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Humboldt County WWI Honor Rollloupe
South Bridge St at West 5th St
USA 89445

World War I memorial in front of Humboldt County Courthouse. Memorial is to the left of the main entrance.

Text of plaque:

1914 HONOR ROLL 1918

Our Men Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice

Vernon Crossen - Marine
William Kent Lamb - Navy
Chester Arthur Lillie - Field Hospital
Ole Admundsen Littleton - Infantry
Harold Martin - Ammunition Train
Frank Emanuel Olsen - Engineer
Peter H. Petersen - Coast Artillery
William G. Quesnell - Aviation
Gino Robert - Machine Gun
Howard Vernon Robins - Marine
George Verne Rose - Motor Transport Corps
Fred Willie Scott - Infantry
Edward R. Smith - Infantry
William P. Wuyovich - Infantry

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Braxton County WWI Honor Rollloupe
USA 26601

This monument honors the men of Braxton County who served in the First World War.

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Lake County WWI Honor Rollloupe
USA 32778

Memorial honoring the soldiers and sailors from Lake County who served in the First World War.

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Louisville Memorial Auditoriumloupe
USA 40203

The Louisville Memorial Auditorium, located at 970 South Fourth Street, is a concert venue of Greek Revival design. It was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1929, as a memorial to the people of Louisville who served in World War I.

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Fayette County WWI Memorialloupe
USA 40507

This plaque is mounted on the outside edge of the stone stairway to the historic Fayette County Courthouse in Lexington, Kentucky.

The plaque says "The men of Fayette County who gave their lives in service during the World War". Below that is a list of 52 names.

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Washington County WWI Memorialloupe
USA 40069

"Erected in honor of the noble sons of Washington County."

This World War I monument is located in front of the old Washington County Courthouse in Springfield, KY.

Marshall County World War I Memorialloupe
Marshal County Court House
USA 26041

The inscription on this memorial reads:

Erected By
The County Court
of Marshall County,
West Virginia
To Commemorate the Service
Men and Women of Marshall
County in the World War
1917 - 1919
The tumult and the shouting dies-
Lord God of Hosts - Be with us yet

lest we forget - Lest we forget

Pendleton County World War I Memorial Markerloupe
Main St. at Walnut St.
USA 26807

The inscription on this plaque honoring the soldiers from Pendleton County who were killed in the Great War reads:

"By fairy hands their knell is rung
by forms unseen their dirge is sung"

Dedicated to
these heroes
Pendleton County
who made
the supreme sacrifice
in the World War
1914 - 1918

Killed in action
John Dayton Dove - Riverton
Raymond L. Harman - Franklin
William Orbrey Lambert - Dry Run

Died of Wounds or Disease
Clinton Dickenson - Brandywine
Isaac Roy Hedrick - Ruddle
Walter Scott Homan - Franklin
Abram E. Kimble - Branch
Garnett O. Nelson - Riverton
Charles C. Meadows - Ruddle
Edward J. Mullenax - Dry Run
Olin S. Simmons - Brandywine
Price Simmons - Circleville
Foster Vandevander - Circleville
Roy Warner - Riverton
Leon J. Wimer - Ruddle

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Memorial Treesloupe
USA 29208

Trees planted in memory of students and alumni who gave their lives in World War I. Located on the campus of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Cheraw World War I Monumentloupe
USA 29520

In the municipal park on Market Street, stands a nice monument dedicated to the fallen of the community in the Great War.

The plaque text reads:
These Five Oaks Planted 1919

In Memory Of
Thomas J Bundy
Walter McIntosh
William Allsbrook Mulloy
Daniel Oliver Spencer
Hubert Paul Terrell
They made the supreme sacrifice
by giving their lives in World War I
Dedicated by Live Oaks Post 23
American Legion

Barren County World War I Memorialloupe
42141 Glasgow KY, USA
USA 42141

This monument has been erected to the lasting memory of those men and women of Barren County who answered the call of their country in the Great War 1917-1918.

