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George E. Davenport Code Talker Bridgeloupe
Pushmataha County

The George E. Davenport Code Talker Bridge (Beaver Creek Bridge) is located on SH-3 -- east of Antlers.

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Haskell Stadiumloupe
155 Indian Ave
Ho-Chunk WWI Veteran’s Memorialloupe
W9010 WI-54
Black River Falls

The Ho-Chunk WWI Veteran’s Memorial stands in front of the Ho-Chunk Gaming Casino. It was erected by the Andrew Blackhawk American Legion Post 129.

There is an inscription on the memorial which reads: “Twenty-six Wisconsin Winnebago men volunteered for the First World War in the 128th Infantry, Company D, 32nd Red Arrow Division, Mauston, Wisconsin. The fine example set by these men is worth exceptional praise because they were not even considered full-fledged citizens of this country at the time of their military service.

Foster DeCorah and Robert DeCorah gave their lives on the battlefield on August 5, 1918. Their deaths were not in vain. This nation exists today only because of the willingness of these brave men to preserve and protect their country by giving their lives in its defense. Their unselfish dedication to the preservation of freedom was in keeping with the highest traditions of Wisconsin Winnebago warriors and the United States Military Service.

In remembrance and with the utmost gratitude this memorial is humbly dedicated to the following Wisconsin Winnebago Veterans of World War I.

Robert Bigthunder, James Haynka, Andrew Blackhawk, Sam Little Soldier, James Brown, Nett Longtail, Allen DeCorah, Dewey Mike, Arthur DeCorah, George Miner, Foster DeCorah (Killed In Action), John Miner, Henry DeCorah, William Miner, Robert DeCorah (Killed In Action), Mike Standing Water, Russius DeCorah, Jesse Thompson, William DeCorah, Sam Thundercloud, Nelson B. De-LaRonde, Archie WhiteEagle, Andrew Funmaker, John WhiteEagle, James Greengrass, Martin WhiteBear, and Lyle Wright.”

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Hopi Veteran's Memorialloupe
Second Mesa
Second Mesa

This memorial wall is located on the grounds of the Hopi Veteran's Memorial Center, and it is inscribed with the names of Hopi veterans from all wars. The wall is composed of white-washed concrete with decorative green trim along the bottom. The veterans’ names are inscribed upon brown plaques that have been placed upon the white-washed wall.

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Veteran's Memorialloupe
335588 E. 750 Rd.

This memorial consists of three gray granite pillars situated between two flagpoles, which fly the American and Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma flags. The memorial was dedicated in November, 2008. The central pillar shows the Iowa seal, and Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard insignias.

There is an inscription on the central pillar which reads: “Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Veteran’s Memorial. Dedicated November 2008. In memory and respect for those tribal members that have served or are serving in the United States Armed Forces.”

The other pillars bear the names, branches of service, and periods of service of 57 tribal veterans. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force branches are represented, as are the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm conflict periods.

James M. Edwards Code Talker Bridgeloupe
McCurtain County

The James M. Edwards Code Talker Bridge (Boktuklo Creek Bridge) is located on SH-3 -- west of Broken Bow.

Jamestown S’Klallam Veterans Memorialloupe
1033 Old Blyn Highway

The Jamestown S’Klallam Veterans Memorial is located outside of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal Administration Building in Sequim, Washington. It is composed of three red and black granite stones. The names of S’Klallam veterans from all wars are inscribed upon the left and right stones, including which branch of the military and the years in which they served.

Jeff Nelson Code Talker Bridgeloupe
McCurtain County

The Jeff Nelson Code Talker Bridge is located on SH-3 -- about 2,300 feet north of the Little River Bridge (northbound side).

Jicarilla Apache Nation Veterans Memorialloupe

This memorial is made of black and grey granite. It bears the five seals of the branches of the military. It bears an inscription at the top which reads: “Dedicated to all the veterans of the Jicarilla Apache Nation.” In the middle of the memorial are inscribed some 250 names of Jicarilla Apache veterans. And the inscription running along the bottom reads: “The willingness to sacrifice is the preclude to freedom. The sacrifices of few ensured the freedom of many. A grateful community remembers those who served in the armed forces of the United States, whose courage and personal sacrifices defended and preserved our freedom. This memorial is dedicated with appreciation to the men and women whose loyalty and service during times of war and peace define the character of this great nation.”

Joseph H. Davenport Code Talker Bridgeloupe
Pushmataha County

The Joseph H. Davenport Code Talker Bridge (Dumpling Creek Bridge) is located on SH-3 -- east of Antlers.


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