Cedar Street. The park displays granite monuments, a fountain and bronze
plaques along the 400-foot brick walkway. The walkway will begin near the west
side of the 5th Street bridge and meander through the beautifully landscaped park
to the 4th Street bridge. The monuments, historic fountain and plaques will stand to
commemorate all wars and conflicts our service men and women have fought in. It
will also include a POW/MIA - “…Known But To God" Memorial Monument.
To help pay for the current, future development and maintenance of our Soldiers and
Sailors Park, the commission is selling bricks to honor anyone who has served in the
military. These bricks will make up the entire walkway. 

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Floyd Co. - Rome - WWI Memorialloupe
Carnegie Building 607 Broad Street
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch

Marble vertical stone with rare relief lettering.

Inscription: “In Memorial to the Young Men of Floyd County who responded to their country’s call in the 1917 Worlds War 1919 - In memory of those who gave their lives.”
Thirty-seven names are inscribed on this memorial.

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WWI Monumentloupe
10 Park Way
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Harry Therasher Markerloupe
82 Thrasher Rd

Harry Thrasher was the only person from Plainfield to die in the Great War. He is Buried in France. This sign was put up in honor of the 100th Anniversary of his death, near the location of his birthplace. Thrasher was an artist, scalper, and a fellow of the Academy in Rome, he entered WWI as part of a group of artists to paint camouflage. He was a New Englander to the core and of that rare type which New England too seldom produces.

Otis Leader Code Talker Bridgeloupe
Pontotoc County

The Otis Leader Code Talker Bridge is located on SH-1 -- 6 miles south of Allen, Oklahoma. 

Joseph Oklahombi Code Talker Bridgeloupe
McCurtain County

The Joseph Oklahombi Code Talker Bride is located on SH-98 -- 1.4 miles from Wright City as you're approaching US-70.

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Veterans Memorial Levee Parkloupe
301 East 1st Street

Veterans Memorial Levee Park
Near Hastings River Walk,
War Memorial Plaque and
American Legion Memorial Wall

The markers a generic Memorial Monument to those who
served in all wars of our Republic and can be reached from
the park entrance at the above address or the Hastings River
Walk entrance near the American Legion.

The marker was erected on July 25th, 1981.

Charles Walter Veach Code Talker Bridgeloupe
Bryan County

The Charles Walter Veach Code Talker Bridge is located on the US-70 bypass -- east of Durant.

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War Memorial Bridgeloupe
E. 1st St. & Covered Bridge Rd.

Originally, the bridge was not named in memory of the
veterans who returned from The Civil War, Spanish
American War and The World War but in keeping with
the mission of the Legion, it is dedicated to the memory
of those soldier, sailors and airmen who did not come home.

Rebuilt & Rededicated in 2010
BR 25025 Over the North Branch Zumbro River
On North Main Street
Between E. 1st St. & Covered Bridge Rd.
Zumbrota, MN 55992

The bridge is held as a special site in the hearts of
Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Stary-Yerka Post 5727
at 25 E. 1st St., the Southeast corner of the bridge.
Copied from the Minnesota DOT website:
While not officially historic, Bridge 5188
turned out to have more historical
significance than people realized.
During demolition, a time capsule
was discovered within the concrete
behind the veterans plaque. The time
capsule contained many fascinating
artifacts from the time of the 1932
construction, including a page from the
local newspaper, an American Legion
roster, and a listing of local soldiers who
had fought in conflicts dating back
as far as the Civil War. All items were
given to the Zumbrota Area Historical
Society. A new time capsule, containing
similar items, was placed in the same
location in Bridge 25025. Much of the
time capsule information was in current
electronic formats, along with written
instructions to guide a future generation
on how to access the information.

Wilcox County - Abbeville - Veterans Memorial	loupe
Wilcox County Courthouse 103 North Broad Street
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch

Plaza on Courthouse grounds containing containing granite stones to the different wars.

Inscription: The central monolith is inscribed “Dedicated to all Wilcox Countians who served our country and in memory of those who paid the supreme sacrifice. They died that others may live free. Erected year 2001. Americans of Wilcox County.”

The granite stone for World War I is inscribed with thirteen names.

George E. Davenport Code Talker Bridgeloupe
Pushmataha County

The George E. Davenport Code Talker Bridge (Beaver Creek Bridge) is located on SH-3 -- east of Antlers.

Jeff Nelson Code Talker Bridgeloupe
McCurtain County

The Jeff Nelson Code Talker Bridge is located on SH-3 -- about 2,300 feet north of the Little River Bridge (northbound side).


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