Spirit of the American Doughboy Grayson World War I Memorialloupe
USA 41143

It honors the "Doughboy" and soldiers like him of World War I. The leftmost bronze plate beneath the Doughboy states as follows:

IN THE WORLD WAR OF 1917 - 1918

Sponsored by
Moore-Armstrong Post No. 138, American Legion
Willie C. Lewis Post No. 156, American Legion
Carter County Fiscal Court

Jerry Carroll, Co-Chairman
Richard Cox, Co-Chairman
Hubert Counts, Secretary
Joe Wheeler, Treasurer
James P. Carpenter, Owen Fielding
Bill Wollin, W. H. Roe
D. V. Kibbey

The 3 additional plates bear the names of the servicemen being honored

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The Harlan Doughboyloupe
USA 40831

The Harlan Doughboy was unveiled on Armistice Day, November 11, 1930, to honor the 30 Harlan County men who gave their lives in World War I and whose names are cast in bronze at the base of the statue. A parade opened the ceremonies. Mayor L.O. Smith, in uniform, led the parade with the Benham High School Band immediately following. National Guard, Legionnaires, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and school children also participated. After the parade ended in front of the courthouse, the National Guard fired salutes with rifles, while machine guns rattled salutes from the top of the courthouse.

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Pike County Doughboyloupe
USA 41501

ocated on the campus of the Pike County Courthouse in Pikeville, KY, this Viquesney statue is in excellent condition and has the original barbed wire still in place. It features plaques on all four sides honoring those who gave their all in their country's service during WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Attempts to learn the initial dedication date of this Doughboy haven’t been successful. The Smithsonian record states an installation year of 1920, but that's not possible, since the first Viquesney Doughboy wasn't completed and manufactured until 1921. Also, the copyright mark bears the name Spencer, Indiana rather than Americus, Georgia. Copyrights listing Spencer didn't appear until 1926 or 1927, after Viquesney reacquired the rights to his Doughboy company from his former business partner in Americus, Walter Rylander.

A search of files of old newspapers through 1929 by Pikeville Librarian, Christy Fleming, didn’t find an article that mentioned its dedication so its likely it was originally dedicated in the range of 1930-1933. The plaza where it is located did not exist then, at least in its current form, so it has been relocated at some date, even though it was probably always somewhere in Courthouse Square.

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Larue County World War Memorialloupe
USA 42748

This memorial commemorates the residents of LaRue County who were killed or missing in World War I.

Montgomery County World War I Memorialloupe
Mount Sterling
USA 40353

World War I memorial on the grounds of the Montgomery County courthouse in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

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Hopkinsville War Memorialloupe
USA 42240

A memorial to the local boys of Hopkinsville who lost their lives in the World War.

Monroe County World War I Memorialloupe
USA 42167

Monument honoring the fallen soldiers from Monroe County, located on the Monroe County Courthouse in Tompkinsville.

Caddo Parish Soldiers & Sailors Memorialloupe
USA 71101

This memorial is located in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana in front of the Chamber of Commerce. It is dedicated to the soldiers from Shreveport who died during the Great War.

South Dakota Soldiers & Sailors World War Memorialloupe
USA 57501

The Soldiers & Sailors World War Memorial is a rare and elegant example of the Neoclassical style of architecture and an illustration of what Americans have done to honor those who served the nation in the military.

The memorial is constructed of steel and has sandstone facing. The front of the building has an impressive entry pediment with dentil molding and six Ionic columns as well as individual pediments over each of the doors. The interior contains a central hallway that opens to the second floor and flanking galleries, which are on both the first and second floors.

The idea for the memorial came after World War I, and the first fund drive to build it was in May 1919. A. N. Walters directed the drive. When this drive failed, the plan lay dormant for 10 years until the Chicago and North Western Railroad Company made a gift of land to the State. The State accepted the land in 1931 with the sole purpose of erecting a Soldiers Memorial Building to house the South Dakota State Historical Society.

In 1930, the State hired the firm of Wilford F. Blatherwick and John C. Hugill to design the memorial building.

The Soldiers and Sailors World War Memorial building currently houses the South Dakota Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. It was also the home of the State Historical Society and Robinson Museum.


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