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Sac & Fox Nation Veterans Memorialloupe
E0925 Rd.

The Sac & Fox Nation memorial stands near the Sac & Fox Nation Chapel in Stroud, Oklahoma. It is made of red and grey granite. There is an inscription along the top of the memorial which reads: “wâ tâ thâ.” In the middle, there is a picture of three Sac & Fox Nation soldiers, one dressed in the tribe’s traditional regalia, and the other two dressed in contemporary US military clothing. There is another inscription along the bottom which reads: “Dedicated to the Memory of Our Warriors Past, Present, & Future.”

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Veterans Memorialloupe
Generations Park

This memorial is located within Generations Park and is dedicated to all Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal veterans. It is composed of three stone panels.

The front of panel 1 bears the seals of the five branches of military, a dedication which reads: “The Akwesasne veteran’s memorial is dedicated to all Akwesasronon who have in the past, present, and future valiantly and courageously served our country in the United States and Canadian armed forces,” and the image of an American flag.

Panel 2 bears a large inscription which reads: “Honor.”

Panel 3 bears a large inscription which reads: “Bravery.”

Salt River Pima - Maricopa Indian Community Veterans Memorialloupe

This memorial plaque is dedicated to all Pima - Maricopa veterans. 

The plaque bears the seals of the Salt River Pima - Maricops Indian Community, and the five branches of military. It also bears an inscription which reads: "Veterans memorial. All are heros."

Seminole Nation Veterans Memorial loupe
35419 State Hwy 59

This memorial is located within the Seminole National Cemetery. It is composed of a large concrete memorial stone which is dedicated to all Seminole veterans. The concrete memorial bears the seals of each branch of the military, and beside the memorial stands the American flag, the Seminole Nation flag, and the POW/MIA flag.

Seneca Nation of Indians Veterans Memorialloupe
345 3rd St.
Niagara Falls

The Seneca Nation of Indians Veterans Memorial is located outside the Seneca Office Building in Niagara Falls. It bears the names of Seneca soldiers who lost their lives in U.S. military service.

Sequoia High School Veterans Memorialloupe
Sequoia High School
Redwood City

This memorial was dedicated in 2005, and it sits by the entrance of the Sequoia High School.

At the top of the memorial are the emblems of the California National Guard, United States Air Force, The United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, United States Merchant Marines. Below that is the school's seal.

Inscribed above the students names reads: "Sequoia High School students who gave their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces."

Of the many Sequoia High School veterans, only two served in WWI. They are: “Lloyd E. Thrush, and James Lindsay Wilson”

Inscribed on the back, reads:

"Sequoia Veterans Memorial
Dedicated September 17, 2005
To the Families and Friends of
These Brave Sequoians
A Labor of Love by Dee Rowan Eva
Class of 1961."

Siletz Native American War Memorial loupe
Cemetery Rd. (Paul Washington Indian Cemetery)

This memorial site is located within the Paul Washington Indian Cemetery and is dedicated to Siletz veterans. The memorial site is composed of five black granite memorial stones. Those memorial stones bear the Siletz seal, the seals of the branches of the military, and the names of veterans. There is also a black granite bench in the middle of the memorial site.

Solomon Bond Louis Code Talker Bridgeloupe
McCurtain County

The Solomon Bond Louis Code Talker Bridge is located near Yanubbee Creek, north of Broken Bow.

Southern Ute Tribal Veterans Memorial loupe
Southern Ute Veterans Memorial Park

This memorial site is located within the Southern Ute Veterans Memorial Park. There are two particular memorials dedicated to soldiers who served in WWI: the “Tribal Wall” and the “WWI Monument.”

The Tribal Wall stands as the centerpiece of the park. Measuring 12 feet long and 10 feet high, it includes seven pieces of black and gray marble and features six military symbols, three on each side. At the top is the Southern Ute tribal seal with a starburst around it. Beneath the seal is an inscription which reads:

“Southern Ute Veterans

Grandfather creator of the heavens and earth.

We dedicate this sacred wall in honor of our brave warriors.

In the morning mist and glow of evening we shall remember their personal sacrifice and devotion to our people and country will never be forgotten.

May the winds of peace blow softly here while their proud spirits soar skyward as an eagle.


The center features the logo of the Southern Ute Veterans Association: a buffalo skull with the four direction colors around it. Below that are the names of the Korean veterans. On the east side of the logo are the names of Vietnam-era veterans, followed by the names of Persia Gulf-era and present veterans. The entire monument sits on a base measuring 12 feet by 2 feet It was donated by the Gaming Funds of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and set in 1996. The names on the Tribal Wall are updated every April. The Tribal Wall was created by Family Craft Memorials of Durango.

Southern Ute WWI Veterans Memorial loupe
Southern Ute Veterans Memorial Park

This memorial site is located within the Southern Ute Veterans Memorial Park. There are two particular memorials dedicated to soldiers who served in WWI: the “Tribal Wall” and the “WWI Monument.”

The World War I Memorial Monument is a tablet measuring 3 feet wide by 1 feet deep by 5 feet tall. It honors the veterans who joined the military to help the government of the United States fight in World War I. One of these soldiers was Julius Cloud. He returned to become Chairman of the Southern Ute Tribe; his picture is on the monument.

The text on the monument reads:

“World War I
From warrior to soldier to always protect his people and his country.
His oath to the people of the United States of America.”


American Indians in WWI Centennial Commission

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American Indians in World War I was created by the Sequoyah National Research Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Contributors: Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr. and Erin Fehr

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