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Centennial News Reports - Video

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report October 2014

October 2014

Grass Lake Area Historical Society

A visit to the Coe House which is run by the Grass Lake Area Historical Society. The farm house is decorated as a turn of the century house which the soldiers of WW1 would have lived in.Lots of interesting artifacts plus a great collection of Military objects related to the First World War. 


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report September 2014

September 2014

US 1257X Cadillac  in the World War

US 1257X is a historically significant car because of the following reasons:
1) Used during the Great War as a support vehicle for the American Expeditionary Force by the Y.M.C.A.
2) Historical significance of its owner Rev. Dr. John H. Denison and the fact that it was used to driven Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. around France for the Y.M.C.A.
3) Significance of the design and construction of the vehicle, it features a V 8 engine, type 51, the first mass produce V 8 engine
4) It has many remaining original parts and paint from the Great War
Learn about this significant car and its history when it came to Michigan.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report August 2014

August 2014

Cadillac: Participation in the World War 

"Cadillac Participation in the World War" Looks at how the Cadillac Motor Car Company, based in Detroit, Michigan helped the Allied Countries to victory. This was done by producing Staff Cars, Artillery Tractors, Balloon Winches and the Liberty Aviation Engine. The role that it's employees play is covered also a long with the Gold Star Soldiers who never returned to Cadillac from Military Service.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report July 2014

July 2014

U.S. Army Officers of WW1

U.S. Army Officers is the story of how the U.S. expanded it army from small frontier fighting force to over a Million Men in France in 18 months. These men needed to be lead, where did these officers come from and how were they trained?


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report June 2014

June 2014

Michigan on the eve of the great war. A look at Michigan before the start of the Great War. The last summer of peace.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report May 2014

May 2014

 Part Two The Home Front: Kalamazoo County

Learn about war on the Home Front, what organizations did to support the troops and the War Effort. Also, learn about National Doughnut Day, why the Salvation Army started it and how it relates to WW1.

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report April 2014

April 2014

 The Home Front:Kalamazoo County

During WW1 it was total war which meant that the war was fought overseas and at home. One nation against another, soldiers, governments and economies. This is the story of a typical Michigan County, Kalamazoo, during the Great War. Learn how total war was fought on the home front.

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report March 2014

March 2014

 Student Army Training Corp

 The Student Army Training Corp changed college life. It took away sports, fraternities and social functions and replaced them with strict military discipline. Mock trenches were dug on athletic fields, students wore uniforms, lived in barracks and drilled. Some became officers, some became medics, telephone repair men or mechanics. The SATC was a two track system to train leaders and also train technical experts. Both were needed in a modern military.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report February 2014

February 2014

Selfridge Military Museum and Air Park

Located on the Selfridge Air National Guard base is the Selfridge Military Museum and Air Park. The have some interesting displays of the First World War and early military aviation. The S.P.A.D. Team build a S.P.A.D. XIII which is on display in the museum. We take a behind the scenes look at the construction of the S.P.A.D.XIII and what it look like up close. The Museum is open April thru October on the weekends from 12 noon until 4:30pm.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report January 2014

January 2014

Ford Pays $5.00 a Day

 On January 5,1914, The Ford Motor Company introduced a new compensation plan for its workers. Henry Ford launched the 8 hour day, doubled the pay of the assembly line worker and much more. Find out some of the changes that occurred in Michigan since this event. The Great European War started in August of the same year, what did this do to Michigan and the Ford Motor Company?


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report December 2013

December 2013

Meals of the U.S. Army during WW1

Making Holiday meals the way the they did 100 years using the Manual for Army Cook's 1916. Four recipes are made, Cranberries, Potatoes-Cheesed, Potatoes-sweet-candied and Potatoes-sweet-baked. Hear Christmas songs and see U.S. Army cooks in action.
A sure Holiday Favorite!


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report November 2013

November 2013

Michigan's "Hello Girls" 

Michigan's "Hello Girls" helped the Allies win the war by keeping the telephone lines working in France. The "Hello Girls" were able to speak French and English, there by allowing communications between the armies. These women, who were telephone company employees served there country while following U.S. Army regulations.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report October 2013

October 2013

 Michigan's War Dog Memorial 

One of only 18 sites in the United States, Michigan's War Dog Memorial honors our canine hero's dating back to Workd War One. This program also takes a look at other animals that were involved in the World War. Learn about Sgt. Stubby, the most famous dog of the war, Cher Ami, a carrier pigeon who saved the "Lost Battalion" and so much more!


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report September 2013

September 2013

Rosie's Mom.
Was Rosie the Riveter an Orphan? No, Her Mom worked in the factories during WW1 building aircraft (Fisher Body Aeroplane Division & The Grand Rapids Airplane Company) , muntions, Liberty engines and more.
The Story of Working Women during the First World War Learn about, Rosie's Mom-working women of WW1 
The didn't have the right to vote, they didn't get equal pay, they were a threat to the man's world but they were needed to win the war. Find out about Rosie's mom!


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report August 2013

August 2013

War Time Ann Arbor, MI.

Ann Arbor was one of the many towns through out the United States that experienced grow due to the war in Europe. Learn about how Ann Arbor changed and what reminders of the World War can be seen today.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report July 2013 

July 2013

A U Boat in the Great Lakes

UC-97 sailed the Great Lakes after WW1.
Watch the exciting story of why these submarines were used by the U.S. Navy to raise money for the war effort. 
See actual photos of WW1 submarines in action and photos of UC-97 on the Great Lakes.


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