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Veterans Memorial at the Church of the Holy Ghostloupe
1900 California St
USA 80202

This life-size bronze figure, prone and wrapped in a tarpaulin, was sculpted by A. Thomas Schomberg and dedicated to war veterans on Memorial Day 1986.  The figure lies atop an 11-ft. tall rectangular platform, inspired by a Plains Indian custom of placing their dead on a high scaffold in presentation to the spiritual world.  This memorial was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kane.

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WWI Gold Star Monumentloupe
USA 37203

This memorial is to the members of the armed forces from Davidson County, TN who lost their lives during World War I and was funded by the Nashville Kiwanis Club.

Monument restored and refurbished in 1967.

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War Memorial on Worthington Ridgeloupe
Worthington Ridge and Farmington Ave
USA 06037

This monument consists of a 40-ft tall shaft of light gray granite on which sits a bronze eagle.  It is flanked by 2 flag poles, and an artillery piece is nearby.  Originally dedicated on November 11,1920 to honor the men and women of Berlin who served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I, later plaques were added for World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. World War I veterans are honored with a two-sided memorial at the south end of the pergola. Both sides bear two columns of names listing residents who served in the war. The west face of the monument honors five residents killed in the conflict, including one who died in Red Cross service. 

Yale University World War I Memorialloupe
Hewitt Quadrangle
New Haven
USA 06520

This large memorial, constructed in 1926 of stone, slate and gilt, is dedicated to the men of Yale who died in World War I.  Nearly 9,500 Yale students and alumni served in the Great War, and over 200 Yalies were killed. Their names are carved into the walls of Woolsey Hall, and this World War I memorial on Hewitt Quadrangle in the center of campus honors them.  The memorial was erected by Yale alumni.

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World War I Cenotaphloupe
1019 Main St
USA 06405

This memorial was designed by J. Andre Smith, a World War I veteran, artist, architect and constructed by stone cutter William Keast. It was installed in 1923 and moved slightly to this spot when the new town hall was built in 1966.  Plastered in the Stony Creek granite reads “Pro Patria 1917-1918” just below a Distinguished Service Cross.  President Woodrow Wilson commissioned Smith, the admired World War I artist, to create the monument, according to the plaque that sits to its left. It was dedicated to those World War 1 servicemen who gave their lives for their country and are buried in a foreign land.

World War Monument - Bridgeportloupe
McLevy Hall, Broad St
USA 06604

The Bridgeport War Memorial, originally dedicated to World War I veterans, is a boulder carved with faces of a soldier, sailor, and marine, modeled after photographs on a magazine cover.  A small plaque is below the faces with the dedication date of October 29, 1933, and the officers of the ex-servicemen's organizations who sponsored the memorial.  A larger plaque elsewhere on the boulder has a relief of an eagle and a list of the Bridgeport citizens who died in World War II.  The original monument to the WWI veterans was sculpted by Thomas A. Sabatino.

Veterans Memorial Flagpoleloupe
41 Hecker Ave
USA 06067

This memorial, sculpted by Karl F. Lang, honors the veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I.  A Civil War soldier faces west, leaning on the barrel of his rifle.  Facing south is a World War I doughboy with an upraised hand.  On the east is a Spanish-American War sailor.  To the north is a figure without a uniform, except for an ammunition belt, with an arrow at his feet. 

All Wars Memorial - East Havenloupe
East Haven Green
East Haven
USA 06512

On the southwest corner of the East Haven Green is a shaft of light gray Barre granite, topped by a globe showing the outlines of the continents.  On the front of the shaft is a relief of an eagle with raised wings and talons clutching sticks. It was made by the Thomas Phillips and Sons Co. and was dedicated on May 30, 1988. Sponsored by the East Haven Town Green Restoration Committee, American Legion Posts 89 and 175, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2090, it is a tribute to the Veterans of all wars.  Inscribed on the memorial: KEEP FOREVER LIVING THE FREEDOMS FOR WHICH THEY SERVED; LET NONE FORGET THEY GAVE THEIR ALL AND FALTERED NOT WHEN CAME THE CALL.

