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151st Field Artillery in WWI
18 Minutes That Shocked The World
8 Battlefield Poets of World War I
ABMC Education Resources
African-American Soldiers After World War I: Had Race Relations Changed?
African-American Soldiers in World War I: The 92nd and 93rd Divisions
After the War (American writers)
Americans on the Homefront Helped Win World War I
Analyze a Poster
Artist Soldiers
Artists Document World War I
Baseball on the World War I Homefront
Beans are Bullets: War-Era Food Posters
Camp Zachary Taylor Historical Society
Campaign Atlas to the Great War
Choctaw Nation Code Talkers
Chronicling America: Uncovering a World at War
Code Talkers
Comparing WWI Food Conservation Posters
Education Guide
Education Resources for WWI
Extending Suffrage to Women
Filling the Ranks: Building a military machine
Haïkus & photographie: "The turning point of the World War" (FRENCH)
Haikus & Photography: The Turning Point of the War (ENGLISH)
Hemingway on War and Its Aftermath
Heroes of the Great War
Historical Maps of World War I
How Maps Became Deadly Weapons in WWI
Imperial War Museums • First World War
Imperial War Museums • Learning Resources
In Flanders Fields Museum • Educational Services and Programmes
Infographic: World War I by the numbers
Jan 10 '18 - WW1 Centennial News Podcast
Key Terms & Events of World War I
Lest We Forget: Commemorating World War I
Library of Congress: World War I
MacArthur Memorial - World War I Resources
Mapping the Legacy of World War I in the Middle East
March 19, 1920 | Senate Rejects Treaty of Versailles for Second and Final Time
Medicine in the First World War
Mission Centenaire - Espace Pedagogique
Mission Centenaire - Primary school education resources
Mission Centenaire – Secondary school education resources
Modern Medicine and the Great War
National Archives - World War I Centennial
National History Day - Teaching WWI
National WWI Museum Education Resource Search
Official Bulletin
Over the Top: Go Into History Itself
Over There, Over Here
Photographs from the World War I Memoir of Margaret Hall
Poet Alan Seeger
Primary Sources in American History: Treaty of Versailles
Sedition in World War I
Seven Surprising Technologies from World War I
Smithsonian Magazine - World War I Articles
Soldiers' Poems of World War I in Newspapers: Personal Responses in Public Media
Teaching with Poster Art: World War 1 Posters
The Debate in the United States over the League of Nations (3 Lessons)
The First World War through Youth Literature
The First World War, 1914-1918 - Animated Maps
The Great War Channel
The Harlem Hellfighters: Remembering the 369th Infantry Regiment
The Met: World War I and the Visual Arts
The National World War I Museum & Memorial
The Rise of Industrial America, 1877-1900
The Star Spangled Banner and World War One
The Volunteers: Americans Join the War, 1914-1919
The World War I Anti-War Movement and the First Amendment
The Zimmermann Telegram
U.S. American Volunteers in World War I, 1914-1917
U.S. American Women's Volunteerism and Suffrage during World War I
U.S. Army Center of Military History: World War 1 Centennial Website
U.S. Entry into WWI
U.S. Navy - Wars, Conflicts, and Operations: World War I
United States Entry into World War I: A Documentary Chronology (3 Lessons)
Unrestricted U-Boat Warfare: The German naval tactic of WWI
War Art
Women in World War I
World War I - Documents
World War I and the 1920s
World War I and the Visual Arts
World War I Art: Smithsonian Institution Collections
World War I Centennial Committee for NYC
World War I Declarations
World War I History
World War I in Photos: Technology
World War I Poems: "In Flanders Fields" & "The Answer", 1918
World War I Resources for Teachers and Students
World War I: What Are We Fighting For Over There?
WWI - Women in the Navy and Marine Corps
WWICC Poppy Campaign
WWrite Blog
Zimmermann Telegram: Germany's secret proposal to Mexico, discovered

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