All Wars Memorial - Enfieldloupe
Church St
USA 06082

This monument was sculpted by David Richards and was erected in 1885 to honor the citizens of Enfield who served in the Civil War.  Later plaques were added as tributes to those who served in World War I and World War II.

Soldiers Monument - Griswoldloupe
David Hale Fanning Park
USA 06351

This monument was made by Smith Granite Co. and dedicated on May 30, 1913 as a tribute to the Griswold men who served in the Civil War.  Nearby granite slabs list the names of those who served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  The monument and park were rededicated on April 30, 1989.

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Memorial to Five Warsloupe
SR 207 and SR 87
USA 06247

The Memorial to Five Wars, dedicated in 1922, is located in the center of Lebanon Green, in front of the Town Hall and across the street from the First Congregational Church. It consists of a cobblestone pedestal supporting a tall flagpole. A bronze plaque is recessed into each face of the pedestal.  Three of the four 30" x 20" bronze plaques carry lettering relating to the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I. The lettering is in thoughtful narrative form, quite different from the standard memorial language often found on such plaques.  The fourth plaque is a bas-relief by Bruce Wilder Saville depicting a composite of three soldiers, one from the Revolutionary War, one from the Civil War, and one from World War I, and a flag. The figure to the group's far right is from the Revolutionary War; he carries a musket on his shoulder. The central figure is a doughboy from World War I; he uses both hands to grasp his rifle. The third man is in Civil War uniform; he carries the colors. The flag opens out above the three soldiers; its staff continues to the group's left on the diagonal to the upper left corner of the plaque, distorting the right angle of the corner as the tip of the pole continues upward. A bronze plaque on a stone slab at the northeast corner of the Green lists names of those from Lebanon who served in World War I and World War II.

World War I Memorial Plaqueloupe
71 Haynes St
USA 06040

The Manchester World War I Memorial Plaque was made by the Gorham Manufacturing Company and dedicated on November 11, 1920. It is a bronze relief that bears the images of a soldier and sailor flanking a list of Manchester citizens who died in World War I. It is attached to a base of rough-hewn granite, specked with black and gray. It was originally located about 30 feet to the north of this spot; when the original hospital building was demolished in 1983, the plaque was moved here.

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Meridien World War Memorialloupe
Broad and E. Main Streets
USA 06450

This World War I Memorial was dedicated on November 8, 1930 to the citizens of Meridien who died in World War I. It consists of a bronze eagle with the laurels of victory in its talons, sitting atop a shaft of Vermont granite, 50 feet high. There are four bronze figures, a soldier holding a rifle, a sailor holding a rifle, a nurse, and a marine with a rifle. A later plaque was added with the roll of honor of the names of those from Meridien who died during World War II.

World War I Memorial - New Britainloupe
Walnut Hill Park
New Britain
USA 06051

New Britain honors its World War I heroes and veterans with this 90-foot column in Walnut Hill Park. The tall stone column, topped by two sculpted eagles, bears a dedication at its front (north) base reading, “MDCCCCXXVII (1927). The city of New Britain here records with pride that of her citizens, more than four thousand served in the World War 1917-1918.”  The plaque also has symbols representing the Army, the Navy, industry and the Red Cross. It appears that bronze ornamentation that once surrounded this plaque has been removed. A dedication plaque on the south base of the column reads, “To her sons who gave their lives to their country, their names are here inscribed. Their memory lives in the heart of a grateful city.”  Just below the eagles, the column appears to be wrapped with a flag that’s draped over the column’s fluting. Surrounding the monument are two semi-circular walls bearing bronze plaques that list the name, rank, unit affiliation and date of death for 123 residents (61 plaques on the west side, and 62 plaques on the east side). Bronze poppies can be seen between the plaques. Ornamental palms at the ends of the rows of names also appears to have been removed.  Four large light fixtures near the monument are decorated with butterflies symbolizing renewal and resurrection. New Britain dedicated its World War I monument on September 22, 1928. The monument was designed by Harold Van Buren Magonigle, who also created a similar monument in Kansas City as well a firefighters’ monument on Riverside Drive in New York City.

War Memorial - East Canaanloupe
Lower Road and SR 44
East Canaan
USA 06024

The East Canaan Veterans Memorial is a 6.5' high field-stone triple exedra topped by a bell. The monument rests on a circular concrete base with a walkway that leads southwest to the monument from the direction of Route 44.

A marble plaque on the northeast exedra face is inscribed:


A marble plaque on the southwest exedra face has the starting dates of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War and is inscribed:

*1776* – *1812*
*1865* - *1898*

A marble plaque on the southeast exedra face has the dates of World War I and is inscribed:

1917 – 1918

Veterans Memorial - Norwalkloupe
Seaview Ave between Washington St and Osborne Ave
USA 06855

Harry Marinsky sculpted this group of bronze abstract, helmeted military figures, two men and two women, ascending a flight of loosely spiraled, broken white granite steps.  The highest one holds an American flag and others have their arms raised with fingers spread, reaching.  This memorial was dedicated on May 30, 1966 to honor veterans of all American wars.  At the time, it was the largest (19 feet tall) bronze monument in CT.

World War I Memorial - Old Saybrookloupe
263 Main St
Old Saybrook
USA 06475

There are three monuments in front of Old Saybrook's OldTown Hall that honor the veterans of the 20th century’s wars. A 1926 boulder monument, topped by a bronze eagle, honors the service of World War I veterans. It bears a dedication on its front (west) face reading “In memory of Old Saybrook’s sons who served".  The east face of the monument has a plaque with two columns of names listing local veterans, organized by service branches: Army (48 names); Navy (18); Aviation (9); and Motor Transport (2) . Near the World War I monument, a granite monument dedicated in 1961 honors local war heroes (see pictures gallery). A dedication near the top of the monument reads, “Erected by the citizens of Old Saybrook in memory of her sons who died at war.” Beneath that dedication, the monument lists heroes and the wars in which they were lost. One person is listed for World War I, 15 for World War II, two for Korea, and one for Vietnam.  A polished granite monument in front of three flagpoles bears the POW-MIA logo. An eternal flame flickers in front of the POW-MIA monument.

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War Memorial - Plymouthloupe
Baldwin Park
USA 06786

The Plymouth Veterans’ Monument, near the intersection of Main Street (Route 6) and North Main Street, features a monument honoring the two World Wars and Korea, as well as a separate monument commemorating the Vietnam War.  Beneath a dedication, a plaque lists the names of eight residents killed in World War I, 25 killed in World War II and two killed in Korea.  On the left and right sides of the monument, plaques list approximately 200 World War I veterans and about 700 residents who served in World War II. To the immediate left of the Veteran’s Monument, a granite monument honors residents who served in the Vietnam War.  A short walk northeast of the monument, a bronze plaque on a large boulder honors veterans of the two World Wars. The plaque, mounted on the boulder’s southeast face, reads, “Dedicated to the loyal sons and daughters of Plymouth, Connecticut, who served their country during World Wars I and II. Erected through the generosity of Judge Andrew W. Granniss 1953.”

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World War Memorial Plaquesloupe
Putnam Memorial Bridge
USA 06109

There are several plaques on the Putnam Memorial Bridge, spanning the Quinnebaug River, honoring the Connecticut citizens who served in World War I. On each of the north and south bridge parapets were a set of three plaques, a large central one with an eagle over a scene of infantrymen moving toward a center state seal, and two smaller flanking ones depicting air and sea battles.  The two smaller plaques are missing from the north end of the bridge.

War Memorial Monument - Ridgefieldloupe
207 Main St
USA 06877

This is a large rectangular box-shaped stone slab, perhaps made of limestone. It is mounted on a plinth, and has bronze plaques depicting images of cannon and flags with inscriptions honoring the citizens of Ridgefield who served in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I.  It was dedicated on July 4, 1925.


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